The last major project of the minister - the directorate for the development of the Crimea and Sevastopol - announced the person involved in the scandal with the many years of repair of the Central House of the businessman and an attempt to drive out a unique cinema from the building. The amount of damage to the state during the repair of the TDP exceeded 200 million, the materials are now at the disposal of law enforcement agencies.


Unique cinema on the street


The cult Moscow cinema "35 mm" is the only one in Moscow where you can watch independent Russian cinema that does not fall into the rental of network cinema. Only here - festivals of Greek, Icelandic, Israeli films in the original language, which are visited by both foreigners living in the capital, and students biting rare languages.

Located "35 mm" in the central office - the central house of the entrepreneur, where almost three years is under repair. The cinema lost its wardrobe, kitchen, heating and hot water, the possibility to hold festivals in a large hall for 500 seats. The flow of viewers and revenue fell by half. When "35 mm" took advantage of the right to rent a vacation and stopped transferring the rent, the "Small Business of Moscow" GBU terminated the contract and offered the cinema to leave the CDP.


Conflict of interest is evident


Alexander Bogza


When the PASMI started to understand the situation, it turned out that the competition for repair was won by a single participant, "ZSK" - "Protection of building structures". Moreover, the tender documentation was prepared by the GBU employee, who then moved to work at ZSK.

Alexander Bogza, director of the SBU "Small Business of Moscow" before becoming an official, worked in the firm "Eurobeton", closely cooperating with "ZSK".

When, in 2015, the repair schedule was disrupted, Bogza, instead of engaging in the replacement of the contractor, helped to solve the "ZSK" financial problems and in June 2015 signed a guarantee agreement in which he guaranteed the payment of 50,000,000 rubles on the possible debts of "ZSK" to subcontractors .

During the repair, for which Moscow's budget was paid, the ventilation system was not installed, an entire power station disappeared, expensive materials were replaced by cheap ones. So, instead of 610 Brooklyn lighting fixtures at 3685 rubles apiece, absolutely other devices were installed - Halla Laigting zs-136c-1600, manufactured in Pavlovsky Posad. The wholesale price of a lamp is 896 rubles.

These facts were conveyed to journalists by Oleg Bocharov, the director of the department of science of the Moscow government.


After investigation by PASMI


Oleg Bocharov


The Control and Accounts Chamber of Moscow initiated verification and confirmed all the facts established by PASMI journalists. The first figure of the damage was also named: "The MBM" was illegally received and paid for at the expense of budget subsidies, works and works that were not fulfilled, the cost of which was actually overestimated, what caused damage to the state in the amount of 65,633.0 thousand rubles. "

As it became known to us, the MBM filed a lawsuit against ZSK with a claim to pay damages to the state in the amount of 210 million rubles. December 15 will be the first meeting. It turns out that during this time the amount of damage to the budget has tripled.

On our request to Oleg Bocharov, who and how in the GBM "MBM" was punished for the failure of terms and the disappearance of millions of rubles, the department did not respond, citing "protection of personal data."


Who was responsible?


Marina Severgina, the head of one of the departments of the Department, was responsible for the timely transfer of funds for repairs. And the repair was controlled by her husband, an employee of MBM MBM Mikhail Severgin. Marina Severgin is still in office. Moreover, Severgin speaks at round tables held jointly with the Moscow prosecutor's office. The official reads reports on the observance of the rights of entrepreneurs.

Alexander Bogza, the main interested person, the GBM MBM is no longer heading - he moved to Sevastopol. He was the director of the branch of the directorate for the management of the program "Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol."

Directorate - this is the last large-scale project of Minister Alexei Ulyukayev. Until 2020, she will have to master 681 billion rubles.

Understand the situation was the management of economic security and anti-corruption of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. The police began checking on the facts uncovered in our investigation.


The premises of the cinema are sealed, but "MBM" requires money for them


The building of the central office was taken out of the "MBM" and handed over to the innovation agency of the city of Moscow, subordinated to the same department of science.

And what has changed? First of all, the agency concludes a contract for emergency work in the DTP with the concern "Monarch". That is, in a building in which three years was scheduled repair, suddenly there was a need for emergency repairs. The contract worth over 19 million rubles, you know, in such "urgent" situations is without any competition.


Was there a repair?


The Agency of Innovations, in contrast to the "MBM", does not intend to evict the cinema. And he suggests renewing the lease agreement, on the same terms, despite the fact that the cinemas have decreased during the three-year repair period. On the proposals of the management of the cinema to review the terms of the contract, there is no reaction so far.

At the same time, MBM MBM continues to demand a rent from the cinema, denying carrying out repairs. The Moscow Arbitration Court appointed an expert examination, which should determine whether repairs were carried out in the areas occupied by the cinema. Why "MBM" does not want to recognize the obvious, it is not clear. Both the kitchen and the cloakroom are still sealed by the staff of the Department of Science.