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"Gazprom" and beckons to themselves persons previously convicted of fraud and embezzlement. It would seem that the leadership and security service of the gas monopoly should drive such people away. But in reality everything is exactly the opposite. Former criminals appoint responsible posts in the structure of Gazprom, their firms transfer tens of billions of rubles to the state company. It seems that having a criminal record for financial fraud is a "pass" to the "world of Gazprom" and to huge funds. already told about Chursin Sergey Konstantinovich. The list of articles of the Criminal Code for which he was convicted and the number of years spent in the colony could be envied by some young "thieves in law." Chursinov was brought to justice on six articles of the Criminal Code, including for theft, abuse of office, bribery. In total, he spent seven years in the colony. Despite this, he managed to lead a large "daughter" of Gazprom - the Stavropol branch of Gazprom UGS. Moreover, Chursinov was elected to the local Duma.

In this publication, will talk about Chursinov's colleague on the rich criminal past. It will be about Gasanov Eduard Sarifovich, who occupied the chairs of the general director and chairman of the board of directors of the company "Peaton". And recently he has been a member of the board of directors. In 2016, "Peton" received several state orders from "Gazprom" for a total of 176 billion rubles. This money went to the design and construction of a plant for the production of liquefied gas in the Leningrad region (126.7 billion rubles) and the construction of an installation for the stabilization of the condensate of the Achimov deposits in Yamal (47.7 billion rubles). Both contracts were concluded without a tender procedure for "procurement from a single supplier". The refusal to hold the tender Gazprom was explained by the need to "prevent the threat" of the accident.

At the disposal of was the sentence of the Sterlitamak City Court in 2001 against Gasanov, whom he was found guilty of several incidents of fraud.

As the investigators established, during the April 2000 conspiracy with the employees of Soda OJSC, Gasanov committed the theft from this enterprise of soda ash.

For this, Gasanov conspired with the employees of the company that they would help him steal goods from the enterprise and immediately began to look for buyers. Those were found quickly. The owners of Polichim LLC Kazeev and Sychkin expressed a desire to purchase two cars of soda and paid an advance to Gasanov for one car in the amount of 120 thousand rubles. After that, the wagons with the goods were falsified by waybills were taken out of the enterprise. Gasanov received the second part of the money, which he shared with the employees of the company. Since the scam went unnoticed, the current recipient of tens of billions of rubles from Gazprom, decided to put the theft on the flow.

Soon he proposed to the head of the company "Tsentroresurs" Nikolaev nine soda cars. The goods were stolen from the enterprise, and the proceeds of Gasanov this time amounted to 960 thousand rubles.

Next, Nikolaev bought another 16 wagons of soda stolen from OAO Soda, and Gasanov put in his pocket for 1.5 million rubles.

As a result, Gasanov was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to seven years in a colony of general regime. He did not serve all his time

Six years after the verdict (in 2007), Gasanov took over the post of commercial director of the company "Peton", and now decides the fate of 176 billion rubles received from Gazprom.

It is interesting, the leadership of the gas monopoly does not worry about the safety of the huge funds, when they are disposed by Chursinov and Gasanov. Or for "pilej" of huge sums specially chosen by such characters with a rich criminal experience?

Source: Rucriminal