Initiatives by Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed at de-orphrizizing the economy and reducing the influence of criminal authorities are forcing the underdogs to seek intercession in the West. The most important tool in their attempts to escape was once the respectable St. Petersburg publication Fontanka - with her help, the deputy chairman of the Gazprom board Valery Golubev, the leader of the Tambov OPG Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) and the criminal journalist Andrei Konstantinov hope to win over Putin's opponents on that side of the state border.


According to an investigation published by the online edition of Ruspres (, the criminal authority Barsukov and the actual manager of the Fontanka Konstantinov are well acquainted with each other, and the journalist investigative agency belonging to the latter the newspaper "Secret Adviser" in fact for many years acted as an unofficial PR company of the "Tambov" group. And it is Barsukov who has the most direct relation to strange publications, which are increasingly appearing on the pages of the Constantine newspaper "Fontanka".


Analysts and the media have repeatedly noted ( that some articles in this publication jeopardize the lives of Russians taking part in the military operations abroad, in particular - as part of the units of the private military company "Wagner". "Over the past two years, Fontanka has surrendered tens of names of the Wagnerites, mostly dead, in the sense of having betrayed publicity," said well-known military expert Vladislav Shurygin. "At the same time, the materials contain the real names, names, and places of residence of the Russians who died in Syria."


The promulgation of personal data creates a direct threat to the Russians themselves, and their immediate relatives, who may become victims of revenge on the part of militants. According to the investigation, dangerous publications in Fontanka began to appear soon after Mr. Barsukov, a couple of years ago, became very sympathetic to the opposition, began praising the opposition satirist Viktor Shenderovich and the liberal poet Dmitry Bykov, giving a detailed interview to the portal of another non-systematic oppositionist Mikhail Khodorkovsky . The reason for this attention to pro-Western characters is the new circumstances of the Barsukov case, which became a suspect in the murder of State Duma deputy Galina Starovoitova.


In addition to outright betrayal of compatriots, the "Fontanka" was also caught in the "information racket" - the publication of Mr. Konstantinov for many years extorted money from St. Petersburg businessmen in exchange for positive materials about their companies. According to some sources, the amount of money that entrepreneurs paid for from negative publications in their address is calculated in eight-digit numbers.


Before Barsukov and Konstantinov, therefore, the issue of the need for protection was sharply raised. "Tambov's roof" racketeers will not cover - it is broken, said "Ruspres." It is logical that both investigators tried to enlist the support of pro-Western forces. "That the enemies of Russia for you" fit ", you need to show that you are useful to them. Judging by the immediately launched information attack on the "Wagner" PMC, the council is heard, "the journalists note.


It turns out that compliments to prominent oppositionists and direct drainage of personal data of Wagner fighters are signals addressed to geopolitical opponents of our country. Participation in this "Fontanka" can not but surprise, because in addition to Konstantinov and his deputy Eugene Vyshenkov, incidentally, close to her daughter Maria Barsukova, the Petersburg city newspaper is also owned by the deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom Valery Golubev and State Duma deputy from the LDPR Boris Paikin. Why these respected officials will not stop the anti-Russian activity of their publication?


As journalists found out, Golubev and Paikin themselves can be very interested in supporting from abroad. 10 years ago they registered their company Sander Universal Inc in an offshore company in the Virgin Islands, after which they engaged in, to put it mildly, risky business games.


"The Golubev family has long cleaned up the native Gazprom with the help of fairly primitive financial schemes. Take for example the necessary in the gas economy pipes. You can buy them directly from Izhora Pipe Plant or Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, but where is Golubev's interest? We register the firm-interlining "Interstiltech", owned by the wife of Golubev Tatiana, the former wife of a member of the board of Gazprom Yaroslav Golko Svetlana and her daughter Anna. Only for 2007-2009. buying pipes from the manufacturer and selling them further, Interstiltech earned 1.95 billion rubles, "the authors of the investigation testify.

The delivery of pipes for the projects of Gazprom was handled by the company "TGI-trans", whose owners "accidentally" are still the same Tatyana Golubeva and the son of Yaroslav Golko. Revenues of the "family" firm for 2007-2010. is almost 5.7 billion rubles.


Another direction of entrepreneurial activity of Golubeva was the timber holding "Modern technologies of wood processing", which she owns together with twice convicted for extortion and robbery by Alexander Ebralidze, also known as Alik-Rynok. And probably, it will not be just a coincidence that the Taleon group of the same Ebralidze runs the St. Petersburg ice rink Tavrichesky Sad, built with the money of Gazprom.


Golubev and another co-owner of the Fontanka, Boris Paikin, were also selected to become Golubev. Being a contractor of the Olympic construction in Sochi, he managed to extract personal material benefits from the state project and left the post in Gazprom Socinvest ( -zameshan-v-krupnyh-skandalah-146094 /). The company Paikin Fort Group in St. Petersburg alone owns 11 shopping centers, the FORT TOWER business center and the elite residential house Brilliant House. He himself, however, contrary to the law, continues to combine deputy work and commercial activities. (

Thus, both the criminal pair Barsukov-Konstantinov and the outwardly law-abiding tandem Golubev-Paikin do not expect anything good from anti-corruption and counter-criminal activities implemented by the Russian president. All they have to do is try to exchange the betrayal of Russian fighters for the support of Western "partners." And as the continuing publication of personal data in Fontanka shows, these attempts are not yet abandoned.