Last week, Russian media businessman Vladislav Klyushin was extradited from Switzerland to the United States, where he was accused of insider trading. The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel and managed to study the FBI materials.

The documents submitted to the FBI in court indicate that three charges were brought against Klyushin at once: conspiracy to obtain illegal access to computer information; fraudulent communication and circumvention of securities trading rules using manipulative devices.


In addition to Klyushin, relevant charges were brought against his closest business partners: Ivan Ermakov, Igor Sladkov, Nikolai Rumyantsev and Mikhail Irzak.


According to the FBI, Klyushin and his partners illegally obtained access to the data with the statements of large companies at the moment when the statements had already been submitted to the regulator or the vendor of the regulator, but had not yet been published. They sold the data with this information to their clients - they traded stocks profitably based on Klyushin's data. Brokerage and bank accounts around the world were used to trade stocks.


Among Klyushin's customers, to whom he sold information about the company's shares, the indictment includes Boris Varshavsky, Alexander Borodaev and Sergei Uryadov. If you google these names, it turns out that Varshavsky is the ex-minister of industry and natural resources of the Republic of Khakassia, Alexander Borodaev is the former owner of Ore Khakassia, and Sergei Uryadov is the general director of a financial services, investment and audit company - Avilex ( Avilex).


Are they not namesakes?


When reading the indictment, a logical question arises - are the namesakes of the ex-minister and ex-owner of Ore Khakassia indicated in the documents? But such coincidences are extremely small, because the ex-minister of industry and natural resources of the Republic of Khakassia Boris Varshavsky and the former owner of Ore Khakassia, Alexander Borodaev, are old business partners and friends. So, for example, it was they who, back in 2017, together with the former vice-president of Rosneft, Eduard Khudainatov, created the Coalstar LLC coal processing company.


So, according to the FBI, on October 24, 2018 at 13:28 Moscow time, a few hours after the suspects gained access to the FA 2 system to view a draft press release on Tesla's earnings, and before Tesla publicly announced about his income, Klyushin sent the following message to two individuals, Alexander Borodaev (also known as "Sasha") and Boris Varshavsky:


"Take a look at Tesla shares now and tomorrow after 4:30 pm and how much they are rising."


And, for example, on February 7, 2019, Klyushin wrote in a general chat with Borodaev and Varshavsky:


“The preliminary report on exchange trading is not yet what we would like. Boris $ 173,861, Alexander $ 155,821. "


“We can withdraw the first profit in March and leave 1 million face value for Sasha and 500 thousand for Boris. Or how does it suit you? "


And below, for example, another customer is mentioned in the correspondence - businessman Sergei Uryadov.


According to lawyers, theoretically, all businessmen, commissioned by the accused Klyushin and his partners, if they are found guilty, can become accomplices in the crime. However, no charges have been brought against Varshavsky, Borodaev, or Klyushin.


FBI evidence


In court documents, the FBI provides photographs with the following signature:


“Photographic evidence obtained from an Internet service provider account of Igor Sladkov, an accomplice in the crime, is compelling evidence that the defendant and his accomplices owned the stolen MNPI at the time they were trading. For example, the two photos below show parts of the preliminary income statements of two companies, Snap Inc. and SSNC displayed on the screen of Sladkov's computer ”.


The main evidence in the indictment is the correspondence by e-mail and in the phones of the accused.


Also in the indictment

The FBI agent who handled the case said the information needed to prove guilt came through court-sanctioned search warrants.


In addition, the American authorities published in court documents a photo of the Order of Honor of Vladislav Klyushin, which he received from the President of the Russian Federation.


Let us remind you that Vladislav Klyushin, who was arrested in the United States, is the head of the M13 company, which specializes in media monitoring programs. In particular, she has developed the Katyusha media and social media monitoring system, which is used by the Kremlin and the Russian government.

Gleb Ivankov

To be continued