Talking about the crimes committed by the organized criminal group of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi), came to the main one - the murder of the mayor of the city of Sergiev Posad Yevgeny Dushko. Investigators and operatives brilliantly worked this episode and were able to find out absolutely everything about this story. From the testimony, you can find out how the murder went, what led to it, about the backstage of the Moscow Region authorities and the mayors bought by the mafia. The main thing is that for the first time in the whole case, the "curator of Kostya Bolshoi" appears - the man thanks to whom Piskarev and the organized criminal group killed with impunity for 20 years. When Dushko had a conflict with Kostya Bolshoy, the mayor went to resolve the issue with the curator from Moscow to the leader of the organized crime group. But the curator to the head of the city cut off: "Make an agreement or you will suffer!"

Евгений Душко in several articles will acquaint readers with the testimony of witnesses and defendants in the episode with the shooting of Yevgeny Dushko.

 “Testimony of A. Dushko , according to which Dushko A.S. and his wife, Dushko N.G. lived at the address: Sergiev Posal, ... Their youngest son Yevgeny Dushko lived with them together with his wife. At about 05:40 am on 08/22/2011 Dushko A.S. left home for his eldest son Konstantin, with whom he went to the spring for water. Then Dushko A.S. drove to the church and from there at 07:10 went home. Dusko arrived home in about 5-7 minutes. Having approached the house, Dushko saw that his wife was standing next to his son's car and was crying. His son with head and torso wounds was in the driver's seat of a Volvo car. Dushko A.S. called Konstantin and asked to call an ambulance. After that, Dushko A.S. together with Lebedev's neighbor Yuri, they carried Yevgeny into their car and took him to the hospital.

Testimony of witnesses NG Dushko, according to which she lived at the address: Sergiev Posad, ... Her husband, AS Dushko, lived with her. and their youngest son Yevgeny Dushko together with his wife. On the day of the murder on August 22, 2011, at about 07:05 am, Dushko N.G. heard three pops. Looking out the window, Dusko NG. saw a fleeing man wearing a dark-colored jacket with a white insert on the back and a knitted hat on his head. The man ran as if waddling, "clubfoot", "like bears run." Dushko N.G. ran to the car and saw holes in the side window on the driver's side. In the cabin was Evgeny, wounded in the head: he did not show signs of life, his body was tilted towards the passenger seat. Arriving spouse - Dushko A.S. together with his neighbor Lebedev, he took his son to the hospital. (volume 153 l.d. 125-127)

Analyzing the testimony of Dushko N.G., one should return to the testimony of the witness D.A. Chumakov, who witnessed the murder of Filin MJ: “The man who shot was dressed in a short (waist-length) black jacket with a hood trimmed along the edge with fur, spotted dark gray pants and black boots. " As a special sign of the shooting man, Chumakov YES. He pointed out the peculiarities of running - "either waddling or limping."

Констсантин Пискарев

In addition, during the search in the home of Piskarev K.Yu. seized black sports jackets with white inscriptions on their front and back surfaces.

The testimony of the witness M.Ye. Gorodkov, according to which the witness lives at the address: Sergisv Posad, .... In the morning of 08/22/2011, at about 7 o'clock, Gorodkov, being in his bed at home, heard at least 3-5 shots. Looking out the window overlooking Sovetskaya Street, Gorodkov saw a Volvo car near Dusko's house. The car door was wide open, and a man in dark clothes leaned into the car from the left front door. Not attaching importance to this, Gorodkov returned to his bed. After a while, when Gorodkov looked out the window again, he saw police officers. Gorodkov learned about the murder of Dushko from police officers

Testimony of witness A.V. Kotkov, according to which on the day of Dushko's murder the witness was nearby and heard the sounds of shots. Kotkov walked along the path in the direction of the street. Soviet when I heard shots. Going out onto Sovetskaya Street, near Dusko's house, from a distance of 25-30 meters, Kotkov noticed a tall man, “large build” in dark clothes, on the opposite side of the street, next to a black car, in dark clothes, on whose head was wearing a hood. This man was doing something, and then walked towards the street. This time Kotkov hid behind a Gazel car.

Testimony of witness Yezhov D.S., according to which on the day of the murder of Dushko, at about 0715 hours, the witness walked along the street. Kirov direction of the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra. At the intersection of Kirov and Kolkhoznaya streets, the witness saw a suspicious man dressed in dark clothes with a hood that covered most of his face. This man also covered his face with his hand. The witness saw him from a distance of about 30 meters and noted the confident athletic gait typical of physically fit people. The man was of a large build and quite tall with leaves 178 cm. The suspicious man proceeded along the street. Collective farm and disappeared behind the fence. The witness heard the door slamming of the car he had seen earlier, the car drove past the witness, and he saw in him the driver, who was of short stature with an average build. The driver had sun glasses on his face. The registration plate of the car contained codes "266".

Место убийства Евгения Душко

The testimony of the witness VV Novikov, according to which on the day of the murder of EA Dushko, at about 07:20, the witness was on Kirov Street in Sergiev Posad and saw a man walking along the street. Collective farm from the street. Malaya Kirovskaya. The man was dressed in dark clothing, a sports jacket and sweatpants. He wore a hood or mask on his head: the fabric hid most of his face. His gait was athletic, his steps were large, springy. Approaching the intersection, the man covered his face with his hand and walked towards the street. Hospital. Novikov saw this person from a distance of about 15-20 meters and described him as a man aged 30-35 years old, of a dense build, with a height, as it seemed to the witness, 182 cm. However, Novikov could not compare his height with other people.

Testimony of witness V.M. Kheisin, according to which the witness was familiar with E.A. Dushko. for 20 years. The witness described Dusko as a tough, purposeful leader, intelligent, quite difficult to compromise, and possessing organizational skills. Around 2004, when the administration was headed by Upyrev, Dushko worked in the district administration, oversaw the media. Dushko organized media coverage of the activities of M.Yu. Grigoriev, who was elected chairman of the Council of Deputies. Many believed that Grigoriev was associated with the criminal groups of Drozdov and the Lozovsky brothers. After Maslov was elected head of the administration in 2009, he began a confrontation with Dushko, who achieved Maslov's resignation. According to rumors, Maslov communicated with Grigoriev. In this connection, Kostya Bolshoi was mentioned. From Dusko Kheisin heard that the coalition Maslov and Kostya Bolshoi "had views" in the city for public utilities. Dusko said that Krylovsky Bank, which sponsored Maslov's 2009 elections, was behind Kostya Bolshoi. In 2010, Dushko met in Moscow with the man who controlled Kostya Bolshoi. During the meeting, Dusko was offered to negotiate or suffer. Dusko looked alarmed after the meeting. In December 2010, Maslov was dismissed, and he was unable to implement any significant projects: the people who brought Maslov to power could not return the money invested and were extremely dissatisfied. About two weeks before his death, Dusko told Kheisin that the indicated persons were actively “calling” him, but he “did not pick up the phone,” Apostles also told Kheisin about this. ”

To be continued

Arseny Dronov