A new wave of public negativity in the media regarding the leadership of Bashkiria has ceased to be anonymous. It turned out that behind her is a trio of dubious characters who decided to take control of the republic. Who are these people and how do they want to "monetize" their access to power, if they can get it?

The new "ensemble", trying to shift the money of Bashkiria into their personal pockets, includes the following participants.

Yalalov Irek Ishmukhametovich - Senator from Bashkiria, formerly Mayor of Ufa.

Muginov Damir Fathullovich is a businessman who has been considered Yalalov's "purse" for many years.

Gilmutdinov Dinar Zagitovich - Deputy of the State Duma, former head of the traffic police of Bashkiria. In the State Duma, he is a member of the "profile" committee for the "traffic cop" - on combating corruption.

What was the purpose of the "trio" of Yalalov-Muginov-Gilmutdinov engaged in the "wet" of the leadership of Bashkiria?

By posting negative materials about the leaders of Bashkiria, this "trio" incurs serious costs. The prices of even one edition impress any person, publications there go in series. With this money you can buy several cars. In order for these costs to become investments, a mechanism for repaying funds after coming to power is needed. Yalalov and Muginov do not even try to hide this mechanism.

The third member - Gilmutdinov in this group in the role of "junior partner", he provides the connection of the "trio" with the security forces in Bashkiria and Moscow.

There is plenty of information on the Internet about how Yalalov and Muginov robbed Bashkiria for many years. One of their favorite “deribans” is the purchase of land by Muginov’s structures from the Yalal municipality of Ufa for a penny and resale at market value, ten times more expensive:

The state-owned stake "was sold at a price dozens of times lower than its real value," which is estimated at at least 1.5 billion rubles. - As a result of a chain of transactions from municipal property, more than eight thousand square meters of land were alienated in favor of Damir Muginov's structures. In 2014, the right to lease was transferred to "Tan", which subsequently, together with the company "Financial Investments", also associated with Muginov, took advantage of the pre-emptive right at the auction and acquired about one hectare of land from the mayor's office, paying only about 15 million rubles. In January 2016, the company sold a plot marked “for the construction of multi-apartment residential buildings” to Muginov for 15 million rubles, and the next month he resold it for 140 million to the company of entrepreneur Rabis Salikhov “City”, which is building a residential complex “Quiet Grove- 2".

Another, no less significant example of the robbery of Bashkiria by Yalalov and Muginov is the construction of a high-rise building in the center of Ufa. The “high-rise building” in Ufa, despite the height restrictions in the historical center, was built by Mugnov when Yalalov was mayor.

However, after the power in Bashkiria changed, Yalalov also ceased to lead Ufa. Order appeared in Ufa, the law began to triumph. Under the current mayor of Ufa, no one will be able to obtain a permit for high-rise construction in the center of Ufa, and under Yalalov, complete chaos was going on.

Of course, Yalalov and Muginov remember the former golden years with nostalgia, they want to return to Bashkiria and "finish" it. And so that the security forces do not interfere with robbing the republic, they, as always, have Gilmutdinov. It is expected that the former head of the traffic police has enough connections among the security forces. Although Gilmutdinov lost cash flow from the roads of Bashkiria, he gained influence in the Duma to control corruption.

However, Ufa is no longer enough for Yalalov to "compensate for moral suffering", he needs the whole of Bashkiria. Therefore, he attacks the leadership of the republic, and therefore runs around Moscow with suitcases, trying to lobby for his appointment to the post of Head of Bashkortostan.

True, many security officials are not happy with Yalalov's attempts to return to Bashkiria.

Yalalov tries to reassure such people with stories about the future development of Bashkiria under his own control (this is similar to a new version of the story about New Vasyuki, but Yalalov, apparently, could not come up with a better one).

Why does Yalalov need the whole of Bashkiria?

It is an obvious fact that the whole of Bashkiria is more money than just Ufa. The factor is important, but it's not just that.

Muginov has a partner, Joseph Rutman. Together with Rutman, Muginov owns the Gumerovskoye field in the Ishimbai region of Bashkortostan. The deposit could potentially become a supplier of raw materials for the Bashkir Soda Company (if it were not located in such a uniquely beautiful place, with untouched nature, loved by the inhabitants of the republic).

But, according to Muginov, supplies from the Gumerovskoye deposit to the plant of the Bashkir soda company are an excellent solution. Still would! After all, this would bring fabulous profits to Muginov! In fact, few people think the same way. The media have repeatedly pointed to the organizational, logistical, tourism, recreational and other difficulties that will be caused by the supply of raw materials from the Gumerovskoye field to BSC.

However, Muginov needs money, and the rest, as usual, does not matter to him.

It was Muginov and Rutman, by the way, who, according to the media, were behind the unrest near Kushtau. So they tried to eliminate a competitor in the supply of raw materials for BSC.

The Gumerovskoye field is located outside of Ufa, so the "trio" dreams of putting Yalalov in the chair of the Head of all Bashkiria.

Yalalov is Muginov's unofficial but actual business partner. He knows that the money from this development will also come to him very large.

In general, in order to forcibly send raw materials from the Gumerovskoye deposit to BSC, Yalalov needs to become the Head of Bashkortostan. But this place is not vacant. So the media campaign began against the authorities of Bashkiria, Yalalov running around Moscow with suitcases and involving Dinar Gilmutdinov in this process as a “roof”.


Did the desire to "monetize" Gumer's "suitcase without a handle" cure cancer and give strength?

The mentioned partner of Muginov Rutman, by the way, is a very interesting character. He is on the run, tk. is a defendant in a criminal case under a serious article:

“It is not yet possible to carry out investigative actions against Joseph Rutman. On September 19, 2017, a prominent businessman was put on the federal wanted list - according to the investigation, he is now in Israel. But the investigators do not lose hope of interrogating him in the framework of the criminal case.”

Muginov himself, like Rutman, also previously fled abroad. When criminal liability for fraud with land plots loomed, Muginov urgently went to "treat cancer." But then the problem with the criminal case was somehow “resolved” and Muginov abruptly “recovered” and returned to finance the seizure of power in Bashkortostan and the subsequent reimbursement of expenses.

They say that before leaving from abroad, Muginov told Rutman: “These two morons can’t cope without me, I have to go to Russia and control everything myself,” obviously referring to the other two members of the trio.

In general, when Yalalov directly, or through the then Head of Bashkiria, had an administrative resource, Yalalov and Muginov lived happily ever after and accumulated assets. The Gumerovskoye field was cleaned up, municipal land plots were resold with a profit higher than that of drug dealers, “high-rise buildings” were built in forbidden places in the center of Ufa, and so on.

Now there is none of that. Yalalov's "honorary link" to the Federation Council, of course, is called beautifully, but does not give access to assets. There was nothing to master Muginov's "washing machine". This “honorary link”, however, gives connections, but even those sometimes promise a lot, take a lot for troubles in the interests of the customer, but do not guarantee the result.

In short, in order for the Gumerovskoye field to cease to be a "suitcase without a handle", a burden, and become a source of fabulous income for Yalalov and Muginov, it is required at any cost to make it a supplier of raw materials for BSC.

And for this, as we said above, Yalatov must be the Head of Bashkiria. Moreover, the biography looks formally not bad: he was a mayor, he was a senator - why not the Head of the Republic? Unless, of course, you remember how Ufa was torn apart under the mayor of Yalalov.

Therefore, Muginov urgently "recovered from cancer", returned to the republic and is full of energy. The trio will return Rutman to the clip later - after Yalalov becomes the Head of Bashkiria.

The bear's skin has already been divided.

After reaching the post of the Head of Bashkiria, Yalalov, the roles are distributed as follows.

Yalalov will "shine his face" and guard the chair of the Head of the region.

Muginov's business structures are to master the money of Bashkiria.

Gilmutdinov - "tame" the security forces in Moscow and the region.

By the way, Muginov himself also considered that being just a businessman was already small for him and decided to enter the political orbit. Now the "trio" has planned Muginov for the post of mayor of Ufa. This will allow Yalalov to build a harmonious vertical for pumping public money into his own pocket.

To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov