Clouds are gathering more and more over the sponsor of the Bolshoi Theater, businessman Alexander Klyachin. This is due to the ever-emerging facts of a very peculiar relationship between the RedSys company, controlled by Klyachin, and the Pension Fund of Russia. PFR deputy head Alexei Ivanov, who was responsible for working with Redsis, is already in custody. The threads of the investigation are increasingly reaching out to those behind Reds. Sources of described how Klyachin’s relationship with the FIU was built.

According to the source, Klyachin is friends with Anton Drozdov, who for 12 years was the chairman of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, and since January 2020, he has been deputy minister of finance. Drozdov's wife, Olga Demchinskaya, is an adviser to the general director of Klyachin's Azimut Hotels company. With the help of Klyachin’s acquaintance with Drozdov, two of Vasin’s close friends were employed at the Pension Fund - Sergei Koblov, who had known Vasin for more than 20 years and his cottage neighbor took up the post of Director of the PFR personified accounting information center, another Vasin’s close acquaintance, Sergei Kiryushin, took up the post Information Technology Advisor to the Chairman of the Drozdov Pension Fund. This was necessary to promote the interests of Redsis LLC and ensure the most comfortable conditions for winning tenders held by the Pension Fund. By the way, part of the tender results was signed by Koblov.

Further, the Pension Fund announced the procurement of goods and services in the field of automation, Reds took part in all such tenders. At the same time, their affiliated companies were exposed as an appearance of "competition", in some cases, really third-party companies participated. Almost always the competitions were won by Reds LLC, the system of misfires did not give.

The sums of the contracts were significantly overestimated, while the terms of reference for them were written by the Reds employees themselves, which is called “for themselves,” on their equipment. This was established by the investigation, having carried out searches at the Reds in the summer of 2019.

The subjects of the tenders were chosen such that it is practically impossible to compare prices on the open market and those offered by Reds LLC. After all, for work on, for example, "maintaining" programs, you can pay 100 thousand rubles and 100 million rubles.

According to the source of, fearing a possible criminal prosecution, Klyachin and his junior partner Vasin began to bankrupt the Reds LLC.

Redsis LLC was created by Vasin Vasily and Alexander Klyachin at the very end of 2013 (was executed on Vasina) by withdrawing assets from the Air Style group of companies. The Air Style group was created in the early 90s by Vyacheslav Rudnikov, in which Vasin was a minority shareholder. Moreover, Vasin received a share in the business from Rudnikov free of charge, without paying a dime and receiving about 10%. The fact is that Vasin is a cousin of Vyacheslav Rudnikov, Vyacheslav took him in his business as a relative, believing that he would be useful, and she was. However, time passed and Vasin’s appetites secretly from Vyacheslav grew excessively. He wanted more, but did not understand how to do it, until he met Klyachin on his way. As a result, Vasin “thanked” Rudnikov for accepting him on the ground for betraying him completely and cynically. Vasin and his accomplices from the Klyachin team removed absolutely all the assets from the “Air Style” group - all finances, renegotiated all contracts with customers for a new legal entity - Redsis LLC, agreements with world vendors - more than 40, about 1000 staff , the entire accumulated base of solutions - more than 150 competencies and ready-made complex engineering solutions in various sectors of the economy.

At the same time, Vyacheslav Rudnikov himself was criminally prosecuted on fabricated materials.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov