The events surrounding Alexei Khotin unfold with precision, as is written Alfa-Bank has filed five lawsuits against the arrested ex-banker Alexei Khotin and his companies, accusing him of violating the settlement agreement on the debt by $700 million. Thus, the operation began to withdraw from Hotin large and liquid assets that will earn you the "Alfa-Bank", Rosneft and Russian agricultural Bank. During the search, Khotin found curious documents that can cause new questions to Khotin and new financial requirements.

Alfa-Bank has filed five lawsuits directly to Alexei Khotin and its controlled companies - JSC "Optimistichnostju", OOO "PROTON-21", LLC "Priority", JSC "Corporation "Unit", ZAO "Alfa-invest", Hawtin, A., LLC "Ventus", JSC "Extract-Fili". In them, he asks to terminate the settlement agreement concluded in 2018 and the text of which is available ahhh!

"The parties confirm that Khotin Alexey Yurievich is a person under the control and significant influence of which is PJSC BANK YUGRA, and that the revocation of the license from the said credit institution by Order of the Bank of Russia dated 28.07.2017 No. OD-2138 from 28.07.2017 certainly indicates a significant deterioration in the terms of security under the Loan agreement, since there is a high risk of a significant reduction in the size and value of assets of Khotin Alexei Yurievich, which in turn affects the solvency of Khotin Alexei Yurievich, including as a guarantor under the Loan agreement», - it was said in the settlement agreement. Nevertheless, Khotin undertook with a huge delay and with the help of real estate to pay. Earlier, our source said that formally the desire to break the settlement agreement is connected "with significant violations of the terms of the settlement agreement concerning real estate objects by Khotin".

However, sources it was told that the offensive of "Alfa-Bank" is only one of the stages of a multi-way operation to dispossess Alexei Khotin. 

When his Bank "Ugra" revoked the license, Khotin preferred to go to Cyprus, where he settled in the four Seasons hotel, in an Asian restaurant where he met with friends. One of them told us that Khotin confidentially informed - he suspects that he was a victim of the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin, and people from the Central Bank of Russia, first of all Deputy chairmen of the Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin and Vasily Pozdyshev, performed his commands. According to Khotin, Rosneft received a "leaky" Bashneft and to plug this hole, Sechin decided to get the oil assets of Khotin through the bankruptcy of Bank Yugra. At the same time ,Alfa-Bank is eager to take its best retail and office space.

Khotin did not sit and wait at the "sea of weather" and moved to decisive action. According to sources his good friend Dmitry Patrushev - then the head of Rosselkhozbank, and now the Minister of agriculture was involved for this purpose.  For a start, Khotin on loans received in Rosselkhozbank, made the most interesting assets in the collateral mass of the Rosselkhozbank, protecting them from other , unfriendly creditors. As a result, experts believe, the value of the pledged assets of Rosselkhozbank is several times higher than the amount of loans issued to Khotin structures.

Then Hawtin all their oil assets, issued on his assistant Sergey Ponticello tried PR participation Patrushev to sell at the market price. However, everyone knew that Rosneft was interested in them and did not want to take such problematic assets cheaply.

Patrushev also "say" the words for Hotin front of Friedman. As a result, "Alfa-Bank" went to the world.

Khotin also significantly reduced the cost of the "roof". In recent years, several influential patrons of Khotin (already, however, significantly lost their former power) went to jail. And there was talk that Khotin could have had a hand in "landings".

However, the money he had anyway became less. And Alexey became more and more former. As a result, a plan for his dispossession was born. It provides that Alfa-Bank files claims for the termination of settlement agreements. This will allow him to quickly get his hands on the writs of execution and start hunting for the assets of Khotin. Soon, the DIA may require the invalidation of a number of transactions by which Khotin hid his assets. This will be done under the pretext that the transaction violates the rights of creditors of Ugra.

Well, then everything is simple. The oil industry goes to Rosneft, an interesting property to "alpha Bank". And "Rosselkhozbank (and say, Patrushev lost interest in Khotin) so in the pledge are a lot of good assets.  

But there may be other financial requirements for Khotin. According to, during the search, Khotin found interesting documents, in particular concerning the events of 2013 around Uralkali and Belaruskali. And this can cause serious questions to Khotin, including financial ones. We will publish these documents in the near future.

To be continued

Arseny Drones