Billionaire David Yakobashvili carefully monitors his reputation. Therefore, it was a disaster for him when in 2016 his good acquaintance “thief in law” Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) was arrested. At the same time, information appeared in the media that Yakobashvili financed the lawyer's "power" bloc. She did not appear from scratch. Together with Shakro, "authority" Batyr Bekmuradov was detained, who carried out security operations for both Shakro and Yakobashvili.

In particular, Bekmuradov's militants abducted a businessman, US citizen Boris Minakha, on Rublevskoye Highway, who had a conflict over the division of assets with Yakobashvili. The "right hand" of Yakobashvili David Mirzoev and Bekmuradov with false mustaches, beards and wigs (so as not to be identified) came to the abducted man. They began to demand from Minakhi to rewrite the shares of a large grain elevator. This had to be done in the interests of Yakobashvili, who had a conflict with Minakhi. The latter promised to do everything, he was released and he immediately went with a statement to the police. The Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation began a pre-investigation check At the same time, articles appeared in the media that Yakobashvili financed the protection of thief in law Shakro. Clouds were gathering around Yakobashvili and Mirzoev. The first one was at that moment in a Swiss clinic after a serious operation. The second preferred to leave for Georgia, from where he got in touch with the fixer Andrey Matus and offered to meet urgently, as it was necessary to "solve" the problems. In Georgia, Mirzoyev set two tasks for Matus: to interrupt the information wave about Yakobashvili's ties with Shakro and to make sure that the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation did not initiate a case on Minakha's abduction. The parties agreed that the two tasks would cost Yakobashvili and Mirzoev $ 650,000. The money was received and successfully put into action. In particular, a bribe of $ 100,000 was paid for the SD to issue a refusal order on the abduction. Matus also paid for the publication of a series of “ordered” articles, including those in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which bleached Yakobashvili through PR-specialists. Their output and content Matus agreed with Mirzoev, below are fragments of such correspondence.

It only helped for a while. It turned out that Bekmuradov recorded absolutely all his conversations, including with Mirzoev, when the abduction of Minakha was discussed. These records got to the FSB, which reanimated the materials about the abduction of Minakha. After that, Yakobashvili did not come to Russia for a long time and only recently did he briefly appear in Moscow. Mirzoev and Bekmuradov were charged with kidnapping.

 As a result, the verdict against Kalashov is replete with records from Bekmuradov's "wiretap archive". Here are some excerpts:

     So, one of the recordings recorded a conversation between Bekmuradov and Kalashov with the following content: “Yes, Zakhar Knyazevich! Here, Andrey (Kochuikov) has arrived ... I'm waiting for him. " Some time later, Bekmuradov says to another interlocutor - Kochuykov himself: “… Kalashov just told me…:“… you and Andrey (Kochuikov) will be… he will introduce you to the course… If anything, hedge me, he says. ” Then Bekmuradov explains to Kochuikov that the contractor, that is, Misikova, is a friend of Kalashov's wife. Further, Bekmuradov and Kochuikov discuss a plan to put pressure on Zhanna Kim .. At the same time Bekmuradov, assessing the position taken by Zhanna Kim during the conflict, sums up: “... she legally refutes everything“ presented ”to her, she does not consider herself a debt, she is confident inside herself ".

 Another audio recording records a conversation between Bekmuradov and Misikova, during which they discuss the conflict situation that arose between the latter and Zhanna Kim. At the end of this conversation, Bekmuradov communicates with another interlocutor and, in particular, says the following: “... Marina (Kalashova's cohabitant) drove this woman to me ... everything is a ghoul. What is there to talk about ?! " In addition, Bekmuradov said the following: "... openly between us, like this, without notes, ... let's start thinking logically with you: you know that up to the level of ours once ... Ded Khasan ruled." Then Bekmuradov talks about the criminal redistribution of spheres of influence and summarizes: "Do you think I do not know the resources of our" Uncle "?" In addition, he says: "I went into the criminal sphere and swing from there ...".

And here are some fragments of the correspondence. In this Matus promises Mirzoyev that for his money there will be a "powerful political scientist" in the article in favor of Yakobashvili. As a result, the political scientist Andrei Mukhin was bought inexpensively, who for 5 thousand dollars is ready to comment on everything that any oligarch needs.

[09/01/16, 15:43:04] M: We will receive a comment from the Lubyanka of 2 deputies, and one very powerful political scientist !!!

[09/01/16, 15:44:48] +995 599 23 39 09: Ok, I understand) the main thing is that then the West does not include us in the sanctions list

[01.09.16, 15:45:13] M: What do you want? First time or something)))

[09/01/16, 15:45:21] +995 599 23 39 09: I gave your number, Seryoga, he is dialing you now)

[09/01/16, 15:45:54] +995 599 23 39 09: I will then be evicted to the general moon to live

[09/01/16, 15:46:57] M: Brother needs to break off their horns so that no one else has such thoughts !!! Don't worry about yourself. Let's settle. I promise !!!

[09/01/16, 15:47:44] +995 599 23 39 09: Thank you brother !!! Already pulls home

In this fragment, the commentary for Rossiyskaya Gazeta is expected by Yakobashvili himself, who is at that moment in a hospital in Switzerland.

[01.09.16, 20:13:05] M: Variant of his comment

[01.09.16, 20:18:17] M: Well, how?

[02.09.16, 12:32:26] M: Hello. Brother needs comments

[02.09.16, 12:35:48] +995 599 23 39 09: I am waiting for my brother from him, he is just for examinations in the morning, he said I’ll finish it right away! I warned him that he needed to try before the first half of the day In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

[02.09.16, 12:36:15] M: Ok, we are waiting


Here are the comments received, the proofs sent by the editors have been approved, the money has been paid to Rossiyskaya Gazeta and everything is ready for the publication of the material on the website and in print.

[09/06/16, 13:59:26] M: Coming out of circulation tomorrow

[09/06/16, 14:08:06] +995 599 23 39 09: Cool))

[06.09.16, 14:08:20] +995 599 23 39 09: When are you planning to visit me?

[09/06/16, 14:52:07] M: Dial the elder, we are preparing a statement from him to fuck up. So that he is vkurse

[09/06/16, 15:00:06] +995 599 23 39 09: Brother, I'm trying to call him !!! He's not answering yet !!! How will he call back, I will immediately explain everything to him !!!

[09/06/16, 18:01:38] +995 599 23 39 09: The brother has not answered yet !!! As soon as it comes out, I immediately find out everything from him)

[09/06/16, 18:02:03] M: Ok. We wait

Timofey Grishin

To be continued