August 2020 will mark the 25th anniversary of the assassination of the head of Rosbusinessbank Ivan Kivelidi and his secretary Zara Ismailova. This crime received a huge response due to the way the massacre was committed. The attacker put a poisonous substance into the telephone receiver in Kivelidi's office. The materials of this high-profile case were at the disposal of

  The investigation established that Kivelidi and Ismailova were fatally poisoned after using the telephone set in the banker's office on Mytnaya Street on August 1, 1995. The secretary died two days later, the boss survived her for a day. The examination showed that the tube was treated with a potent poisonous substance. Several more employees were poisoned, but survived. Suspicions fell on the business partner of banker Vladimir Khutsishvili. Recently, there has been a rather strained relationship between them. Investigators detained Vladimir Khutsishvili for 30 days, but they could not prove his involvement in the poisoning and released him from custody. In 2007 alone, the court sentenced Khutsishvili to nine years in prison. The main question was what kind of poisonous substance Khutsishvili got it from. All this in the materials of

RESOLUTION on the appointment of a forensic chemical examination in Moscow on August 8, 1995 Senior Investigator of the Moscow Prosecutor's Office Vorykhanov VA, having examined the materials of criminal case 238709, initiated on the facts of the death of I.Kh. Kivelidi. and Ismanlova 3.M., on the grounds of Art. 102 p. "9" of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR.


On August 3, 1995, Ismamlova Z.M. died in the 1st city clinical hospital.

 On August 4, 1995, I.Kh. Kivelidi died at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Center of the UDP RF. In both cases, signs of poisoning with an unknown poison were revealed.

On August 4, 1995, during the examination of the offices of I.Kh. Kivelidi. and his secretary-assistant Ismailova 3.M. in the premises of Rosbusinessbank, products with traces of consumption were found, which were seized during the examination.

August 5, 1995 during an additional examination of the offices of Kivelidi THEM. and Ismanlova 3.M. traces of the application of an unknown substance were found on the telephone receiver and the telephone set in Kivelidi's office.

On August 5, 1995, the telephone receiver was seized, and on August 10, 1995, a scraping of the substance was removed from the telephone set. Taking into account that the case raised questions, the resolution of which requires special knowledge, guided by Art. 78, 184 and 187 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR, DECIDED: To appoint a forensic chemical examination in this criminal case, the production of which shall be entrusted to the experts of the EKTs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Ask the experts for permission to ask the following questions: 1. Are there any traces of the imposition of any substance on the handset submitted for examination, seized in Kivelidi's office, and if so, which one? 2. In what quantities was the substance detected on the presented object? 3, What are the chemical and physical properties of the identified substance (the effect on the human body and is it poisonous? Is the substance in the scraping removed from the telephone set in Kivelidi's office and the substance on the telephone receiver the same substance, what kind of substance is it? and whether it refers to poisons, what are its physical and chemical properties (effects on the human body)

 Submit to the experts: 1 telephone receiver and scraping material from the telephone set seized in Kivelidi's office

Senior Investigator of the Moscow Prosecutor's Office V.A. Vorykhanov

Alexey Ermakov

To be continued