Sources in the banking sector continue to call the banks, which in the near future can wait for the "funeral". Completely fulfilled their predictions concerning the "International Bank of Saint-Petersburg" (mbsp) and "Russobank" - in the end these credit institutions, the CBR withdrew the license. Now our sources say that half a step from a similar procedure was "Transcapitalbank" (TCB), a businesswoman Olga Gryadovaya. It turned out that he was closely associated with the mbsp.

            According to sources the story of the death of IBSP Bank; and the "funeral" of the state of the TCB is closely linked with the personality of St. Petersburg entrepreneur Alexander Romanov. Once he was considered almost the richest resident of the "Northern capital", a billionaire, with whom everyone considered it an honor to be friends. And, of course, he was absolutely trusted financially. Romanov's neighbor and at the same time a close friend is a former Senator and part-time owner of the IBSP Sergey Bazhanov. How together they pulled off a dubious financial dealings to describe a long time.

            At one point, the "white stripe" Romanov ended. He invested all his billions, and at the same time billions of borrowed funds in the construction of refineries in the Novgorod region. However, the project was a failure. As a result, according to the interlocutor from billionaire Novels has become a debtor and a con man. But about this little who knew. Most representatives of the business community, as before, considered it an honor to deal with Romanov. He started just "throw". He will receive a large sum for the supply of oil products and will not send anything. Or, conversely, convince the company to send oil, and the money she did not come. For one of these scams, with "Albashneft", Romanov is now on trial in the Meshchansky court of Moscow.

            To his questionable financial schemes Novels, according to the source attracted "international Bank of St. Petersburg"and " Transcapitalbank". With the owner last Olga Romanov Ridge is also in friendly terms, he acquainted her with its business partners (including those who subsequently "threw"), TKB is the guarantor of the transactions of the businessman-the swindler. And the IBSP and at all, as it appears according to the documents, credited the company of Romanov "Avro" by almost 1.5 billion rubles. However, the amount of this causes great doubt. But that's another story. 

            On the basis of cooperation with Romanov, IBSP and TKB became close structures, engaged in a favorite game of Russian banks: "draw each other's reserves."

            IBSP Bank from time was not worried about his fate. First of all, at the expense of Bazhanov's acquaintances. Among his friends was the head of the North-Western main Department of the Central Bank Nadezhda Alekseevna Savinskaya, who was in charge of banking supervision of the North-West Federal district. However, she retired and the IBSP lost a powerful cover. Then it turned out that Savinskaya "closed her eyes" to the "hole" in the mbsp in the amount of as much as 15 billion rubles. The Bank lost its license.

            By this time, TKB was also doing worse than ever. Large customers, such as "LUKOIL" have left the Bank. The portfolio remained "outcasts" like MSM-5 disgraced family Iasinovich and group "the Sum" not less disgraced the family of Magomedov. TKB completely failed reorganization of Investtradebank.  Romanov was on trial, and the Ridge problems with its creditors. Here and assistant "drawing" reserves IBSP Bank lost its license.

            "In" Transcapitalbank "such problems with reserves, such a" hole " that save him almost impossible. The Central Bank has already sent him orders, the owners are making some attempts to create the appearance of correcting the situation. But for me personally, everything is clear: the days of TKB are numbered, " the source believes,


To be continued


Yaroslav Mukhtarov