The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia sent a criminal case against "authority" Aslan Gagiev, nicknamed "Dzhako", to the court. He is accused of committing crimes under Part 1 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (creation and management of a criminal community), part 1 of Art. 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (creation and leadership of a stable armed group (gang), subparagraphs "a", "e", "g", "h" part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder of two or more persons in a generally dangerous way, committed by an organized group, associated with banditry), part 3 of article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal arms trafficking committed by an organized group).

Аслан Гагиев

According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, according to the investigation, the accused, being the head of the criminal community, in order to establish a dominant position in the criminal environment of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, created three stable armed groups (gangs) on the territory of this republic. the criminal community as structural units. These gangs were led by active members of the criminal community - previously convicted Oleg Dzarahokhov, Bakhrom Sekinaev, as well as Denis Kokoev, who is currently on the international wanted list, who, on behalf of "Dzhako", selected gang members from among the residents of the republic and acquired money allocated by the head of the criminal community firearms and ammunition.

In 2012-2013 on the instructions of the accused, on the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, gang members committed 6 murders, including the Deputy Prosecutor of the Industrial District of Vladikavkaz. The criminal case was sent to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to resolve the issue of changing its territorial jurisdiction, due to the presence of a real threat to the personal safety of the participants in the trial. In relation to the leaders and other members of the criminal community, including those on the wanted list, the investigation continues. has materials from the "Jaco case" at its disposal and we are introducing them to our readers. Today we will give the testimony of the head of one of the gangs that were part of Dzhako's organized crime group Oleg Dzarakhokhov.

“Testimony of O.Kh. Dzarahokhova, interrogated as a suspect, accused in criminal case No. 12/2806, according to which in early summer 2007 he met businessman T. Dzabiev, nicknamed“ Skinny, ”with whom Bagaev R was in close contact at that time. nicknamed "Robson", Dzugutov G.Z. nicknamed "Zhokha", Gutiev U. nicknamed "Marik", Vataev F.O. nicknamed "Fidyuk", A.D. Torchinov nicknamed "Chas". Since 1992 he has been friends with O.E. Khamitsev. nicknamed "Hitler", and since about 2000 - with Sugarov Ch.I. nicknamed "Chera". A year after meeting T. Dzabiev, in about spring-summer 2008, the latter invited him, O. Khamitseva. and Sugarov Ch.I. for a conversation at his home in Beslan, where there was a tall, dense man, whom Dzabiev T. introduced them as Aslan and said that this was their fellow countryman who lives in Moscow, is engaged in business and is a patriot of North Ossetia. The meeting lasted about an hour, while Aslan did not say anything, and when they said goodbye and left, Dzabitev T. asked him if he would go to Moscow to work as a security guard for Aslan, who would pay for it, to which he immediately agreed. He told O.E. Khamitsev about this conversation. and Ch.I. Sugarov, who also advised him to go to Moscow in the hope that they would eventually be able to join him. Subsequently, from about October-November 2008, he began to live in Moscow and work in the personal guard of Aslan, whose full details, as he learned, were Aslan Mitiaevich Gagiev. In Moscow, he (Dzarahokhov O.Kh.) lived in an apartment together with Dzugutov G.Z. and Gutiev U. He and Gutiev U. were constantly next to Gagiev A.M., who was called "Brother", the latter moved in different cars, spent the night in different apartments, almost every day met with a large number of people in several restaurants. Money - a salary in the amount of 50,000 rubles a month, he was paid regularly, food was free for him in the same restaurants where the meetings were held. Gagiev A.M. maintained close relations with Gagiev O.S. nicknamed "Bote", who was known to have been involved in a number of killings, including government members and Interior Ministry officials in North Ossetia. In April 2009 Gagiev O.S. was detained by law enforcement officers, from Gutiev U. he learned that at one of the dachas in the Moscow region, the guys who participated in the shootings and murders in North Ossetia are hiding from the law enforcement agencies, who are waiting for the production of forged identity documents in order to hide abroad ... Then it became clear to him that Gagiev A.M. runs a strong criminal organization, most of whose members are unknown to him. Around the beginning of September 2009 in Moscow, in one of the restaurants in which they were located, he saw ThorChinov A.D., who came to meet with A.M. Gagiev, after A.D. Torchinov left. Gagiev A.M. said that now A.D. Torchinov “Senior” from him, that is, from AM Gagiev, on the territory of North Ossetia. After a while, he had a meeting with A.M. Gagiev. conversation, during which he agreed to join the members headed by A.M. Gagiev. criminal organization and kill persons who, according to A.M. Gagiev interfere with the lives of the people of North Ossetia. Gagiev A.M. said that he was temporarily leaving Russia, and that he could also go home, and when Gagiev A.M. returns, he will call him. Thus, he entered the criminal community led by A.M. Gagiev. On 12.10.2009 he flew home from Moscow, where he met separately with O.E. Khamitsev. and Ch.I. Sugarov, to whom he told about the conversation with A.M. Gagiev. regarding the fight against scoundrels and his entry into the criminal community, saying that he gave A.M. Gagiev their consent to join this struggle. He immediately told them that this was a serious choice, because, perhaps, someone would have to kill, one could end up in jail, but there was no other way out of patriotic considerations, for the sake of Ossetia. Khamitsev O.E. and Sugarov Ch.I. gave their consent to join the organization Gagiev A.M. and were ready to comply with any of his instructions. Upon his arrival home, when he met A.D. Torchinov, he asked him to hand over a pistol for self-defense, approximately 10/15/2009 A.D. Torchinov. gave him a pistol of 9 mm caliber, converted from a traumatic pistol, with 8 cartridges of 9 mm caliber. On October 20, 2009, he was detained by police officers, and then arrested for 2 months for illegal possession of firearms. Around January 2010, he was sentenced to one and a half years of suspended imprisonment, with a probationary period of 6 months, after serving half of which, his conviction was removed and canceled. He was at home, practically doing nothing until early December 2010. During this time Torchinov A.D. twice gave him money in the amount of about 15,000 rubles. He (Dzarahokhov O.Kh.) considered sports to be very important and purchased gym membership cards for everyone. He also considered necessary shooting training sessions, which also cost money. For the legal armament of the guys for the purpose of self-defense, they were allocated funds for the purchase of hunting rifles, while preference was given to short-barreled, multiply-loaded rifles such as "Saiga-410" and "Vepr" 12 caliber. A total of 7 guns were purchased: Khamitsev O.E., Kozyrev T.A., Sidakov A.Ya., Bekuzarov B.B., Kozyrev Kh.S. He designed his gun for his father. For secret communication with Dzugutov G.Z., Dzhioev A.B, Torchinov A.D., other members of the criminal community used a conspiratorial connection, that is, as a rule, a cheap mobile phone "Nokia Flashlight" and SIM cards were purchased who were not registered or registered to people who have nothing to do with them. Phones and SIM cards were changed every 2-3 weeks in order to exclude wiretapping of telephone conversations and, accordingly, exposure, after the change, the phone and SIM card were destroyed or simply thrown away. When he went out to the murder, he never took any phones with him, so that later it would be impossible to track them. Sometimes on murders, such as V.V. Dzhioeva. and Bagaeva V.M. handheld radios were used to coordinate joint actions or to listen to the police wave in order to know about the actions of police officers. The radio was given to him by A.D. Torchinov. To commit murders, they were supplied with weapons, which were originally acquired, shot and stored by A. Torchinov. A.D. Torchinov immediately told him that there was any weapon. At their disposal were Makarov pistols, Stechkin and TT automatic pistols, submachine guns of various modifications and manufacturers, Kalashnikov assault rifles of 7.62 mm and 5.45 mm calibers, sniper rifles, grenades, various ammunition in large quantities, silencers, that is, devices for silent shooting. For mobile movement, tracking, arriving at the crime scene and leaving it, there were various vehicles: two new VAZ 2114 cars, silver and dark, which A.D. Torchinov bought them in 2010. On a dark-colored VAZ 2114 Khamitsev O.E. had an accident, the car was repaired, then a one-year-old black Lada Priora car was sold and purchased with an additional payment of 60,000 rubles. In October 2011 Sidakov A.Ya. 40,000 rubles were added to purchase a Volga car for 120,000 rubles. Also around September-October 2011 A.D. Torchinov. they bought a new car "Niva", white, three-door, on which later, during the murder of V.V. Dzhioev, T.A. Kozyrev. followed the restaurant "Regakh". Approximately two weeks after the murder of VV Dzhioev, that is, in early January 2012, he and O.E. Khamitsev were at the Vikalin car market. exchanged a Niva car for a VAZ 2114 car with an additional payment of 50,000 rubles. IN In January 2012, a new car “Volga” was purchased in a dark gray-silver color, in February 2012 a new car VAZ 2114 was purchased, in March 2012 a new car “Bogdan” was purchased in black, and later a Priora car was purchased in a silver color. Each of these vehicles could be used by any of the persons indicated by him. Approximately in April-May 2013, Dzugutov G.Z. called him on a secret phone. and said that a dark blue Volkswagen Golf car should be picked up near the village of Bekan. He came to the village. Bekan, there were 2 Volkswagen Golf cars in dark blue and blue with transit numbers. Also there was B.A. Sekinaev. driving a dark blue minibus. He took a dark blue car, which he then registered to the younger brother of his colleague Elbrus Kesaev. Were received state registration plates with the digital designation "517" 15 region, does not remember the letters. In the future, he used this car, including transporting firearms on it, received from E.Kh. Tautiev. To live in Vladikavkaz, they rented apartments on Dzhanaeva, Kuibyshev, Moskovskaya and Vatutin streets. In the city of Moscow and in the Moscow region, members of the criminal community had at their disposal various residential and non-residential premises, usually registered with third parties, which were used for the residence of members of the criminal community, general meetings, storage of weapons, vehicles and for other purposes. So, on Lodochnaya Street in Moscow there was a base that included a cafe, a car wash, a car service, and office premises. Members of the criminal community could eat in this cafe for free, use the services of a car wash for free, wash their cars. In the area of​​the Sheremetyevo airport there was another base, which was called the Dalnyaya Base, where members of the criminal community often gathered. On the street Makarenko in Moscow, the office of OJSC "Financial and Leasing Campaign" was located, where Gagiev A.M. met and communicated with various people. In addition, on the territory of the Moscow Region there were several private households, usually rented, which were used for the residence of members of the criminal community, including those on the wanted list, storage of weapons, and also for general meetings. In December 2011, he (Dzarahokhov O.Kh.) involved V.V.Dzhioev in the murder. Kozyreva T.A., whose task was to spy on V.V. and a message about his departure from the territory of the restaurant. Taking into account the role of Kozyrev T.A. in this crime, for the sake of his and his safety, so that he could not tell anything in case of arrest, he decided not to initiate him into the circumstances of the murder. Kozyrev T.A., nevertheless, asked him why he needed to do this, to which he replied that he would find out everything later. He did not insist and took part. Approximately two days after the murder of V.V. Dzhioev, that is, at the end of December 2011, at the first meeting with T.A. Kozyrev. he asked if they had committed the murder, he confirmed. Then a conversation took place between them, during which he informed T.A. Kozyrev. about a conversation with A.M. Gagiev and about his idea of ​​restoring justice and killing the villains. He proposed to T.A. Kozyrev. to decide whether he is ready to join them, that is, he offered to actually join the criminal community and its structural unit led by him, to which Kozyrev T.A. agreed. As part of the criminal community, he took part in the commission of the following crimes: the murder of V.Kh. and Bagaeva V.M. in January 2011 in the village. Chermen North Ossetia-Alania, the murder of S.P. Khugaev in October 2011 in Vladikavkaz, the murder of V.V. in December 2011 in Vladikavkaz, the attempted murder of R.E.Bdaytsiev in August 2012 in Vladikavkaz, people were shot at the funeral of A.D. Torchinov. in June 2013 in Beslan, North Ossetia-Alania ".

To be continued

Arseny Dronov