Sources the Central Bank continues to talk about the problem of the Bank, which is the first in line to revoke the license. Previously, they accurately predicted the imminent "funeral" of the "International Bank of St. Petersburg" (IBSP), which belonged to former Senator Sergei Bazhanov. And recently, the IBSP lost its license.  What Bazhanov "pulled" billions native Bank, we will tell you soon. Then the interlocutors in the Central Bank told about the serious troubles of Russobank, which is related to the family of the Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. And these predictions began to come true - "Russobank" half a step from the revocation of the license.

            Meanwhile, the sources CBR called another contender for the knockout of the number of credit institutions with a license. We are talking about the St. Petersburg Bank "Orange". It belongs to the former top Manager of "Ilim pulp enterprise" Stanislav Patenko. According to our interlocutors, the history of the "Orange" repeats the history of the IBSP. A small Bank by all means let the project owner, Patenko and his friends-businessmen. Projects have not always been successful, as a result, the Bank formed a "hole". For the time being, it "did not notice" the head of the North-Western main Department of the Central Bank Nadezhda Alekseevna Savinskaya, who was in charge of banking supervision of the North-West Federal district. Savinskaya became a real " mom " for the Rada of banks of this Federal district, primarily from St. Petersburg. Their owners pumping money native credit institutions on their glamorous life and business projects. In banks grew "holes". But Savino wasn't seeing anything. Clearly, not by chance. Among these banks were the IBSP and Orange.

However, relatively recently Nadezhda Alekseevna spent on retirement. After that, the Central Bank took over the functions of banking supervision of the NWFZ. And, even a cursory study of the situation in the banks that were under the care of Savinskaya, was enough to understand that they have large "holes". The mbsp "hole" was 15.5 billion rubles, the Bank has already lost its license. "In the" Orange " hole is several times smaller, the Bank is much smaller than the mbsp, but for him it is critical. Discusses the opinion of the "Orange" license",- said the source

            The owner of the Bank Stanislav Patenko realized that its structure "goes to the bottom" and in the spring began to sell liquid assets.

In April, the Bank "Union" Oleg Deripaska bought from the Bank "Orange" car loan portfolio of 150 million rubles. And in October 2018, the Bank "Alexander "purchased from the Bank" Orange " portfolio of car loans for 220 million rubles. By the way, this year "Alexander" wanted to buy and all "Orange", but having found out about his "hole" from the transaction refused.

Previously, "Orange" was called "Promservicebank" was established in December 1991 in Bratsk under the name "Ratsconsists", which corresponded to the main task — maintenance of companies and employees of the Bratsk timber industry enterprise, which at the time was seized by "Ilim pulp". Stanislav Patenko was

the Director of planning and financial infrastructure " Ilim pulp "and leaving the Corporation, with him" gone " and the Bank. 

 Until then, the main share in the Bank's capital belonged to Stanislav Patenko (59.8% of shares), and the remaining 40.2% of his mother Svetlana Patenko. But then Stanislav rewrote all 100% of the shares to himself.

            The Bank in 2017 was a party to the conflict over the assets of Artem Manevich-the son of former Vice-Governor Mikhail Manevich, killed by a sniper in 1997.  The head of "Sberbank" German Gref at every step talks about his friendship with Mikhail Manevich, and that he always kept the memory of this man. That did not stop Sberbank in the framework of bankruptcy proceedings Artem Manevich to arrest the apartment Artem Manevich in the house on Rubinsteina street. The very apartment in which he lived, Mikhail Manevich, and from which he went out to meet a sniper's bullet.

According to Sberbank, presented to the court in support of the arrest, the apartment until November 2016 was owned by Artem Manevich and his mother, the widow of the Vice-Governor Marina Manevich, but then became the property of the Bank "Orange" under the agreement on compensation.  "Sberbank" regarded "Orange" as a friendly Manevichi creditor, and the agreement on compensation — as a scheme for the prevention of the sale of the apartment with competitive bidding. "According to our data, the debtor still lives at this address, "said the representatives of Sberbank.


Yaroslav Mukhtarov