Ivan Malyushin is a vivid example of a Russian official using his official position. Strangely enough, we are not punished for this.


The Malyushin family rented the Levteevoy mansion on the Krestovsky Island, a 1906 building that is a regional monument. Rent only 1.5 million rubles. per month. Expensive, of course, for ordinary citizens. However, it is necessary to pay for historical value.


The mansion, an area of ​​850 square meters. M., Belongs to Elena Malyushina, the wife of ex-Deputy Governor of the President Ivan Malyushin. Mono would have been surprised how the former official's family had such a luxurious property. However, after getting acquainted with the affairs of the former deputy. Managers do not have to be surprised.


Ivan Malyushin in 2013 was recognized as the richest Kremlin official, his condition was estimated in 2015. In 1.5 billion rubles., In 2016. - to 2.34 billion rubles. In the same year, he became a participant in an offshore scandal, in which 12 Russian officials fell.


So do not be surprised that the billionaire's family is not in poverty. Everyone is also successfully engaged in business, like the former official. Elena Malyushina - the general director of the firm "Baltprod", leasing real estate. She also owns shares in Nordside, Baltecoplast Plant and Sladkoezhka.


Nikita and Ivan, Malyushin's sons own the Ideal and Onyx companies that are building in St. Petersburg, as well as Almaz, which manages the elite Diadema Club House, which is adjacent to Levteevoy's mansion.


How did Ivan Malyushin manage to become so rich and build his family business empire? In this he, for sure, helped his public position and proximity to the head of the UDP Vladimir Kozhin, "purse" which Malyushin was considered.


Deliberate officials


It is said that the all-powerful Vladimir Kozhin prodded Malyushin to his place, when he himself was elected to the mayors of Moscow. In the UDP Ivan Malyushin was engaged in the most bread-bearing direction - construction. I sat on tenders, from which I fed along with Kozhin.


Their spouses also engaged in joint business, at one time were co-owners of the firm "Memphis". This shows that the relationship between the boss and the leader was friendly, which allowed them to find a common language and turn common affairs.


Considering that both the wife and sons of Malyushin worked in real estate, it is obvious who could win in the tenders held by Malyushin. So the origins of the wealth of the Malyushin family are clear. It is not clear how the official can afford to enrich himself fabulously, using his official position. Enrichment is still understandable, but fabulous - it's over the edge.


Experts say that two declarations of an official should be compared - about incomes and conflict of interests. And if you can see that the income from the declared third-party company flowed, then this may be the reason for the investigation.


However, there are no sanctions against those who reap the benefits of their activities in the conflict of interests. There is a law, and responsibility for its violation is not provided.


Vladimir Kozhin


There is only a vague rule about the loss of confidence, which is used only in the most obvious cases. Naturally, most of the state "dolug" are not so stupid as to act obviously. And even "businesslike" Kozhin with Malyushin and even more so.


Partnership does not smell


One of the partners of Ivan Malyushin on business for a long time was Gennady Petrov, who in 2008, Detained in Spain on suspicion of creating an organized crime group, money laundering and tax evasion. Petrova was considered one of the leaders of the Tambov group.


"Baltprod" had 18% in the company "Soft Terminal". Another 18% of this company belonged to InversionesGudimarSL, owned by Gennady Petrov. In 2008 "Soft Terminal" won a tender for $ 1 million to provide services to Kazakhtelecom, the state-owned company of Kazakhstan. This shows that Malyushin and Petrov have a common business.


They also had shares in the company "Ligovsky 67", and Nikita Malushin had a stake in the company "Balt Line", in which also part of the shares belonged to InversionesGudimarSL Petrova.


The firm "Alikvet", which was headed by Petrov's son, in 2009. Rented a land plot in the Republic of Karelia, and then transferred to him the rights of the company "TRC-1", 50% of which belongs to Nikita Malyushin.


Gennady Petrov


All this proves the close connection between Malyushin and Petrov. And if it was so close, is it possible to doubt that the companies affiliated with Petrov could receive support from state official Ivan Malyushin?




Ivan Malyushin is a well-known philanthropist. Only for some reason, many of its partners in this type of activity regularly received state contracts.


For example, Ivan Malyushin together with Asya Borisova is the co-founder of the fund of the artist Shemyakin. The foundation undertakes the restoration of the Iberian monastery, which is held under the patronage of Vladimir Kozhin. And later the company "Credo" managed by Asya Borisova receives 5 state contracts worth 2 billion rubles.


Firm Credo still receives contracts from state structures, therefore it is considered affiliated with Vladimir Kozhin, and, hence, with Ivan Malyushin. One of the last tenders in which she participated was the construction of the Trial Quarter in St. Petersburg.


In the West, a situation in which an official can influence the results of tenders in favor of certain commercial structures is unthinkable. At us she is in the order of things and is a source of incomes of officials of various suits and levels.


Can be criminalized for a conflict of interest? Because once fear of falling into prison can stop Russian officials. Or even he will not stop them?


The family of Ivan Malyushin lives in clover. And a luxurious mansion does not rent for money. And Ivan Malyushin himself after his resignation in 2015, probably successfully engaged in business. The connections are left, so the income grows.


And while no one is interested in their origins. Like the dubious partners of Ivan Malyushin. Maybe the mansion will cause this interest?