Interesting details of the biography of the top manager of Gazprom Sergey Menshikov surfaced. The Stavropol gas worker and associate of Raul Arashukov successfully bought off the criminal case, made a career and moved to Moscow to a good office and a decent salary. It only seems that the salary for Sergei Nikolaevich is not enough.

A member of the Management Board and Director of Department 307 has been participating in the laundering scheme for the withdrawal of assets from OOO Parkneft for many years. The owner of the company is the former CEO of Gazprom, Alexander Ryazanov, who was asked to leave his post in 2006.

Alexander Ryazanov

At one time, Ryazanov narrowly escaped criminal prosecution - at the end of the 90s, the Surgut Department of Internal Affairs registered material No. 5216 about the theft of 12 million rubles as part of a group of persons. Ryazanov was among the defendants, but escaped prosecution.

Ryazanovskaya Parkneft is a major contractor for Rosneft, the Siberian Oil and Gas Company and other large oil companies. They also regularly collect penalties, fines and penalties from the company, which twice almost brought it to bankruptcy. However, at the very last, pre-bankruptcy moment, someone extended a helping hand to Parkneft, and the situation was straightened out.

Ryazanov and Menshikov need Parkneft for their own enrichment, as usual illegal. The analysis of financial and economic activities showed huge amounts paid to counterparties, which turned out to be dummies for verification, which are controlled by denominations. Thus, at least 1.3 billion rubles were laundered through the companies LLC FOPARTNERS (299 million rubles, founder - a nurse in Medsi), LLC SWEET CANDY (114 million, founder - face value, unemployed), LLC ARIZONA MEDIA (85 million rubles, founder - cashier VkusVilla), LLC AURORA (600 million rubles, founder - a drunkard near Moscow, living on his mother's pension) and others. The money is cashed, Parkneft's customers suffer from the breakdown of contracts, taxes on income are not paid - if the state is damaged, then Menshikov will receive an increase in his future pension.

Рауль Арашуков
Raul Arashukov

Raul Arashukov was imprisoned after it became difficult to turn a blind eye to the stolen 30 billion rubles. Let's see how long Menshikov will manage to remain at large: he has not yet reached the scale of his senior accomplice.