The defence appealed the decision on temporary removal from office of the Council of the Federation Rauf Arashukov. The lawyers want him reinstated as a Senator, but they insist he's completely innocent. Readers themselves have the opportunity to assess the truth if say the defenders. We offer them the continuation of the testimony of Rasul Adzhiev, who was hired to eliminate the leader of the youth movement "Adyge-Hase" Aslan Zhukov. "Customer" TFR considers Rauf Arashukova.

In the first article we told how Adzhiev met with Rauf Arasoughly and his son-in-law Ruslan Agaevym, and how the latter summoned him to the house of the Senator. There he offered to kill a certain owner of the car (in reality it was Aslan Zhukov), which much offended Rauf. While Agoew constantly came to the house and consulted with Arashukova. As a result, Adzhiev agreed to fulfill the "order".

As follows from the testimony of Rasul, to perform the necessary work, he asked for a car. Agoev said that the car will have to drive up to habez-is the patrimony of the clan Arashukov. Adzhiev met with Agoev in the cafe "SCAR", after which the two of them went to the house of Rauf Arashukov in Habez. There Agoew kicked "Toyota Camry" silver in color and passed the car Adzhiev. "Then Agoev Ruslan gave me a cell phone with a SIM card. Agoev had the same phone. These phones with SIM cards as Ruslan Agoev told, were necessary to communicate couple of times on a question of murder of the offender Rauf Arashukov....Ruslan Agoev also said that he and Rauf Arashukov plan to leave the Republic for the specified period, " said Adzhiev during the interrogation, a copy of the Protocol of which is available ahhh!

Further Adzhiev together with the person sent by Agoev, removed the received car from registration and went to look for a car wash of the offender Rauf Arashukov. There he washed the car and talked to the employee of the cafe at the car wash, asking her if it is possible to leave the car for the night. The woman answered that this question should be solved with the owner who now isn't present. At the same time ajiyev checked whether there are no surveillance cameras on the territory of the car wash. The next day he again came back and noticed a man that fit the description of the offender Arashukova. When he began to give instructions to employees of the sink, ajiyev realized that this is the right "object". Makarov's gun was with him. But this time Rasul did not commit a crime.

"Approximately in the middle of March, 2010 I left the house and went to the car wash area to make the planned murder of the offender Rauf Arashukov. I left my car near the billiard club, which was located on the first floor of the hostel, which was opposite the car wash across the street. In case I didn't see the man I was supposed to kill, I planned to call him out of the house on some pretext. When I approached the gate of his house, the time was about 19-20 hours, I saw that in the cafe, located near the car wash, there are about 8-10 people. At this point, from the cafe came a man, who had been killed at the request of Rauf Arashukov. He opened the gates of the car and immediately went inside. I followed him. At this point, the Makarov pistol was in my pocket, sports jacket, sent in addition a cartridge in the chamber. When I went inside, I saw the guy sitting in the driver's seat of his silver Chevy Niva with the doors closed. I approached him from the driver's side and knocked with my left hand on the glass of the driver's door. The guy looked at me and opened the door. At that moment, I took a gun from my pocket, holding it in my right hand, and fired three shots at the guy's head. When I stopped shooting, his body was on his right side. I began to come out of the sink, " said Adzhiev during the interrogation, the Protocol of which is available ahhh!

Then the killer crossed the road, got into the car provided by Agoev, and went home. After taking a shower, he decided to return to the scene of the murder. Along the way, all the clothes that Rasul was wearing at the time of the shooting, he threw in the trash. Arriving at the car wash, he saw that it was cordoned off by the interior Ministry. After that, Adzhiev went out of town, sawed a portable Bulgarian gun into different parts and threw them into the Big Stavropol canal near the village of Ilyichevsk Prikubansky district of KCR.

How Rauf Arashukov reacted to the news of the shooting of Aslan Zhukov, what he did for the killer, will tell in the next publication.               

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy