Source: continues to talk about the loudest crime of the organized crime group Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) - the murder of the mayor of the city of Sergiev Posad Yevgeny Dushko. From the testimony, you can find out how the murder went, what led to it, about the backstage of the Moscow Region authorities and the mayors bought by the mafia.

Автомобиль, в котором Костя Большой расстрелял Евгения Душко

As the TFR established, the murder was personally committed by Kostya Bolshoi. He watched the mayor at his house, and when he got into his Volvo, he shot him with a pistol. Then the handy took Piskarev to the local cemetery, where he moved to his Maybach with bodyguards. The motives for the murder were also established. Konstantin Piskarev and his authoritative partner Mikhail Ruzin (owner of Krylovsky Bank and Capital Holding) were the shadow owners of Sergiev Posad. Local officials and security officials danced to their tune. They got whatever they wanted. When the question arose about the allocation of a couple of regular plots of land for building, the head of the urban settlement Goncharov directly told his subordinates: “these are not the people who can be refused.” Mayor Maslov was at all their protege and business partner. And then Dushko first dismissed Maslov, and after becoming mayor himself began to refuse Piskarev and Ruzin. In particular, he refused permission to build on those very plots of land. This couple threatened Dushko, put pressure on him, but it was useless. Then Kostya Bolshoi came and shot Dushko. Piskarev is sitting, but Ruzin is not. Why? And this man is completely untouchable. He has long established close relations with representatives of a number of security agencies in the Moscow region. Moreover, his partners in dark affairs die one after another. Ruzin did business with the banker Oleg Zhukovsky. In December 2007, the banker's body was found on the territory of his cottage in the elite village of Lesnaya edge of the Odintsovo district. The housekeeper noticed the corpse of Zhukovsky at the bottom of the pool, tied up and dressed in a tracksuit. Law enforcement officials ruled that his death was an unusual suicide.

Михаил Рузин

In 2009, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation took up the story of embezzlement of budgetary funds in the Pushkin District, to which Ruzin was involved, and his partner in the theft of 554 million rubles perished. Ruzin's friend allegedly took his own life. At one time, the deputy chairman of the MOO FSO "Dynamo" Alexander Rusanov attracted his friend Ruzin to the project for the reconstruction of the shooting club of the same name. It was planned to build residential houses on its territory. However, as a result of a series of fictitious transactions using shell firms, the shooting club went bankrupt. Dynamo lands began to be sold cheaply to companies controlled by Ruzin. Rusanov realized that behind his back a friend had carried out a grandiose scam. Rusanov began litigation. Soon after that, the body of the deputy chairman of the MOO FSO "Dynamo" was found in the courtyard of his house. According to the official version, he threw himself out of the window of his apartment. continues to acquaint readers with the testimony of witnesses and defendants in the episode with the shooting of Yevgeny Dushko.

Testimony of the witness Sazhin I.S., according to which the witness has been working in the administration of the urban settlement of Sergiev Posad since 2013: in 2013, Sazhin served as head of the investment and land use department, from July 2013 to mid-2014 he served as deputy head of the urban settlement, then again held the position of head of the investment and land use department: for a short time held the position of head of the architecture and construction department; Since 2016, Sazhin has been working as a deputy head of the administration's life support department. In the capacity of acting deputy head of administration, he issued building permits. Sazhin knew that Piskarev was the owner of Constanta AZ LLC. In the administration, Piskarev was known as an authoritative bandit. Sazhin understood that Piskarev was behind Constanta AZ LLC and NIGUS LLC. Before the issuance of construction permits to Constanta AZ LLC and NIGUS LLC, Zhelnovsky turned to Sazhin, who said that their leaders, Goncharov (the head of the urban settlement) and Kostya Bolshoi, had agreed on both. On the same day, Sazhin turned to Goncharov with a question about issuing building permits, Goncharov was categorical and said that these were not the people who could be refused.

Testimony of witness Oskinoj M.The. The witness worked as the chief architect of Sergiev Posad from the end of 1996 to 2012. Since about 2008, Constanta AZ LLC and Nigus LLC have been attempting to obtain building permits on land plots on Red Army Avenue. Oskina prepared answers on the refusal to issue permits for the corresponding appeals of Constanta AZ LLC and Nigus LLC, and the head of the Kalmykov administration signed these answers. Dusko played a key role in these refusals in accordance with Dusko's recommendations. Dusko also opposed the construction of buildings on a land plot leased by Aqualand LLC.

Testimony of witness G.N. Pirtskhalava , according to which he, at the direction of Piskarev K.Yu. signed letters addressed to the administration of the city of Sergiev Posad to obtain permission to develop a project for planning the territory of a land plot located near the DK im. Gagarin, who was leased by Constanta AZ LLC. Piskarev received replies to the letters, who controlled this situation and was very interested in it. Even before 2011, the issue of development was decided in favor of Constanta AZ LLC, but then the leadership in the city changed, and the adoption of the final decision began to drag on. In a reply dated 08/10/2011, the administration recognized the construction of the facility as inexpedient. Piskarev also supervised OOO NIGUS and OOO Aqualand, which also had land plots for construction. The right to lease a land plot located on st. 1st Shock Army, Piskarev yielded to Krulikovsky, who was able to get a building permit and built a large residential complex there.

Testimony of the witness V.I. Krulikovsky, according to which the witness is the general director of the Victoria group of companies. Krulikovsky described E.A. Dushko. extremely negative: according to the witness, this was the reason for many conflicts, including the political conflict between Dusko and Maslov. At the initiative of Dushko Maslov was removed from the post of the head of the city of Sergiev Posad. Among the persons whose interests suffered from the removal of Maslov from office, the head of the city, Krulikovsky, indicated Ruzin and Piskarev, who were Maslov's friends and companions. At the meeting, Ruzin and Piskarev spoke extremely negatively about Dushko, calling him a swindler and a pig. In continuation of the conversation, Ruzin and Piskarev suggested Krulikovsky to apply to law enforcement agencies and the court with statements about Dusko's illegal actions. Krulikovsky explained to Ruzin and Piskarev that in any case he would seek to bring Dusko to legal responsibility. In 2012, Piskarev turned to Krulikovsky with a proposal to act as a contractor in the construction of an apartment building on his land plot on the street. 1st Shock Army, Sergiev Posad. Subsequently, an agreement was concluded between Krulikovsky Piskarev on the assignment of the site, and a large apartment building was erected on it. On the part of Piskarev, the contract was signed by G.N. Pirtskhalava. Another meeting with Ruzin took place at Krulikovsky's about 2015. At this meeting, Ruzin said that Pakhomov, the head of the Sergiev Posad region, understood that it was better not to contact him (Ruzin) and signed permits for the construction of a building located opposite the administration of the city of Sergiev Posad.

About a week before the arrest, that is, at the end of October 2016, Piskarev met with Krulikovsky. As Piskarsv said, Goncharov asked him about this meeting. Piskarev asked Krulikovsky to withdraw his statements from the police against Gancharov. Krulikovsky said that he would withdraw his applications after Goncharov returned the debt to him. Piskarev, according to Krudikovsky, maintained close relations with Goncharov. When Goncharov was the head of the Sergiev Posad region, Piskarev acquired land plots in the city of Sergiev Posad.

Василий Гончаров

Testimony of the witness M.V. Ruzin, according to which the witness met with Dushko once about a month and a half after Maslov's election. Dushko asked if Maslov could be influenced. To which Ruzbn replied, so that he himself spoke with Maslov. Ruzi has known Piskarev for a long time.

The testimony of Lupichev DA, according to which he, according to Bezrukov S.Yew. it was known that, on the instructions of Piskarev, he was following a man in the town of Sergiev Posad. At that time, Bezrukov was driving a silver VAZ 2110 car, decorated in the name of some woman. Then Bezrukov brought Piskfrev to the house where the man he watched lived. Piskarev got out of the car at a certain distance from the house and returned after a while. Later, when Bezrukov saw on TV a story about the murder of the mayor of Sergiev Posad, he realized that he was following Dushko, and this murder was committed by Piskarev on the day he brought him to Dushko's house.

The testimony of the accused Bezrukov S.Yu., according to which, in May 2011, Piskarev, being on the territory of the entertainment complex "Malibu", instructed him to follow an official from the administration of the Sergiev Posad district who was driving a Volvo car. As it turned out later, this official was Dushko. Bezrukov followed Dushko in two cars VAZ 21103, state registration plate K413MX190, and VAZ 2115, provided by Zhelnovsky. During observation, he made video filming with a Sony camcorder. In total, during his work for Piskarev, he used two such video cameras, one of which was seized during a search in his home. On the day of the murder, Piskarev was dressed in dark clothes, forbade Bezrukov to take his mobile phone with him, put the license plate number on the car in the trunk of a VAZ 2110 car, which later, already in Sergiev Posad, were screwed over the real numbers. Bezrukov brought Piskarsva to a plot of land near Dushko's house in Sergiev Posad, and Piskarev, getting out of the car, went on foot to the indicated house.

After a while, Piskarev returned. They drove to the territory of the church and cemetery located near the dacha of Pnskarev's parents, where they waited for the Yurov brothers to arrive in a Maybakh car. By car "Maybach" they arrived at the dacha of Piskarev's parents, where the latter changed his clothes, after which they left for the Burevestnik yacht club. The VAZ 2110 car remained on the territory of the church, from where Bezrukov later took it and, at the direction of Piskarev, changed the tires of the car.

The testimony of the accused NN Yurov, according to which on the day of the murder of Dushko, he and his brother arrived in a Maybach car to the cemetery located near the dacha of Piskarev's parents. They went to the cemetery on the instructions of Piskarev, received the day before. They stopped at the cemetery, as they saw Bezrukov's car VAZ 2110 gray. Bezrukov and Piskarev, dressed in uncharacteristic black sportswear, got into their Maybach car. Earlier, they (Yurov N.N.) during interrogation at a confrontation with Yurov D.N. false testimony was given that he did not remember how Piskarev was dressed that day, but in reality he does remember that he was in sportswear. On that day, the news of the murder of the mayor of Sergiev Posad Dushko was reported on the radio. Yurov N.N. and his brother was immediately suspected of committing this crime Piskarev.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov