Source: continues to publish confidential conversations between officials and oligarchs, which Boris Berezovsky has fixed debts for years. From these conversations, readers can learn many secrets of representatives of the Russian authorities and business elites, what they really talk about and think about, rather than “humming” into their ears from TV screens. In the new batch of “wiretaps,” we give four conversations of the former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko and Boris Berezovsky, who are no longer alive. From their conversations it becomes clear what role the still existing counterintelligence played under Berezovsky.

On the first record, Berezovsky asks Litvinenko to drive up to his club to talk privately.

At the second wiretap, Litvinenko tells Berezovsky that he found the man who wanted to detain Berezovsky and whom Berezovsky asked to find. He says that this is the head of the investigative department of the General Prosecutor's Office, the name is "somehow in K", and says that Platonov came to him. Make an appointment. “Boris Abramovich, this is Volkov (operational nickname Litvinenko - RED.)

Is bothering you,” says Litvinenko to Berezovsky on the third record published by I, here, about this latest publication in Moskovsky Komsomolets regarding you. Have you read? .. Read, a very prominent topic ... there they describe your entire life path. And, in general, there is oil, privatization. Well, there, in principle, all this is nonsense. There is one place. I’ve talked to people now. Well, the reaction to this case. I know who does this. This is coming from Inkombank. Two people work there. But the professionals are strong, our former. Strong professionals. Do you know what? In general, they write so that you go through people. People for you - found the key - then worked. “Man is like discarded material to him,” you see? And the resonance is very bad. ”

On the fourth “film”, Alexander Litvinenko calls back to no one Nikolai Petrovich. Transmits broken phones. He says that the person (Ustimenko) is not at home for 3 days, he can be put on the wanted list. Litvinenko promises to drive up to the place himself, to see everything. Assumes that "slammed". He transmits a conversation with Trofimov, he is indignant at why the “cops” should be sent there, all the work has been done. They are discussing how to force a person to leave Irkutsk from Ust-Ilimsk on a plane. You can take him at the airport. Nikolai Petrovich notes that you can’t detain him, you can only take him on a subscription, but he managed to borrow one and a half million. Litvinenko laughs that now they can “slam him”, there are more killers in Moscow than customers.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov