At the disposal of there were transcripts of the court hearings on the police officers, who were completely unreasonably accused of not interfering with the shootout at the Elementes restaurant (owner Jeanne Kim). Recall that the lawyer Eduard Budantsev and his fighters and the “authority” Andrei Kochuykov (Italian) and their own came to grips with this institution. It was after the shootout that Andrei Kochuykov (the “right hand” of the “thief in law” Zakhar Kalashov) was sent to a pre-trial detention center, from where employees of the Investigative Committee tried to rescue him with a bribe. As a result, the “authority” did not go free, and the employees of the Investigative Committee and Kalashov themselves were put in jail. New materials that got to the editorial office show that the culprit of the whole story is a close friend of Jeanne Kim the oligarch from Kazakhstan Kenes Rakishev. First, Jeanne, clearly fulfilling the task of Rakishev, provoked Kochuykov into conflict. And then Rakishev sent for a tough "showdown" with the authority of a lawyer Budantsev with military weapons. By and large, it was at the suggestion of Rakishev that the whole story came to an end, which ended with the arrest of Kalashov and employees of the TFR.

However, the Kazakh businessman was not even questioned in the case. Which is not surprising. Now two special lawyers-resolvers - Maximilian Grishin and Vladimir Timoshin have come into the view of the special services. They serve the interests of Rakishev and their task is to ensure that the name of the businessman disappears from various criminal cases. Intelligence agencies are actively engaged in this corruption network and after landing Grishin and Timoshin, they intend to take up their client Rakishev closely.

Let's get back to the events on Rochdelskaya.

So, December 16, 2015. A little more than a day has passed since the shootout at the Element restaurant, in which the people of Eduard Budantsev and the people of Andrei Kochuykov participated. Budantsev is still in custody (later he will be elected a preventive measure in the form of house arrest), and his first interrogation is undergoing. The lawyer describes in detail the events that occurred on December 14, 2015 (the interrogation protocol is at the disposal of In particular, Budantsev describes how he had to go to the Element: “On December 14, at about 20 o’clock, either Vyacheslav or Kenes called me on the cell, I confuse them by voice.” The caller said that some people are "running into" the owner of the restaurant "Elements" Jeanne Kim and she needs urgent help. Vyacheslav means a large Kazakh businessman Vyacheslav Kim (a relative of Jeanne, an investor in the restaurant "Elements"). However, in this case, the caller of Budantsev was not him, but Kenes Rakishev (a close friend of Jeanne and also an investor in Element). The fact that it was Rakishev who called the lawyer, both from the materials of the “Budantsev case” and from the materials of the case against the police officers accused of not preventing the shootout. According to, in these cases there are details of the telephone connections of the “handsets” of Budantsev and Kim. So, from these details it follows that when the Italians came to Kim, she called to different numbers, including Kenes Rakishev. In turn, Rakishev shortly after this conversation called Budantsev. And the latter began to gather at the Elementes restaurant. But there are no connections between Budantsev’s phone and Zhanna’s phone. Moreover, Kim until the last did not know who would come to her defense. She recorded conversations with ransomware on a recorder that she didn’t turn off. Because of this, the recordings (she is present in the case file and is available to included Jeanne’s conversations with people from her team, as well as some telephone conversations (only Kim’s voice is heard). Talks with Jeanne are conducted by lawyers of opponents, trying to clarify the situation with the debt. There are no threats. The situation changes after Kim got in touch with her close friend, Element investor, Kazakh businessman Kenes Rakishev. He promises to send his fighters to her, after which Kim begins to openly be rude to the guests, provoking them into conflict. At that time, Rakishev himself sent a lawyer Eduard Budantsev, who was closely associated with the FSB of the Russian Federation, to "disassemble".

At the same time, Rakishev clearly knew that the people of the “thief in law” Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) had joined the conflict, but he kept this information from Budantsev. Thus, according to sources, he deliberately provoked a conflict.

When Budantsev appears with the escort in the restaurant, Kim at first does not understand what kind of people they are and with whom they are. She is even interested in the precinct - who are they. An experienced Budantsev quickly conducts her survey in order to understand the essence of the conflict. And then it comes to Kim that this is the very “people of Kenes”. To the credit of the lawyer, he did not shy away from more than ten armed gangsters and prevented extortion. At the same time, risking his life.

Moreover, he covered not only Jeanne, but also Rakishev.

Later, Budantsev changed his testimony, saying that since 2014 he had concluded an agreement on legal assistance with Gangam Style LLC (owned by Kim) and it was under this agreement that he arrived at Element on December 14. And not at the request of Kenes Rakishev.

Nevertheless, Budantsev had to admit that the initiator of the “showdown” was precisely Rakishev. This happened on June 29, 2017 at a hearing in the Presnensky court over police officers. Attorney Eduard Budantsev was called there as a witness. He was directly told that during interrogations he contradicted himself. And he was forced to admit that Kenes Rakishev still called him and asked him to come to the "showdown" to the "Elements".

according to, Kenes Rakishev could be a participant in a difficult game with the goal of setting up Shakro Molodoy. (And to come up with something better for this than to send “to the dark” to clarify the relations of Budantsev, it is impossible). Indeed, Rakishev is also no stranger to the “dark world”, in particular, photographs appeared on the Internet in which Kenes was captured with Anvar Gabbazov, the brother of “thief in law” Rustam Gabbazov (Rustik Bishkek, kidnapped and killed in the Moscow Region in 2004).

         The fact that they became a victim of a provocation with the participation of Rakishev, they themselves believe Andrei Kochuykov and Zakhar Kalashov. The Italian, during testimony in court, Jeanne Kim (she did this through a video broadcast, being outside the Russian Federation) stated the following: “Jeanne, if you slander us, I will call your investors. One is a relative, and the second is the one who sent Budantsev. ” By the last person (who sent Budantsev) Kochuykov meant Rakishev.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov