The Federal Service for Accreditation is on the verge of a major corruption scandal. In an attempt to hush him up before the New Year, Alexei Vikharev, head of the department, was quietly fired, but this did not save the situation. Because it will no longer be possible to hush it up without bloodshed - information about corruption in the FSA has fallen into the public space, and it is confirmed by screenshots of the correspondence between the current head of the Federal Accreditation Service and the former head of the service, who now works in the rank of deputy minister of economic development. We will not be surprised if in the coming days siloviki descend on the office of Nazariy Skrypnyk.

The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and will tell you who made titanic efforts to destroy the areas of accreditation and conformity assessment, which will take years to restore.

Recall that according to the law, all types of testing laboratories and centers in the Russian Federation must be accredited in the national accreditation system. This is what the FSA does. But some laboratories receive the document instantly, regardless of non-compliance with the standards, while others wait for months for a simple check from the FSA. Who will be lucky, and who will be sent away - and the head of the FSA, Nazariy Skrypnik, decides.

What is the issuance of fake accreditation certificates for private laboratories? These are falling elevators, buildings that are dangerous for people, uncontrolled tuned cars on unreliable roads, furniture that is harmful to health at work and at home. These are lying counters, exploding batteries, etc.

The materials confirm that the head of the FSA, Nazariy Skrypnik, is very partial to some companies that have applied for accreditation, and gives orders to subordinates to lead them along the “green corridor”. Very high-profile names pop up in Vikharev's correspondence - for example, Senator Alexander Karelin. Or Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economics Alexander Khersontsev.

Александр Карелин

For example, in January 2021, the head of the Federal Accreditation Service ordered his subordinate, the head of department Vikharev, to speed up the resolution of the issue of resuming the work of a certain CSP Standard-Sertlit LLC (RA.RU.11MH06). In order to show the scale of the catastrophe, Skrypnik sent him his correspondence with Deputy Minister Khersontsev, in which he refers to the request of the deputy: “Well, let me show the deputy how [wonderful] he is, and how we are ready to solve everything, as soon as we see that wrong” - “We can even now. In the evening we will press today. Pressed - the decision to cancel the accreditation was canceled, the company continues to work.

At the same time, since mid-December, Skrypnik had documents about violations by CSP Standard-Sertlit LLC - sufficient to exclude the company from the National Part of the Unified Register of Conformity Assessment Bodies. The company drove linden in activity reports, put on stream the issuance of false certificates, on its account and falsification of documents on education and work books. Research of the applicants' products for Standard-Sertlit was carried out by a laboratory in Kazakhstan - all research (test) and measurement protocols disappeared without a trace, which did not bother the customer at all.

On January 29, 2021, the beneficiaries of the company D.N. personally came to Skrypnik to “resolve the issue”. Pogonin and D.A. Polyakov. Skrypnik asked them to stop the fake certificates issued by the company and stop issuing new ones based on fake test reports.

But, as we know, recently the certificates of conformity for them were suspended by the Federal Accreditation Service itself.

And thanks to Skrypnik, such a company still continues to work. It is clear that such services are not provided for beautiful eyes. Meanwhile, the scheme was also in effect in those years when the FSA was headed by Khersontsev himself: for example, in 2019, the Accreditation Department in the field of confirming the conformity of products of the light, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries prepared an order to terminate the accreditation of the testing laboratory of Transconsulting Group of Companies. But Khersontsev intervened - and the companies were allowed to work further. For her, they even made a personal “road map” so that such incidents would not arise again.

As a result, Transconsulting was licked in Rosaccreditation at least until the summer of 2021. In June, Skrypnik ordered Vikharev to shut down public services for the company as quickly as possible.

Vikharev reported that everything was done: he signed an order with a positive decision on one of the public services, although the company did not eliminate the inconsistencies. So, despite the negative act of examination and failure to comply with the requirements to reduce the methodology, the scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory "LIGHT GROUP" IC "CERTIFICATION GROUP" LLC "Transconsulting" (RA.RU.21АИ63) was expanded.

In the same "manual" way, the federal service ensured the comfortable existence of PROMMASH TEST LLC (Serkons Group of Companies) - the company works in the field of metrology. The statistics of this legal entity on issuing verification certificates speaks for itself: in 2019, PROMMASH TEST issued 33 certificates, but in 2020 - already 13,281, and in 2021 - almost 57 thousand. Number of employees at the same time, the company’s udnikov grew, but not by much.

At the same time, work in the company is carried out outside the scope of accreditation, without the necessary metrological base and personnel. And we still need to figure out who gave access to enter information about the issued verification certificates outside the approved scope of accreditation and the required reference base in the FSIS "ARSHIN" of Rosstandart.

Another story concerns the Novosibirsk companies MeraTech, Favorit and Favorit DV - these are really the leaders of the region in the field of certification, because there are simply no state laboratories there. The same firms are linked to the scheme with the CENTER FOR EXAMINATION AND CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT Group of Companies (legal entity - LLC OS TsPS), and the entire network belongs to the family of a major regional deputy from United Russia, chairman of the board of the Association for the Promotion of the Activities of Certification Bodies, Testing Laboratories (centers ) and expert organizations of Alexander Kulinich.

Александр Кулинич

In December 2020, Skrypnik received a call from Senator Karelin. By a strange coincidence, he represents just the Novosibirsk region in the Federation Council - and he is also in the same party with Kulinich. By the way, Kulinich manages the local reception of the chairman of EdRa Dmitry Medvedev. Judging by the screenshots of the correspondence, Karelin asked to resolve the issue with Kulinich's firms. The question, of course, was resolved in the affirmative.

The appearance of these screenshots on the Web stirred up the swamp of the Federal Accreditation Service. On December 13, Vikharev was quietly fired out of harm's way - now Andrey Makarov is in charge of management and management. At the same time, at least three faithful employees remained working in Rosaccreditation, transported by Vikharev with him from Tatarstan: this is the deputy head of the same department, Alsu Sadrtdinova; Ruzil Gainullina, head of the accreditation department in the field of confirming the conformity of electrical products (this is the FSA department); head of the accreditation department in the field of conformity assessment of building materials and fire safety (of the same department) Karina Mingazova.

The situation with the leakage of information about corruption schemes to the FSB excited Skrypnik and State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics Khersontsev. This was even discussed at the meeting.

Removing Vikharev from the corruption scheme can only slow it down - but not eliminate it. Rosaccreditation is mired in agreements, fake certificates, “help” to the right people and abuses. By the way, the Federal Service, commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and the prosecutor's office, issued certificates for the courts - and now it's clear what these documents are worth.

It is Skrypnik who provides a link between business and the Federal Antimonopoly Service, through which private companies easily circumvent the law to obtain the necessary conclusions, and despite major violations continue to work in the field of certification of goods and services.

And then the whole country is horrified by the news of collapsed bridges, falling elevators and failed roads.

To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov