As it became known to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, on May 25, with the participation of soldiers of the Grad special forces, Yegor Vlasov, deputy chairman of the health committee of the Leningrad Region, was detained. The Investigative Committee of the ICR for the Leningrad Region initiated a case under articles 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (embezzlement by fraud) and 290 (bribe). He is charged with taking bribes from the chief doctors of the Toksovo hospital.

On May 26, the Oktyabrsky District Court chose Vlasov's preventive measure in the form of detention in SIZO 1 (Crosses).

Thus, the war between the head of department M of the UFSB for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Alexander Gimadiyev, and the governor Drozdenko continues.

There is no doubt that the professionalism and efficiency (completely without irony) of Gimadiyev are beginning to clearly determine the favorite in this story. One can only admire the speed and multi-vector application, and the successful application, of Alexander's forces.

We talked about how brilliantly Gimadiev played a combination with the withdrawal of the former vice-governor for construction of the Leningrad region Mikhail Moskvin and deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region Daniil Fedichev from the game and put his man, Evgeny Baranovsky, in the chair of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region for construction and housing and communal services .

After that, Gimadiyev continued to take Drozdenko's old associates out of the game, who at least know too much, and at the wrong time given the wrong testimony could disrupt the flow of the growing financial flow into the structures already controlled by Gimadiyev. Now will tell about everything in order.

There is no doubt that the former head of the Committee for the Construction of the Leningrad Region, Konstantin Pankratiev, has already understood everything and is not going to return to where his comrades from the Investigative Committee can get him, whose services Gimadiyev uses when the force of law needs to be applied.

In the same way as Pankratiev, with the help of the testimony of a business partner - in this case, Oleg Smolin (who received the removal of all questions for his testimony, instead of a ready-made decision on detention for two days with subsequent arrest) - Gimadiyev persuaded "to go into self-isolation" for the border of the former deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Ruslan Gaisin. The case in which these businessmen formally go through is, in general, a trifle - the redemption of agricultural land of the former state farm "Leningradets" (albeit in the Vsevolozhsky District of the Leningrad Region beloved by Gimadiev) through a lease with the right to further redemption without bidding, but the now arrested former Oleg Zinchenko, deputy chairman of the regional financial control committee, and this is already a figure of a scale interesting to Gimadiyev. Obtain the necessary evidence from the former manager of the shadow financial flows of the Leningrad Region and, on the contrary, prevent the leakage of information about working schemes that we would like, of course, to preserve with other actors - for this it is worth working. Moreover, Zinchenko was with Drozdenko from the very beginning, he worked with him back in the Kingissep district of the region, where Zinchenko came from Transneft, where he was engaged in the classic “laundering” of funds as head of the Baltic Energy Company CJSC. For such an experience, Drozdenko took him.

By the way, the professional style of "promoting" seemingly small things before entering the big sharks is already a visiting card of Alexander Gimadiyev. So, in early March, the head of the administration of the Kirishi district, the former prosecutor Oleg Dmitriev, was detained. The price of the question presented is a ridiculous 15 million rubles. But as always - a nuance. The SK Unit company was involved in the scheme, the director of which, Alexander Bobrov, was detained while transferring a bribe (an even more ridiculous figure - 500 thousand rubles!) To the deputy chairman of the regional construction committee, Sergei Shalygin. Of course, also the former and also arrested. Shalygin -> Pankratiev -> Zinchenko. Not a penny of budget money can be spent without the share of the financial controller.

There is no doubt that Gimadiev hit the bull's-eye - and Drozdenko urged Shalygin and his boss Konstantin Pankratiev to quit their jobs a few days before the arrest. Just like Zinchenko did earlier. That is, in both cases, Alexander Yuryevich was aware that work was being done on his subordinates and tried to look away from himself. It is noteworthy that six months before that, the cowardly chairman of the state order committee Denis Tolstykh, who urgently went to work in St. Petersburg, literally fled from the government of the Leningrad Region. The Tolstoy family has good connections in the leadership of the regional FSB, and Denis "foresaw" the upcoming arrests.

But one cannot only reap, one must also sow. Therefore, with one hand, removing even the minimal possibility of unnecessary information appearing "where it is not needed" and getting rid of both the obvious presence and the hidden influence of figures loyal to Drozdenko, with the other hand, Gimadiyev imprisons his man, this time not a dummy like Baranovsky, but a really experienced Vitaly Lazutkin as head of the construction committee of the Leningrad region. Experienced both in construction and in the shadow economy - suffice it to say, that Lazutkin served as the general director of the Inzhtransstroy-SPb company, which was the contractor for the construction of the Gazprom Arena ... everyone probably remembers Albin's cormorants. In his telegram channel, Alexander Drozdenko, commenting on this appointment, noted Lazutkin's real experience at a construction site, "including in stressful situations." It looks like a secret "help" sign that a victim is trying to make while being held by criminals.

And in conclusion, I would like to congratulate Alexander Gimadiev on the initiative. The spring flood began on its financial river. On March 16, 2023, it became known that the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin approved the program for the modernization of the municipal infrastructure of the Leningrad Region. The region will receive more than 3 billion rubles in the next two years - these funds are intended for the reconstruction and overhaul of 97 water and heat supply facilities. We remind you that in the position of Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region for construction and housing and communal services - a spineless muppet doll on the hand of the multi-armed Shiva Alexander Gimadiyev - Evgeny Baranovsky.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued