As it became known, in connection with the investigation of fraud with the means of the CCAD security forces are actively engaged not only in the owner of "Crocus" Aras Agalarov. Also, the object of their attention the last time were the real owners of Bank "Soviet" -the former Deputy Chairman of the Board of the "Avtodor" Igor Zuev and shady financier Sergey bajanov. It was through the "Soviet" and scrolled funds stolen from the project of the Central ring road. The investigation, according to sources can affect other aspects of Zuev and Bezhanova. For example, the "washing" of the last means of pumping Russian oil through Belarus.

As a source told based on the initial welfare of Sergei Bezhanova has laid down the following story. He was professionally engaged in cash and transit, but did not differ in outstanding amounts of funds with which he worked, connections, and, accordingly, his own income. This continued until the clients of the Bezhanov site were a number of residents of Belarus, responsible for the transit of Russian oil through this country. Were among the clients and managers of the company "Belarusneft". First bezhanov regularly performed all operations of clients, then he gradually began to accumulate debts to them. First of all, the amounts intended for cash. According to the source when the amount of debt reached 2 billion rubles, the Belarusian partners began to be stylishly nervous. One of them sent his brother to St. Petersburg to talk to Bezhanov. The meeting took place in one of the restaurants, and the conversation turned out unpleasant, quickly turned into a threat. Soon bezhanov left. And at the exit of the institution, unknown people beat the Belarusian guest. He was in the hospital. But never recovered, died soon after. His brother promised not regret sums for vendetta.

After this story, the well-being Bezhanova sharply went up the hill. In particular, he built a luxurious estate on the Bystraya river in the Leningrad region, where many large officials, senators, VIPs became his neighbors. Bezhanov did his best to win over his neighbors and invited them to visit him for an unusual procedure. There special stones were heated up, lying in which, according to Bezhanov, it was possible to beat from all diseases. Allegedly, this procedure was practiced by the ancient Vikings.

Among those who loved to lay in the stones were the native of the system of state security Igor Zuev is an old friend of Sergei Kilbaha. In 2012-2013, Zuev was Deputy Chairman of the Board on General issues of the State company "Avtodor". The CEO was Kelbakh.  Since November 2013, Zuev has been an Advisor to the Chairman of the Board on special projects of the State company "Avtodor".

According to sources, the role of Zuev in the development of funds allocated to the Central ring road, was extremely high. Together with Bezhanov they gained control over the Bank "Soviet", through which passed the "ring" funds.  Then, it became noticeable. To the management of "Avtodor" questions have been raised. Had to quickly "sweep" the trail. Zuev resigned from his post in the state company, and the "Soviet" began to "burn". Along the way, withdrawing from the Bank all the funds. First managed to agree with the Central Bank on rehabilitation. But then the Bank of Russia decided to deal with the "Soviet" on the hard. It is noteworthy that the intensification of investigations into the theft from the Bank "Soviet" coincided with the resignation of Kelbach from the post of head of "Avtodor", which took place in February 2019. At the same time against him opened a case of fraud with the money allocated to the Central ring road.

Now the "ring" investigation moved to the "hot" phase that causes panic among Zueva and Bezhanova.

To be continued

Arseny Drones