At the disposal of and the Cheka-OGPU were copies of interviews with members of Nazim Kushcheterov's gang, which from 2006 to 2010 carried out orders for the murder of politicians in Karachay-Cherkessia. Kushcheterov himself and three more killers were sentenced to terms from 14 to 19 years for the murder in 2010 of Fral Shebzukhov, an adviser to the president of the KCR (at that time Boris Ebzeev). Ex-Senator Rauf Arashukov is accused of organizing this murder. In addition, Kushcheterov and his wards were convicted of an attempt on the life of Natalia Nagornova, deputy head of the treasury department in the republic (2008).


Until now, another high-profile political murder committed by Kushcheterov's gang has not been solved - the murder in 2009 of Parliamentary Deputy Islam Krymshamkhalov. Members of the gang testified on this crime and named the customers - the former head of the Karachaevsky region, Dakhir Elkanov, and the ex-head of the presidential administration of the KChR, Eldar Salpagarov.

Дахир Эльканов (справа)

Members of a gang of murderers in the KCR: Nazim Kushcheterov (leader), Magomed Dzhubuev, Alik Tatarkulov, Sultan Dzhankezov (all four were convicted of the murder of presidential adviser Fral Shebzukhov by order of Senator Arashukov), Murat Bostanov (mentioned as the perpetrator of the murder of the deputy Islamov Krymshamshamshamshamshamshamshamshamshamsh wanted, hiding in Georgia), Alik Gochiyaev (witnesses call him another perpetrator of the murder of the deputy of Islam Krymshamkhalov, is hiding in Turkey).


The murder of Fral Shebzukhov. Performers Magomet Dzhubuev, Alik Tatarkulov, Nazim Kushcheterov and Sultan Dzhankezov. They were sentenced to terms from 14 to 19 years. Arashukov Jr. was named the customer during the interrogations, the case on him is being considered by the court. The motives for the murder - Shebzukhov should have been appointed prime minister, Rauf Arashukov was claiming this position.


The attack on the deputy head of the Treasury Department for the KCR, Natalya Nagornova. The same Nazim Kushcheterov Soltan Dzhankezov, Magomed Dzhubuev, Alik Tatarkulov were convicted. Customers are free. The motive for the attempt, according to the testimony of the convicts, was that Nagornova obstructed the promotion of her subordinate Murat Elkanov.


According to the materials that were at the disposal of, the criminals call the head of the Karachayevsky district Dakhir Elkanov, who fled to Turkey, as the customer, who turned to them in the interests of his brother Murat Elkanov. Last year, Murat Elkanov took up the post of deputy head of the treasury, where she worked before Nagornov's assassination attempt.

Dzhankezov's testimony: "I can say that Elkanov Dakhir was involved in the armed attack on Natalya Nagornova, which I committed together with the Dzhubuevs and Tatarkulov, namely Elkanov Dakhir gave his car to Dzhubuev so that the indicated crime was committed on it."

Alik Tatarkulov, giving explanations on March 1, 2012, confirmed that Dakhir Elkanov had contacted the leader of the gang, Kushcheterov. He "asked to scare the woman, works as a deputy head of the RF FC Department for KCR, since the latter prevents his brother Murat Elkanov from being promoted, who also worked in this department ...".

Эльдар Салпагаров

Murder of Islam Krymshamkhalov. Performers and customers are free. The motive for the crime was that Boris Ebzeev, who was president at that time, was going to appoint Krymshamkhalov as head of his administration (Eldar Salpagarov claimed this position, he took this chair already under Rashid Temrezov). The suspects are members of Kushcheterov's gang Alik Gochiyayev and Murat Bostanov on the run. Three other gang members Magomed Dzhubuev, Alik Tatarkulov, Soltan Dzhankezov were questioned as witnesses.

In the testimony of Dzhubuyev and Dzhankezov, they name the organizers - the former head of the Karachay region Dakhir Elkanov and Eldar Salpagarov - the ex-head of the administration of the head of the KCR Rashid Temrezov.


In his testimony, a member of the gang, Magomet Dzhubuev, says that Murat Bostanov and Alik Gochiyaev were involved in the murder of Krymshamkhalov. "A. Gochiyayev himself told me about this, 2-3 months after the murder. The conversation took place in Kushcheterov's household in his presence ... Gochiyayev said that he had committed the murder of Krymshamkhalov at the request of the current head of the Karachay region, Dakhir Elkanov."

Witness and gang member Sultan Dzhankezov confirms the words of Dzhubuev and conveys the details of the meeting of the killers: "Also, one of those present said that together with Bostanov Murat, the murder of Krymshamkhalov was committed by Alik Gochiyaev. During the conversation, it was said that Alik Gochiyaev and Murat Bostanov the murder of Krymshamkhalov in the interests of the head of the presidential administration of the KChR Salpagarov Eldar and the head of the Karachay region Elkanov Dakhir. "

The killers, who ordered the murders and assassinations, in which members of Kushcheterov's gang were involved: Rauf Arashukov, charged, Dakhir Elkanov, on the run. His brother Murat Elkanov, in whose interests an attempt was made on the life of the deputy head of the treasury of the KChR Natalya Nagornova, last year he himself took the chair in which the chino was sitting

Eldar Salpagarov, who is called the second customer of the murder of Krymshamkhalov, - after seven years of work (2011-2018) as head of the administration of the head of the KCR (!), He works as the director of the Big Stavropol Canal.

The Investigative Committee, led by Bastrykin, resumed investigative measures in this case, Krymshamkhalov's relatives do not lose hope that, as in the case of Arashukov, they will bring charges against the customers and perpetrators, as well as local investigators who covered the criminals.

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstykh