The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and continue to talk about the uniquely phantasmagoric events related to the investigation of crimes committed by the gang of Mikhail Mikhailov, as well as a number of mystical "coincidences" in the investigation of the criminal case of the Makarenko D.S. gang.

At our disposal was a lawyer's questioning of Makhmudov Rustam Ruslanovich (perpetrator of the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, sentenced to life). Makhmudov R.R. for a long time he was kept in the same cell with D.S. Makarenko. Makhmudov R.R. told the lawyer in detail about how Makarenko D.S. he spoke in detail about the murders he had committed, incl. about the commission by him (Makarenko D.S.) of the murder of Vakulin D.S. Makarenko D.S. he assured his cellmate that everything had already been decided and he (Makarenko D.S.) would not receive a life sentence for committing 5 (five) murders.

As wrote earlier, our editors have at their disposal a video of D.Kh. Zaripov’s confessions. Zaripov D.Kh. was a direct witness to the murder of Vakulin D.S. Zaripov D.Kh. was interrogated as a witness. within the framework of the UD of the gang Mikhailova M.V., Zaripov D.Kh. claims that the face of the man who shot Vakulin D.S. remembered very well. Zaripov D.Kh. tells in detail how the “identification” of A.S. Gumnikov took place. in the conditions of the pre-trial detention center, as well as how he (Zaripov D.Kh.) “identified” Gumnikov A.S. in the Moscow Regional Court. During the "identification" of Gumnikov A.S. 06/11/2009 in SIZO - 7 (Yegoryevsk), Zaripov D.Kh. first, they showed the identifiable person through the door slot, and then the “identification” procedure took place directly. Zaripov D.Kh. says that, at the time of the identification, he was directly in the same office with the person he identified. This is despite the fact that from the materials of UD No. 79191 (the gang of Mikhailov M.V.) it follows that the identification of Gumnikov A.S. was carried out under conditions precluding visual observation by the identifiable person. It follows from the response to the request in PKU SIZO-7 that there was no room for conducting identification under conditions that excluded visual contact between the identifying person and the person being identified on June 11, 2009 in PKU SIZO-7.

Witness Zaripov D.Kh. told that he (Zaripov D.Kh.) was threatened with a knife by a man who introduced himself as an employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation. Zaripov D.Kh. said that he had repeatedly informed the investigator Pavel Igorevich Filipchuk about the threats from a man who introduced himself as an employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation (the case of the gang of Mikhailov M.V. was in his proceedings). However, no checks were made on this fact. Zaripov D.Kh. He said that he saw a man who introduced himself as an employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation on the dock in the Moscow Regional Court, where on December 1, 2014 he was summoned for questioning as a witness, in the case of Mikhailov's gang M.V.

By the way, investigator Filipchuk P.I. A lot of things became known during the investigation of this UD. However, this much is still lurking in the depths of UD No. 79191. In the following publications, will talk about this in detail.

Zaripov D.Kh. said that in the Moscow Regional Court, before the “identification”, he was taken to the office for secret witnesses, where investigator Filipchuk P.I. and one more person. In this office, Zaripov D.Kh. investigator Filipchuk P.I. photographs of a person who needed to be "identified" were shown. Zaripov D.Kh. clearly says that the person whom he “identified” under pressure in the Moscow Regional Court, i.e. Gumnikova A.S. and the man who shot Vakulin D.S. these are different people.

And even that's not all!

At the scene of the murder of Vakulin D.S. A Kalashnikov assault rifle was discovered. Experts found biological traces (DNA of a man) on this machine. Within the framework of UD No. 79191 (Mikhailov's gang), a molecular genetic examination was carried out on the biological traces found on the machine. From the conclusion of this examination, it follows that, found on weapons from the scene of the murder of Vakulin D.S. biological traces definitely DO NOT BELONG to Gumnikov A.S. and Mikhailov M.V. According to the current legislation (clause 2, part 1, article 7 of the Federal Law No. 242 of December 3, 2008), biological material of unidentified persons, which was seized during the course of investigative actions, is subject to mandatory genomic registration in the FBDGI (federal database of genomic information) . Information about the registration and, as a result, the verification of the genomic passport of an “unknown” man, whose DNA was found on the AK-74 machine No. It didn't happen by accident!

In the case of a check by FBDGI, a match of the genomic passport of D.S. Makarenko would have been revealed. with DNA traces of an "unknown" man left at the scene of the murder of Vakulin D.S.

Accordingly, this was clear to the best investigator (according to the results of 2013) Vasilovsky Sergey Vladimirovich, in whose production was UD No. 376610 (Gang Makarenko D.S.). Knew, understood and was silent about this and the investigator for the Department of Internal Affairs Filipchuk Pavel Igorevich, who investigated the case of Mikhailov's gang M.V. I wonder what the synchronous "forgetfulness" of two officers of the investigative department is connected with?!....

Ancient Latin wisdom says: if you want to understand who did it, understand who benefits from it.

In the materials of the criminal cases of the gang of Mikhailov M.V. (Don't wake) and Makarenko D.S. repeatedly there are 2 (two) names - Mullashaekhov M.A. and Grishchenko Artur Alexandrovich (nicknamed Uzbek). In early publications, we said that Mullashaekhov M.A. was killed by members of the gang Don't wake up. As established by the investigation and the court Mullashaekhov M.A. was killed by order of Vakulin D.S. But Grishchenko A.A. in both UD appears as a close person and chief Mullashaehova M.A., as well as an extremely wealthy person with connections in law enforcement agencies. From the materials of the UD gang Makarenko D.S. it is seen that Grishchenko A.A. with impunity he beat Kuksenko Yury Arkadyevich, who on 12/21/2005 was killed by members of the Makarenko D.S. gang, incl. for hire. An interesting coincidence, Kuksenko Yu.A. and Grishchenko A.A. there was a joint business - LLC "Grand Pri Stroy". 26% of the authorized capital belonged to Kuksenko Yu.A., and 76% belonged respectively to Grishchenko A.A. After the death of Kuksenko Yu.A. the share of the latter promptly passed to Grishchenko A.A. A number of witnesses in the case of the Makarenko D.S. gang point to the direct involvement of A.A. Grishchenko. to the death of Kuksenko Yu.A.

My friend's enemy is my enemy.

Grishchenko A.A. there was a firm - LLC PRESS-MOTIV (TIN 5027066262). And the general director in this company was ...... voila - Mullashaekhov M.A. And before Mullashaekhov M.A. Vakulin D.S. was the general director. From the testimonies of a number of witnesses and materials of UD No. 79191 (Ne wake up the gang), it follows that Vakulin D.S. ceased to be the CEO of the illegal, as a result of forgery of title documents. On this fact, the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Lyubertsy initiated a criminal case under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. After that, a month later Mullashaekhov M.A. was killed, and after 2 (two) months Vakulin D.S. was killed.

It is worth noting that despite the testimony of a number of witnesses (more than 10 people), in the cases of both gangs, about the involvement of Grishchenko A.A. to the commission of especially serious crimes, no measures against Grishchenko A.A. was not carried out.

Maybe the witnesses (on the cases of both gangs) told the truth that Grishchenko A.A. a very rich man and has huge connections in law enforcement?!

Here is such a "non-intersecting" parallel in the affairs of two independent gangs.

In recent years, official representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation regularly receive statements that one of the most important activities of the department is the disclosure of crimes of past years. The forensic investigators of the IC have at their disposal a huge amount of forensic technology and modern methods of expert research, the possibilities of which, a simple layman cannot even imagine. One of the key innovations in forensic science is olfactory examination - the examination of odor traces. According to highly qualified employees of the Central Administration of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, it is possible even 30 years after the crime was committed.

By the way, on the basis of this examination, a number of guilty verdicts have recently been issued. Incl. and criminal cases from the distant past.

But I wonder if it will be possible to conduct an olfactory study on the fact of the murder of Vakulin D.S.?! And to conduct the named examination on the facts of the violent death of Senichkin V.V., Ostrovsky V.Yu., Akinshina S.V. it would be just great. We talked about the named victims in detail earlier.

Yes, by the way, on January 11, 2023, to Mikhailov M.V. and Gumnikov A.S. operatives came to talk. They were very interested in the circumstances of the murders of Senichkin V.V. And for some reason they said that Sergey Anatolyevich Savelyev (nicknamed Bald), who was an intermediary in ordering the murder of Senichkin V.V., died. And he lives and rejoices. Maybe this is a tactical move, the purpose of which is the lack of evidence against Savelyev S.A. about his direct involvement in the murder of Senichkin V.V.?! And on the other hand Savelyev S.A. can give detailed testimony about the murder of VV Senichkin, about all the persons involved in its commission and the specific role of everyone who took part in the murder. Does the investigation really need this??!

Сергей Савельев

It should be noted that until now - 16.02.2023 in respect of Mikhailov M.V. and Gumnikova A.S. no measure of restraint has been chosen. They are kept in a pre-trial detention center for more than 3 months on the basis of an investigator's decision issued in accordance with Art. 77.1 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation. This is in view of the fact that they were charged with murder! With their participation, a number of investigative and procedural actions were carried out. But it cannot be ruled out that the investigation intends to “bury” UD No. 9941 on the fact of the murder of Senichkin V.V. And by sending materials for choosing a preventive measure to the court, additional traces will remain. Probably the investigation leaves itself room for maneuver. Insured so to speak ....

Well, our old acquaintance, "witness" Misha Sadovsky, was duly notified that his no one will ever stop. He smokes a plan every day, threatens with physical harm to citizens of the Russian Federation, regularly receives money from renting the premises for which Valery Ostrovsky was killed. In general, a person enjoys life. He has a lifetime warranty card from the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, guaranteeing a free and carefree life.

Миша Садовский

In the near future we will publish a whole series of audio and video recordings. From the content of which, dear readers, it will become clear to you how “correctly” the investigation of a whole series of interrelated especially serious crimes was carried out.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov