We continue the story about Leo Matvey

Created by him in 2015, SerchInform LLC is a major provider of information security services for companies such as VKO ALMAZ-ANTEY, Russian Corporation of Rocket and Space Instrumentation and Information Systems, VTB, Sukhoi and even Rosfinmonitoring. All this information is available on the State Procurement website.

Based on the certificate RU 2015615812, SerchInform is the copyright holder of the so-called information security circuit (CIB SearchInform), which is used by a number of strategically important defense and critical infrastructure enterprises in Russia. The whole secret lies in this product.

I wonder how insanely Lev Matveev runs his business and does he still have secrets?

It is customary to hide offshore companies using dummies. This makes it difficult to find and establish a connection with the ultimate beneficiary of the offshore company. But you can look for dummies. After all, they are usually not far from the ultimate beneficiary. Social networks provide great opportunities in this regard. Meet, in the photo below, all the TOP managers of Lev Matveev's company:

We will often refer to this photo in our article. found out who the heroes of the photo were and started looking for them, both offshore companies and companies registered in Russia.

But first, we propose to turn to the investigation of Alexei Komarov. BYPASSING THE BAN ON PURCHASING SOFTWARE FROM THE REGISTER? EASILY!

The expert drew attention to a number of public procurement tenders with the participation of Serchinform LLC. In particular, for the tender of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation for almost 12 million rubles.

Three companies participated in the tender:

LLC SERCHINFORM, INN 7704306397 - 11 788 135.25 rubles.

LLC SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, INN 7841456820—11,847,973.50 rubles.

LLC INFOSTANDART, INN 6658455470 - 11,907,811.75 rubles.

Let's turn to the SPARK service and see what these companies are.


Serchinform LLC, Lev Matveev's company. General Director Ozhegov Sergey Vladimirovich (available in the Cypriot photo). The owners are Lev Lazarevich Matveev and Dmitry Viktorovich Gatsura (he was also in Cyprus, is in the photo).


LLC "SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES", general director and owner of 90% of the share Yanchuk Alexander Olegovich, co-owner with 10% of the share Popov Alexey Andreevich. Both of them are present in the Cypriot photo. The previous owner from 12/20/2011 to 12/13/2013 Matyushenok Evgeniy Frantsevich. All three are in the Cypriot photo. It turns out that the company is owned and managed by Serchinform employees? We remove doubts.

Yanchuk Alexander Olegovich - head of production in the Northwestern Federal District Searchinform. Link to the photo (compare with the Cypriot photo):

Popov Alexey Andreevich - head of the representative office in the Ural Federal District.

Matyushenok Evgeny Frantsevich - Deputy Commercial Director of Serchinform. Link to the photo (compare with the Cypriot photo):

Additionally, let's take a look at the registration address of SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES LLC: 197341 St. Petersburg, Kolomyazhsky avenue, 27A, room / office. 35-N / 14. Phone according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / Rosstat: +7 (812) 309-73-35. Now open the tab on the Serchinform website and look at the city of St. Petersburg:

Investigating the third company participating in the tender.

LLC INFOSTANDART. A legal entity has ceased operations (Termination of a legal entity through reorganization in the form of affiliation) - 04/17/2020. The assignee is Search Technologies LLC. General director and owner Popov Alexey Andreevich. As we have already found out earlier, he is the head of the representative office in the Ural Federal District.

Registration address of INFOSTANDART LLC 620102 Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, Serafima Deryabina str., 24. Shall we compare it with the address on the Serchinform website? Sure!

It turns out that 3 companies affiliated with Lev Matvey participated in the tender announced by the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, and it is Lev Matveyev who is the ultimate beneficiary of all three companies.


In his investigation, Alexey Komarov mentions 3 more companies. We were interested in two of them.


LLC "NEW SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES", INN 7718562626. General Director and owner Kalitin Alexander Vladimirovich. Registration address 121069, Moscow, Stolovy lane, 6. Quite "accidentally" the company's registration address is across the street from the Serchinform office at Skaterny lane, 8/1, p. 1. It is noteworthy that earlier (from 18.11.2009 to 13.08.2014 ) the owner of the company was Ozhegov Sergey Vladimirovich (present in the Cypriot photo) - General Director of Serchinform LLC.


The identity of Alexander Kalitin remains unrevealed. But the correspondents of called Serchinform +7 (495) 721-84-06 and asked to invite Alexander Kalitin. During the conversation, we found out that he is the sales manager of Serchinform. In addition, we found the following link:

In contact information the mailbox is [email protected]

According to the Counter-Focus service, the phones of NEW SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES LLC coincide with the phones on the Serchinform contact site:

It is obvious that the general director and owner of LLC NEW SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, Alexander Vladimirovich Kalitin, is an employee of Lev Matveeva's company.

LLC "IB-Expert", INN 1655272173. Director Indeikin Alexey Mikhailovich. Only now this company is not called IB-Expert LLC. The company was renamed into LLC SERCHINFORM INTEGRATION. Lev Matveev owns 100% of the company's shares. Previously, the owner of the company was Tatyana Leonidovna Latushkina (present in the Cypriot photo), director of the SearchInform representative office in the Volga Federal District. There is even a video with her, you can compare it with a Cypriot photo.

The conclusions are clear. Five companies LLC SERCHINFORM, INN 7704306397, LLC SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, INN 7841456820, LLC INFOSTANDART, INN 6658455470, LLC NEW SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, LLC INN 7718562626, LLC INN-1617 avomiliff2 Matveev, registered with Serchinform employees and participated in sham tenders for public procurement. According to research by Alexei Komarov for 2015 and 2016, these companies participated in sham tenders worth more than 60 million rubles. If we take the previous and subsequent periods, we are sure that the amount will go for more than one hundred million rubles.

Studying the characters in the Cypriot photo, we were interested in the citizen of the Republic of Belarus Ivanovsky Viktor. A search on the Internet yielded the following results: Conference "IS Transformation: Key Tools for Defending Against Internal Threats"

It doesn't say anything, but it definitely carries serious risks.


Let's summarize the activities of Lev Matveev:

1. A network of offshore structures registered in the UK, Seychelles. Companies registered in Belarus and Ukraine.

2. Sham companies registered for Lev Matveev's employees, participating in sham tenders for government purchases worth hundreds of millions of rubles.

3. The source codes of the software used by the Russian defense industry, transferred to the foreign special services (the special services of Belarus, and possibly the Ukrainian SBU and the special services of other countries).

4. Ukrainian nationalists who develop software for the Russian defense industry.

The results of Lev Matveev's activities, we are sure, are intermediate. The IT frenzy that is happening in the information security market can keep many more interesting things. But for now, our editorial staff has a number of questions:

- Questions to the Association Russoft and ARPP "Domestic software". How did they accept Serchinform LLC into their membership without a deep check? In fact, Russoft and ARPP Otechestvenny Soft recommended the Serchinform software to state-owned companies for use.

- Questions to FSTEC and FSB. How were licenses issued to Serchinform LLC without a deep and thorough check?

- Questions to the FAS RF. How were public procurement tenders audited with the participation of Serchinform LLC? How did it happen that actually affiliated companies under the FAS's nose were able to hold so many sham tenders?

- Questions to the security services of Serchinform clients. Such as the structures of Gazprom, Rosneft, PJSC Sukhoi Company, PJSC United Aircraft Corporation, PJSC Aviation Complex im. S.V. Ilyushin, Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, Vabbing, NPF Sberbank, OJSC Russian Railways, Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring), VKO ALMAZ - ANTEY, Russian Corporation of Rocket and Space Instrumentation and Information Systems, VTB and many others. How do you check the counterparty whose software you trust with your most serious secrets?

Roman Trushkin


To be continued



Thus, Viktor Ivanovsky is the general director of the Belarusian company LibraSoft. We have studied this company. To begin with, you should pay attention to the company's registration address. 220040, Minsk, per. M. Bogdanovich, 1, fl. 2, office. 3.

If you open this address in Yandex maps, you can find that the company Librasoft LLC is located at the same address with the Minsk office of the company Serchinform LLC, Minsk, st. Izmailovskaya, 30. This is a corner building, so it has two addresses.

Screenshots are attached:

Obviously, LibraSoft LLC is a Belarusian subsidiary of Lev Matveev's company. And it does not develop a unique Belarusian software product, but in fact sells Serchinform software. We were interested in the licenses section:

Apparently, this software product has received all the necessary licenses from the special services of Belarus. This means that the source codes of the information software were transferred on behalf of LibraSoft LLC to the Belarusian special services for research. And according to the sieve, the source codes of the software products of Serchinform LLC were transferred for licensing. It turns out that the special services of Belarus have at their disposal the source codes of software products that protect the Russian defense industry, the oil and gas and financial sectors. Even if Belarus is a friendly country for Russia, it is still a foreign state.

According to the SPARK service, 3 LibraSoft LLC companies are registered. One in Russia, one in Belarus and one in Ukraine. Does Lev Matveyev have a business in Ukraine? And did he transfer the source codes of his software to the SBU?

Partnership with the Interconnected Vidpovidalnistyu "Librasoft", EDRPOU code 38035595, Ukraine, 10024, Zhitomirskaya oblast, Misto Zhitomir, Vulitsa Borodiya, 64 budinok, apartment 75, head Gavrilov Dmitro Anatoliyovych. Unfortunately, we could not find out something detailed about this company, but if Lev Matveev has employees in Ukraine, then you can try to find out. Let's turn to social networks and Lev Matveyev's Facebook friends. Meet Sergiy Bliznyuk, a resident of Zhitomer, lives in Kiev, an employee of Serchinform:

A friend of Lev Matveev, as well as a dozen and a half of Serchinform employee

Here he is in the photo with one of the characters in the Cypriot photo:

But we were interested in this publication of his:[0]=AZXuHWdttC-uWEvs6NdlyBwS9bHsCopXTgqWQMSmo05_Rh5vsMznNIiZ6huCKS6mENHhuxo9jgdcCObdvjedMD60P0gebGPf41Jj5ZCR3uBw3UHrYI_-_YSWmjEjDK6AG8rh5FeNiGVejr1e0Jz2BvyF&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

It turns out that Ukrainian nationalists are developing software that guards the information security of the Russian defense industry, the oil and gas sector, the financial and social sectors?

Having studied in detail the social networks of Serchinform employees in Ukraine, we found several more characters with clearly nationalist publications. There are also nationalists among the Belarusian employees of Serchinform. Yes, it can