November is approaching - an extremely important and crucial time for Transneft Vice President Mikhail Margelov. According to, for a long time now, from year to year, he regularly pays taxes. And not in Russia at all, but in the beloved USA, where she really does not want to part with expensive real estate. Fortunately, the income paid to him at the state-owned Transneft allows him to pay more than money to the US budget.

The scandal due to the fact that the former head of the international committee of the Federation Council, and now vice president and board member of Transneft Mikhail Margelov, owns real estate in the United States flared up in 2013. Then it turned out that the senator owns expensive real estate in Miami. After the annexation of Crimea, Margelov took a very strange position in the international arena, which made experts talk about his fear of quarreling with the West. As a result, Margelov lost his place in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, but moved to a good “chair” of the Transneft vice president. Mikhail's father, Vitaly Margelov, is a Soviet intelligence officer, a former deputy director of the SVR. And Transnfeti’s leadership consists entirely of intelligence personnel. It was the honored father who took care of such a good place for his son. In his new position, Michael gained access to classified information.

We were sure that after the scandal in 2013, Margelov Jr. got rid of American real estate. But, looking at the Miami tax service base, discovered that Transneft’s vice president had not done so. Margelov, as a working American, every October brings the apartment tax to the American treasury. In November 2018, the oilman paid $ 7,377.69 for an apartment at 889 EL CERRO BLVD DANVILLE, CA 9452 and $ 4,624.76 for an apartment at 1750 N BAYSHORE DR 4412, Miami. In total, during the time of owning the apartments, Margelov transferred taxes to the US budget worth over $ 100 thousand.

Fortunately, to pay for these expenses, as well as expenses for the maintenance of apartments, utility bills, etc. There is a Russian budget, which is very generous to the leadership of Transneft. Ten members of the board, including Margelov, are annually increased the amount of paid funds, and in 2017 it exceeded 1 billion rubles (more recent data were not published). The Transneft Management Board in 2017 received an income of 1.035 billion rubles against 883.23 million rubles in 2016 (an increase of 17%).

Most of the revenues are bonuses (568.9 million rubles). In addition, 442.8 million rubles were paid in the form of wages, while no remuneration was paid for participation in the work of the governing body. Compensation of expenses amounted to 21.2 million rubles.

The ex-senator's US tax biography is simply flawless. Since 2008, he has been paying tax every fall for two apartments in Miami, located at 1750 N BAYSHORE DR 4412 and 888 BISCAYNE BLVD 4210. In receipts it is written in black and white that taxes have been paid by MIKHAIL MARGELOV, who is the main owner of the two apartments. The payer (that is, those who directly transferred funds for Margelov) is Dmitry Alexandrov. Aleksandrov is Margelov’s former adviser to the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, and at the same time his close friend and confidant. Alexandrov is also the “second co-owner” of apartments in Miami.

Margelov Sr. had a military comrade Vladimir Rybachenkov, also a Soviet and Russian intelligence officer. Vladimir Rybachenkov has a daughter, Ekaterina, who now bears the name of Alexandrov. Her husband Dmitry Alexandrov is the same tax payer for Margelov in the United States. Alexandrov, when he was an adviser to Mikhail Margelov in the Federation Council, accompanied the senator on most of his trips to Russia. Margelov often “included” Aleksandrov among the participants in international events, for example, the Russian-German Forum Petersburg Dialogue.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov