At the disposal of were photographs taken as part of an investigative experiment in the case of the organized criminal group of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi), which committed more than 25 contract killings. Our readers can see where one of the high-ranking victims of the gang, Vladimir Postyshev, who previously held the posts of Deputy Minister of Justice and First Deputy Head of the Federal Service of Russia for Insolvency and Financial Recovery, ended her days. And from the published testimony of witnesses and killers, you will learn the detailed circumstances and reasons for his murder.

Костя Большой

At the time of his death, Postyshev headed the ANO "Research Institute of Legal Policy" under the Ministry of Justice and in this capacity met Piskarev. The latter, with his accomplices, somewhere got hold of a fake testament from the Czech Republic, with the help of which he decided to get all the rights in Russia to the famous brand of alcohol "Becherovka". It was Postyshev who took up all the necessary legal work. With the help of his connections, he worked miracles. He managed to register the Becherovka trademark in the Russian Federation to the Becher company of Piskarev and to win the courts against the official distributor of Becherovka of the French giant Pernod Ricard Rus. demanded to include him in the number of co-owners of Becher and a large amount in foreign currency. Otherwise, Postyshev threatened to reverse all achievements and start cooperating with Pernod Ricard Rus. eyes. "Postyshev did not listen, and his fate was decided. Kostya Bolshoi personally strangled him, and his accomplices buried the body in the forest.

Место убийства экс-замминистра Постышева

The testimony of witness Myakotin S.V., contained in the interrogation protocol of 15.02.2017, according to which the witness clarified that he met Postyshev while working in the liquidation commission of Bank Menatep. Postyshev at that time controlled the activities of the liquidators, speaking on behalf of shareholders and creditors. Personal relations with Postyshev arose when Myakotin came to work at the Research Institute of Legal Policy and Law Enforcement Problems, established by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. His deputy Ovsyanko, who died as a result of a head injury caused to him, talked more closely with Postyshev.

Земцов показывает, как душили бывшего чиновника

In addition, Myakotin explained that Hoffman, who had a conflict with the firm “P.R. Rus ”, through Michael Gissin he turned to Postyshev with a request to register his right to the trade mark and trade name“ Becherovka ”on the territory of the Russian Federation. After Postyshev did this and Hoffman received the rights to the trade mark and the name "Becherovka", CJSC "Becher" organized the production of liqueur under this name in Russia. It turned out that ZAO “P.R. Rus ”imports liqueur with this name and other alcoholic beverages from Europe, and JSC“ Becher ”produces liqueur with the same name in Russia. Under the pretext of protecting Hoffman's exclusive rights to the trademark and trade name of ZAO Becher through the arbitration court, it began to prohibit “P.R. Russia "to import liquor with this name and demand compensation. For all Becherovka liqueur and other alcoholic products imported by “P.R. Rus ”on the territory of Russia after the entry into force of the decision of the arbitration court, an arrest was imposed, in May-June 2003 by the bailiff service the arrested alcohol was transferred for safekeeping to some Dagestani and then disappeared.

Postyshev said that Becher CJSC did not pay him for the services, and in response he threatened to turn the situation "180 degrees." Postyshev had meetings with the representative of Becher-Piskarev at the Shield and Sword restaurant and at the meeting he threatened that he would conclude an agreement with the French (that is, Pernod Ricard) if he was not paid. In response, Piskarev promised Postyshev to gouge his eye out with a fork. Less than a month before the disappearance, Postyshev, along with Myakotin and Ovsyanko, was at a meeting with the management of the company “P.R. Rus ". At the meeting, Postyshev proposed to revoke Hoffman's trademark and name rights. In this case, CJSC “Becher” had to pay “P.R. Rus "for the use of the trade mark. This meeting was neutral, representatives of “P.R. Rus "took a break to think it over."

“The testimony of the accused Mishin DS, according to which he had to deliver one person to Piskarev for a conversation - a general who meddled in other matters and interfered with his business. For this purpose, Mishin, Aleksandrov, Saryan and Lupichev left the territory of the Yacht Club "Burevestnik" in two cars. Mishin and Aleksandrov drove out in a Volkswagen Passat. What car Saryan and Lupichev drove in, Mishin did not remember. They drove up to the general's house and parked on different sides of the house. When the general left the house, Mishin approached him and demanded to follow him, the General refused, tried to run away, but Aleksandrov, threatening with a pistol, forced him to sit in automobile.

On the way, Aleksandrov called Piskarev and reported on the completion of the assignment. On Dmitrovskoe highway, they met with Piskarev, who had arrived in a Gelendvagen car. Aleksandrov took the general's passport, looked at it and took it to Piskarev, while he was absent for about 5 minutes. After Aleksandrov showed the documents to Piskarev, they drove further into the region along Dmitrovskoe highway. In the vicinity of the village of Povedniki, Zemtsov joined them, Mishin and Aleksandrov, who sat in the back seat of the general and handcuffed him. Near the restaurant "U Petros" they turned into the forest, Piskarev was already there. The general got out of the car himself and was even a little delighted to see Piskarev. He said: "Well, you didn't immediately say that you were from Piskarev." Piskarev and the general went off to talk ahead. At some point, Piskarev struck the general in the face, causing him to fall, and began to strangle him with a stranglehold - a metal wire with rings around the edges. The stranglehold broke, then Piskarev took a leather belt from Aleksandrov and continued to strangle him with a belt. After the murder, Saryan ran to the restaurant "At Petros" for a shovel, with which they alternately dug a hole in which they buried the corpse. "

“According to the testimony of DA Zemtsov, approximately in June 2003 Piskarev K.Yu. asked him to help in the removal of V. Postyshev. He got into a dark green Volkswagen Passat, in which Aleksandrov, Mishin and the aforementioned person were already, and handcuffed him. After that, they went to the village of Ulyankovo, Mytishchi district, Moscow region. Upon arrival in this village, Aleksandrov called his accomplice, who coordinated their movement along the road and indicated the exact place where to arrive. Arriving at the place, they got out of the car near the forest plantation and pulled Postyshev out of the car. Postyshev noticing Piskarev was surprised at this situation and greeted him. After a short conversation between Postyshev

and Piskarev, the latter struck and, pulling out the stranglehold, began to strangle the man, however, the stranglehold broke off and, taking the belt from Aleksandrov, strangled Postyshev. After that, he ordered to bury Postyshev in the ground, and he left. Going to the restaurant "At Petros", which was located opposite, Aleksandrov took shovels and dragged Postyshev into the forest plantation together with Aleksandrov and Mishin and buried him. "

When leaving for the crime scene, Zemtsov (in the photo) indicated the alleged place of the crime, however, due to the fact that they cut down the forest, which was then at this place and could not indicate the past tense.

For several months, the investigating authorities made an attempt to find the burial, but it was never found. Perhaps,

that Piskarev moved Postyshev's burial in 2008.

The alleged burial place is 55.998730, 37.698914.


To be continued

Arseny Dronov