The Arbitration Court of the Kemerovo Region arrested the property of the company and a number of individuals who controlled OJSC Gurievsky Metallurgical Plant (GMZ), at the request of the bankruptcy trustee of the metal plant, Sergei Rogov.

Among the individuals who had decided to withdraw the property, Vadim Varshavsky, who owned the holding company Estar, which formerly included GMZ. Former State Duma deputy Vadim Varshavsky was detained in the case of embezzlement of 2.5 billion rubles. from the bank "Petrocommerce". So, in 2012 the bank issued Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant (ZMZ), which was part of the group "Estar" Warsaw, a loan that was not returned. At one time, Estar was headed by businessman Abukar Bekov, the "right arm" of Mikhail Gutseriev.

Abukar Bekov is the son of Sergei Bekov, the last chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, displaced from this post by Jokhar Dudayev. In 1992, Bekov Sr. left Ingushetia, was one of the leaders of the Russian customs, rose to the rank of colonel-general of the customs service and the post of the head of the department of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation, and after retiring represented Ingushetia in the Federation Council. Bekov is a close friend and political ally of the Gutseriev family: he lost his post in the Federation Council after he supported Khamzat Gutseriev, Mikhail Gutseriev's elder brother and the then-all-powerful FSB general leader Murat Zyazikov in the presidential election in Ingushetia in 2002. Abukar Bekov worked for Mikhail Gutseriev when he was the general director of the oil company Slavneft, and then became a co-owner of the Gutseriev-owned network of gas stations "Association" Grand ". The successful sale of this network to LUKOIL brought $ 200-250 million to Bekov.

What was the surprise of, when we had at our disposal a certificate of investigation of criminal case No.

15338 of 14.08.01 on the double murder in Moscow. In it was Bekov's surname, and with a note "was in operational development".

The crime in question was committed on August 14, 2001 at house 34 in Matveevskaya Street. The victims of the criminal were businessmen Ayva Agatiev and Musa Khalidov. The killer, armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, hid in the bushes and waited for the entrepreneurs to appear. He opened fire when a silvery Peugeot-605 passed by him. Local residents clearly heard the sound of a long machine gun fire. Bullets smashed the side window of foreign cars and fell into the passenger and the driver. Some of the bullets hit the wall of the store. One of the witnesses saw how, after this, a man in a black shirt calmly left his ambush, hung an automaton on his shoulder and turned the corner of the house. Here he was waiting for the car on which he disappeared. The shot foreign vehicle by inertia continued to move in a straight line - a mortally wounded driver could no longer control the car. The car drove out onto the roadway, crossed it and froze on the roadside, buried in a tree. On the asphalt, a bloody trail was clearly printed. Musa Khalidov's driver had enough strength only to get out of the foreign car, take a few steps and fall down dead on the edge of the road. His passenger died almost instantly.

As follows from the document that was at the disposal of, the investigators and operatives found out that Khalidov had a conflict with a certain businessman Chernov A.V. The mediator arranged a meeting for the warring parties in house 34 on Matveevskaya Street. However, instead of Chernov Khalidov and his friend Agatieva there was an ambush waiting for them, they were shot by the killer. The intermediary's name was also established. The meeting was organized by Estamirov Magomed Sultanovich. His operational category in the certificate is designated as "suspicion of murder." In connection with the personality of Estamirov, the attention of the detectives was also attracted by Abukar Bekov, indicated in the certificate, as a close "connection" of Estamirov. During the period of the alleged preparation of the assassination attempt, they often communicated. In the certificate that came to, it is said that Bekov "was in operational development". It is worth noting that the killing of Khalidov and Agatiev has not yet been uncovered.

Interesting, of course, the "right hand" of Gutseriev. However, this is not all that operatives found out during the investigation of the double murder and not all of Abukar Bekov's "dark" luggage. Other details of the investigation will be given in the next publication.

To be continued


Vasily Gundin