Source: continues to analyze the transcripts of the criminal proceedings against the "thief in law" Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young). In this post we present fragments of the"wiretaps" on the people Shakro, including Andrew Kochanova (Italian) and Batyr Bekmuradova. For that the first released from a pre-trial detention center two bribes were paid. One of them, in the amount of 500 thousand dollars, handed businessman Oleg Shahmatov (Sheikh). When employees of FSB have found out that the Sheik has left the territory of the Russian Federation. First he was in Spain, then moved to the United States. He Categorically did not want to come back and give evidence. According then counterintelligence thoroughly undertook business projects, Sheikh. Officially, he was listed as a co-owner and one of the leaders of the Sokolniki trading house. However, in reality, he took financial part in many large projects, especially construction. Especially closely Sheikh worked with "Capital group" and personally well acquainted with Vladislav Doronin.  In particular, the Sheikh and Doronin had a joint project - the construction of the residential complex "Faces".

According to sources that the FSB had carried out searches in offices related to LCD "Face." Moreover, the clouds began to "thicken" over Doronin's head. The result Shahmatova returned to Russia and took the bribe for themselves. Although from the materials of the case it clearly follows that he did not pass his 500 thousand dollars.

It is worth noting that the Sheikh is not the only mafia partner Vladislav Doronin. Doronin owns the Oko tower and a number of other facilities in Moscow city together with the "authoritative" businessman Gavriil Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala). In 2018, a conflict situation arose between them. And then security Jushvaeva "in trouble" in the story of the massacre in "Moscow city". Yushvayev himself believes, according to sources that there was a provocation from Vladislav Doronin.

And now we will move on to the publication of a fragment of the transcript of the court hearings:

"At trial of this criminal case in court of the first instance audio recordings of these conversations were investigated.

So, on one of records conversation of Bekmuradov and Kalashov of the following contents is recorded: "Yes, Zakhar Knyazevich! Andrew (Kotunova) here, here, arrived... I wait for him." Some time later Bekmuradov says another interviewee, the most Kochanova: "... I just said Kalash ...: "... you and Andrew (by Kochanova) he will... you will enter ... If I need backup, he says." Then Bekmuradov Kochunov explains that the contractor, i.e. misikova is a friend mistress of Kalashov. Bekmuradov and Kochunov discuss the plan of exerting pressure on Jeanne Kim. At the same time Bekmuradov, assessing the position taken by Zhanna Kim during the conflict, sums up: "... she legally refutes all to her "charges", she does not consider herself a debt, inside herself is sure".

 Another audio recorded a conversation between Bekmuradov and Misikova, during which they discuss the conflict situation that arose between the latter and Jeanne Kim. At the end of this conversation Bekmuradov communicates with other interlocutor and, in particular, says the following: "... Marina (Kalashov's cohabitant) to me this woman adjusted... there all dead man. What's there to talk about?!".  In addition, Bekmuradov stated the following: "... openly between us, like this, without records, ... let's start thinking logically with you: you know that up to the level of our once ... dominated by Grandfather Hassan." Further Bekmuradov argues on a subject of criminal redistribution of spheres of influence and summarizes: "You think, I don't know resources of our "Uncle"?". Besides, he States: "I left in the criminal sphere and I swing from there...".

During the judicial investigation Bekmuradov confirmed that "in some cases" he called "Uncle" Kalashov.

According to the expert of the phonograph in the above audio recordings of oral speech Bekmuradova and Kochanova.

In addition, the court of first instance examined the Protocol of inspection and listening to the phonogram of July 23, 2016. The soundtrack recorded conversations Janna Kim that she was 14 December 2015 at the restaurant "Elements" and Samedovym, Nikolayev, Romanov and other persons. From the content of these conversations it is clear that Kim expresses concern about being near the restaurant "ten people". On her clarification question: "Is your people are on the street?", Nikolaev answers: "Yes, certainly". During the so-called "negotiations," Kim said to his opponents: "... a mess ... let the law talk... I (Mistaway) nothing got me $ 15 million ... she got the money, apparently, something has underpaid its contractors." Meanwhile, these treatment Kim extortionists left unattended. Kim reports the extortion committed against her to the police officers who arrived at the restaurant. To clarify the question of one of them: "How much is extorted?", she answers: "8 million". Then the police officer advises Kim to make a statement about the crime, as well as complain that his colleagues "did not have time to detain" the armed

Recall that Zhanna Kim is a longtime friend of the Kazakh businessman Kenes Rakishev. He sent for reinforcements to Kim's lawyer Edward Budantseva and his men. After that, according to participants of process, Kim began to provoke the people Shakro on the conflict.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov