The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and continue to publish information about the businessman, and now a prisoner, Alexander Mukhortov, the victim in the case of torture in the Saratov prison tuberculosis hospital No. 1. There, the prisoners were beaten and raped with mops. Over the past year, since the time when published the terrible footage of bullying, Mukhortov has not been interrogated, he is serving a sentence in PKU IK-6 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Krasnodar Territory. New text from Alexander Mukhortov.

“And yet we have an amazing country. You begin to understand this especially vividly when you get into prison. I have a feeling that in the organizations that deal with convicts, they recruit all those who did not pass through the competition to other law enforcement agencies. And they were not taken as security guards in supermarkets due to lack of space.

My situation today very characteristically shows that the penitentiary system needs to be urgently reformed. And along the way, also those who perform a supervisory function over the Federal Penitentiary Service.

So, I'm telling.

In 2020, I ended up in a man-made hell created in the FSIN system and its name is OTB-1 (Tuberculosis Hospital), which all prisoners called "Bloody Synth". There I was tortured, beaten and tortured for several months, spitting on all the laws. This was done by convicts, who were covered by the employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service. Many have already been imprisoned after the scandal in the media, but not all.

There I witnessed torture, murder and lawlessness. There I saw how vile the penitentiary system is, which instead of correcting people, makes them either complete hypocrites or desperate sadists. I firmly declare that the Federal Penitentiary Service does not correct anyone!

If a person has an inner core and will, then he has a chance to preserve human qualities in himself. But the majority come out of all this into the wild as beings with a broken psyche, filled with malice towards everything and everything.

Criminals, going free, become more cunning and dangerous. The whole system of the Federal Penitentiary Service is to blame for this, because. fundamentally, it was created exclusively as a punitive and repressive body, inside which a complete breakdown of a person, turning him into a frightened obedient slave.

My situation right now is this:

In 2020, employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Saratov Region imposed 6 penalties on me.

Penalties are a kind of punishment in the form of a reprimand for bad behavior. They are just terrible for me: three violations of the uniform (didn’t put on a uniform jacket on time), once I didn’t lie down on the bed on time (temperature 40, you’re sick with covid, stand on your feet), once I didn’t make the bed and once I smoked in the wrong place.

These are the terrible crimes that the Saratov lawless people are now sewing for me. And although almost three years have passed since then, and now I am a positive convict from all sides (I work, I have incentives, I don’t break anything and I do “Ku”), I am a priori bad for the judiciary when the question arose of replacing the unserved part of the punishment with compulsory works.

That is, for three years I have been behaving well, but still I am bad, because once in Saratov I took off my jacket at the wrong time and did not make the bed. For three years, guys, I corrected myself, because, according to them, I did something wrong. My wife and children cannot hug me, and I cannot work and provide for them, even with a leash from the Federal Penitentiary Service, because I once allegedly smoked in the wrong place. Appreciated? But this is only the beginning.

I was tortured and tormented, I was recognized as a victim. Officially recognized! He gave valuable evidence against werewolves in uniform and punishers. He was not afraid, like thousands of other prisoners, but went through hell, but did not even receive any compensation from the Federal Penitentiary Service or the state. Nothing at all!

In addition, the Saratov executioners created all these 6 penalties artificially. These are fakes, my friends, and I stated this to the investigator during interrogations. I was deliberately worked on, my biography was deliberately spoiled. The Saratov prosecutor's office for supervision turns out to have known nothing about these tortures for 10 years!! And they not only knew, but also contributed.

The Saratov prosecutor's office does not see signs of illegality in these 6 penalties. And the fact that three of them were carried out directly in the torture room, when they tore off my jacket, filmed a video, wrote a report, and then beat the bound for weeks. And the other three are drawn from the words of the employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service and the activists working for them just when I started writing complaints, turning to human rights activists and fighting lawlessness.

A year ago, the country was shaken by this scandal with Saratov, but what has changed? Doesn't the prosecutor's office for supervision of Saratov see what all other people see? Why aren't they doing their job?

And I'll tell you. Because I am their enemy. Because they were closely connected with the lawless FSIN. Because they are now taking revenge on me for the fact that I was not afraid to tell the whole truth about this lawlessness.

My friends, I am actually a kind and good person and I am dead tired of fighting this system, which can only be changed by a total reorganization.

I ask you one thing. If you are a simple person, repost this text. If a you are a journalist, contact my family. If you are an official or a security official, give your negligent colleagues from Saratov a neck. Most importantly, do not pass by this situation. After all, good conquers evil only when we conquer indifference in ourselves.

Alexander Mukhortov


To be continued

Arseny Dronov