Source: continues to publish materials of the case on the activities of the gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), which was distinguished by particular cruelty. Before his death, Jaco personally interrogated many victims, and at the same time very harshly. So, interrogating the "authority" Bekmurzov (Kip), Gagiev cut his face from neck to ear with a knife. Then he was killed, his head and arms were removed from the body. They were placed in plastic buckets and thrown away. Metal objects were attached to the body and thrown into the river. The remains were later found in the protective gratings of the Konakovskaya GRES in the Tver region. Before each bloody crime, Gagiev gathered family members (as he called the organized crime group) and told them a story in the spirit of "this is a battle for our lives and the lives of our families." Like, if we do not deal with the "enemies", then they will get us. In the case of Kipa, Jaco announced that the Family and its leader were in danger. "Authority" Oleg Gagiev (Bote) said that some "Kipa", "Lasha", "Gudzha" wanted to kill him Gagiev, their data AK Bekmurzov, LS Avlokhashvili, ET Dzukaev. In turn, Gagiev A.M. said that these people are unknown who they are. Bote replied that these people of North Ossetia were engaged in kidnapping and transferring them for ransom. Gagiev O.S., wanting to get the information of interest, taking a pre-prepared knife, cut A.K. Bekmurzov. left cheek from ear to chin. Gagiev O.S. Bothe's face was covered at the level of the lower part of the face, either with a scarf or with some kind of material. At one point he heard the words of “Kipa”, who told OS Gagiev that he recognized him. Gagiev O.S. "Bote" drew a knife from his trousers pocket and cut the left cheek of "Kipa" with the blade of a knife, which grabbed his face with his hands.

Аслан Гагиев

The testimony of Robert Bagaev is at the disposal of and we publish them:

“Around November 2007 Dzhioev AB instructed on the Moscow Ring Road in the "Crocus City" area to meet Arkady Gabalov, V.Yu. Gamosov, who had arrived from North Ossetia, V.Yu. Gamosov, as well as members of the "Family" who brought Gagiev OS. nicknamed "Bote" and "Baby", for whose release from custody for the triple murder Gagiev A.M. paid about 20 million US dollars, it is known from the words of Dzhioev A.B. After the meeting, he accompanied them to the Base on Lodochnaya Street in Moscow, where A.M. Gagiev were. and almost all members of the "Family". They met with Gagiev O.S., whom A.M. Gagiev introduced them as their new member of the "Family" - "Brother". About a week Gagiev O.S. lived with him in a wooden house, then moved to a cottage in Kurkino. After a short time in Moscow to Gagiev OS. his comrade Dmitry Kodoev arrived, with whom they were released together. On one of the days of mid-late November 2007, A.M. Gagiev and members of the "Family" gathered for dinner in a cafe on the street. Boat in Moscow, that is, at the Base. During a conversation at dinner Gagiev O.S. began to tell Gagiev A.M. that some “Kipa”, “Lasha”, “Gudzha” wanted to kill him (Gagiev A.M.), their data Bekmurzov A.K., Avlokhashvili L.S., Dzukaev E.T. ... In turn, Gagiev A.M. said that these people are unknown who they are. Gagiev O.S. replied that earlier, he did not indicate the period, together they were engaged in hijacking cars on the territory of Moscow, that he knows what kind of people they are, and in North Ossetia they were engaged in abducting people and transferring them for ransom. Then, without ending the conversation, Gagiev OS, asked Gagiev A.M. sit at a separate table and talk on this t in private. Their further conversation took place between them at a separate table, lasted about an hour, its content is unknown. On the second day, in the middle - end of November 2007, in the evening, around 22:00, they again gathered at the Base. Gagiev O.S. reported this by phone, and he, in his Mercedes-Benz car 221, state registration plates 815, does not remember letter designations, region 99, drove up to the indicated cafe together with D.O. Kodoev, with whom they just rode around the city that day. By this time, he had repeatedly changed cars, having driven a Toyota Land Cruiser for about a month, it was replaced with a black Lexus-470 SUV, then a month and a half later it was replaced with a Mercedes Benz GL SUV, black, state registration He no longer remembers the signs of these cars. The last car was replaced by a Mercedes Benz 221 a month later. Gagiev OS were already in the cafe. "Bote", Dzhioev A.B. "Figure", Gutiev U.Kh. "Marik", Dzugutov G.Z. "Zhokha", Gobozov M.S., Omarov A.S. (Roma), Nikolaev M.K. "Pioneer" and Gagiev A.M. "Brother". There were a lot of people, so everyone sat down at different tables. Gagiev A.M. "Brother" and Gagiev OS "Bote" sat down at one table together and talked about something, then Dzhioev AB joined them. They were in the cafe for about 40 minutes, after which Gagiev AM "Brother", having said goodbye, left. The next day, or the next day, he arrived at the Base, that is, in a cafe on Lodochnaya Street in Moscow, 40 minutes later, Nikolayev M.K. "Pioneer", they got into conversation with him and Nikolaev M.K. said he and Gagiev O.S. "Bots" were working, that is, someone was being followed. He asked M.K. Nikolaev if the two of them worked together, for which M.K. replied that he had his own guys, who exactly he did not say, but only said that they were law enforcement officers. According to Dzhioev A.B., who was with A.M. Gagiev. and Gagiev O.S. at one table, and heard their conversation, Gagiev O.S. told Gagiev A.M. that the senior of the group, meaning A.K. Bekmurzov, L. S. Avlokhashvili, E. T. Dzukaev, is "Kipa" -Bekmurzov A.K .. This group kidnaps people in the Northern Ossetia-Alania, and hands over the abducted to relatives for money. Also, according to O.S. Gagiev. their group includes Bagaev Miron and two more people Naniev Alexander and Zasseev Alan. Also, according to AB Dzhioev, when the topic of the murder of these people was raised, AM Gagiev “Brother” warned OS Gagiev. "Botha" from killing them and offered to first call for a conversation. Approximately 10 days after this conversation, that is, in late November - early December 2007, their guys gathered again in a cafe on Lodochnaya Street in Moscow, in order to have dinner. He, Gutiev U.Kh., Kodoev D.O., Gagiev O.S. "Bote", Dzhioev A.B., "Gagiev A.M." "Brother", Gobozov M.S., Omarov A.S. (Roma), Beglaryan S.L. "Armenians", Nikolaev M.K. "Pioneer". With Gagiev A.M. "Brother" at one table sat Gagiev OS. Bote. He stood next to their table and heard what they were talking about. Gagiev O.S., said that A.K. Bekmurzov was not needed. "Kipa" and Avlokhashvili LS, take "Lasha" into conversation, and it is better to kill them right away. Gagiev A.M. “Brother” did not agree with him and nevertheless decided to talk to them, after which they all dispersed. Among Avlokhashvili L.S., Bekmurzova A.K., Dzukaeva E.T. from Gagiev O.S. was an old friend of Dzhussoev A.N., whom he persuaded in exchange for life to provide full information about the indicated persons: about places of residence, used vehicles, routes of movement, places of stay. In "Family" Dzhussoev A.N. did not appear, but in the cottage at Gagiev O.S. visited often, could stay overnight. Three days later, when they, that is, he, Dzhussoev A.N. and Kodoev D.O., were in the house of Gagiev O.S. "Bote", the latter boasted that he had convinced AM Gagiev. “Brother” and the above persons, that is, L.S. Avlokhashvili, A.K. Bekmurzova, E.T. Dzukaeva. it is necessary, as he put it, “to take”, that is, to kidnap. Around the beginning of December 2007, either Dzhioev A.B. or Gutiev U.Kh. called him on his cell phone. "Marik". The time was about 19 hours and Dzhioev A.B. or Gutiev U.Kh., as if he does not remember said that he drove up to the cafe on Lodochnaya Street, for what purpose, he did not say. He arrived there, saw the Audi A-8 car, he did not remember the state registration numbers. He never saw this car among our guys and suggested that someone came to talk to A.M. Gagiev. "Brother." A.B. Dzhioev called on the phone and told him to come to the Dalniy base, near the Sheremetyevo airport and along the way, took D.O. Kodoev with him. He followed the instructions of A.B. Dzhioev. and they, together with D.O. arrived at the indicated Base. On the base, on the third floor, there was S.V. Safronov's office, a large office in which there were: A.K. Bekmurzov was sitting on the sofa. “Kipa”, AM Gagiev spoke to him. "Brother" and Gagiev OS Bote. Also in this office were Dzhioev A.B., Gutiev U.Kh., Gobozov M.S., Omarov A.S., Beglaryan S.L. "Armenians", Nikolaev M.K. "Pioneer", Dzhioev G.R. "Crocodile", who else was, he does not remember. They played billiards, watched TV. He did not hear what they were talking about with "Kipa", since he was with the guys a little further from the place where the conversation was going. The conversation lasted several hours. Gagiev O.S. Bothe's face was covered at the level of the lower part of the face, either with a scarf or with some kind of material. At one point he heard the words of “Kipa”, who told OS Gagiev that he recognized him. Gagiev O.S. "Bote" drew a knife from his trousers pocket and cut the left cheek of "Kipa" with the blade of a knife, which grabbed his face with his hands. Some of them, Gagiev A.M. "Brother" said to bring a wet rag to clean the wound. He brought a wet towel to Kipa. Further, a conversation began again between them. The conversation lasted, as he said, several hours, he did not hear the content of the conversation. Then Gagiev O.S. "Bote" told everyone to go downstairs, they went down to the bathhouse. "Kipa" remained with A.M. Gagiev and O.S. Gagiev. Nikolayev M.K. remained at the top of the guys. "Pioneer" and Dzhioev A.B. After 20-30 minutes, O.S. Gagiev came down to them. "Bote" said: "We will kill" and went upstairs again. After a while, Gagiev O.S. “Bote” and Nikolayev MK “Pioneer” lowered “Kipa” down, holding him by the hands, and immediately brought him into the bathhouse, where the shower room was, and sat him on the floor. Then Nikolaev M.K. put it on the head of Bekmurzov A.K. "Kipy" plastic bag of dark color and together with S.L. Beglaryan. wrapped the bag with tape from the neck to the eyes. "Kipa" died of suffocation. As it seems to him, at that time Safronov S.V. was nearby, handed in scotch. He remembers exactly that the last strangling and cutting off the head and hands of "Kipa", Safronov S.V. packed them in white plastic buckets and filled them with mortar with metal bolts and nuts. He took no action to cause the death of A.K. Bekmurzov. I didn’t perform "Kipe", I just watched. Then he went upstairs to A.M. Gagiev. "Brother", Gagiev OS got up behind him. Bote. They talked with A.M. Gagiev. on everyday topics, and Gagiev O.S. "Bote," interrupted him and said: "You don't want to participate in the dismemberment." He said no. Gagiev A.M. “Brother” said that if he does not want to, there is no need to force him. Gagiev O.S. insisted: "At least look." He agreed, they went down together with Gagiev O.S. to the bathhouse, where he saw a headless corpse on the floor. Beglaryan S.L. stood next to the corpse with an ax in his hands, he realized that it was he who dismembered the body of Bekmurzov A.K. "Kippas". It was at this moment that he saw how Safronov S.V. packed his head and hands in plastic buckets. He felt bad and went out into the street, where at the entrance he saw Gagiev A.M., who said that if he felt bad, he could go to a cafe on Lodochnaya Street. He agreed and Gagiev A.M. gave the task to help the children to deal with the car of Kipa "Audi" A-8, which was standing near the cafe, on the street "Lodochnaya", which he did. Upon arrival at Lodochnaya Street, in the car service center located next to the cafe, M.S. Gobozov, G.R. Dzhioev. with a saw on a gasoline engine "grinder" sawed the body of the car "Audi A-8". Of their guys, Nikolayev M.K. later drove up there. "Pioneer", Beglaryan S.L. "Armenians", Dzhioev A.B., Yurtov R.V., Gutiev U.Kh. Parts of the car they are with Gutiev U.Kh. They were taken somewhere in the direction of the Moscow region and thrown out in a garbage dump, possibly Gutiev U.Kh. with someone else from the guys he took out parts of the car ”.


And here is an excerpt from the testimony of another participant in the massacre - I. I. Zasseev:

“After the conversation Nikolaev M.K., Dudiy I.A., Staikhevich A.V. and Alymov O.N. A.K. Bekmurzov was taken away. down. After a while Gagiev A.M. instructed everyone to go down to the bathhouse, where he saw white plastic buckets covered with lids, there was blood on the floor. Nikolaev M.K. was next to the buckets and wrapped the lids of the buckets with tape. Solov Nikolaeva M.K. he understood that Bekmurzova A.K. at the direction of A.M. Gagiev, they killed, and the corpse was completely or partially dismembered by putting separate parts of the body in buckets. He himself is the corpse of A.K. Bekmurzov. did not cut, was in another room, carried out general observation on the territory of the base. From buckets with parts of the corpse of A.K. Bekmurzov. Nikolaev M.K. had to get rid of. Subsequently, from Gagiev O.S. he learned that he personally stabbed A.K. Bekmurzov. nicknamed "Kipa". also cites a fragment of the testimony of the killer Yurtov, who helped get rid of Kipa's body.

“Those in the locker room were discussing how to get rid of the corpse and someone suggested tying metal channels to the body with adhesive tape, that is, corners with a field width of 50-60 mm, about 1 meter long, about 15 pieces, and two T- shaped metal products approximately 80-100 mm wide, approximately 1 m long, located in the workshop. The total mass of metal products was approximately 40-50 kg. He helped to turn the corpse and tie the channel to it. The corpse was already numb. All the persons indicated by them took part in this, but who did what specifically, no longer remembers. Further, all together carried the corpse out into the street and loaded it into a yellow-brown Ford minibus. The corpse was placed in the luggage compartment of the minibus. Yashkin E.I. got behind the wheel, he also remembers exactly that Nikolayev M.K., Beglaryan S.L., he, Staikhevich A.V., and about two other people who did not remember got into the minibus. They arrived at the Moscow Canal in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region, through which a wooden pedestrian bridge was thrown, the entrance to the water was through a small slope. Snow was already everywhere, since it was winter, but in the middle of the canal there was a hole, it was there that the corpse was carried and lowered into the water, the corpse immediately went under the water under the weight of the metal channels. What was the depth of the hole is not known, since no one measured it. From the conversations of the persons traveling in the minibus, from several guys, he understood that the order to kill the man whose corpse was being disposed of had been given directly by A.M. Gagiev. He himself did not see him at the Base, but from those present there it is known that he was there and it was he who decided the fate of this man. Before the murder Gagiev O.S. cut this man's face with a knife. In the course of the investigation, he learned that A.K. Bekmurzov was killed. nicknamed "Kipa". When they returned to the Base, they immediately left with M.K. Nikolaev. When they were left alone with M.K. Nikolaev, taking into account previous friendly relations, he began to make claims to him that he had involved him in committing a crime. Nikolaev M.K. immediately showed him everything that he was provided with during the time that he was in the "Family", and he was not shy in expressions. He said he didn't want to get involved. Nikolaev M. said that since tells the "Family" about it, but at the same time suggested thinking about what would happen to him and his family, that they could share the fate of the person whose corpse they got rid of. The next day, SL Beglaryan talked to him on this topic, who suggested not to worry about this, since “their” Ossetian problems are being solved. He said that resolving issues in this way is an exception, now issues are resolved through money, the police. Beglaryan S.L. tried to calm him down, but, nevertheless, made it clear that he had no other option and he would not be able to leave the “Family” alive. "



To be continued

Arseny Dronov