Criminal banker, smuggler and shadow oligarch of Russia Asad Mehdiev makes friends and makes his partners not only high-ranking security officials of a specialized kind to “protect” his affairs (FSB General Ivan Tkachev, General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Ivanov), but also has a serious resource in the criminal environment. So, according to Mehdiyev himself, thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) owes a lot to him, part of whose capital (amounts of more than 15 million US dollars) he was able to keep in his Slavia bank during a difficult period in his life mafia. According to the source of the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, in addition, Mehdiev actively uses for various criminal activities the criminal resource of such Shakro associates as Alexander Zakharov and Martin Babakekhyan, who, after serving time for the murder of the governor of the Magadan region Valentin Tsvetkov, became regular guests of the main office Bank "Slavia", located at: Moscow, st. Kedrova, building 5 "A".

Иван Ткачев

Due to a number of old and new cases of Mehdiev, his main enemies and competitors are Telman Ismailov and dollar billionaire David Yakobashvili. At the same time, the latter, according to the source, does not know about Mehdiyev’s true attitude towards himself and about a number of specific facts. Just as the head of Directorate “K” of the SEB of the FSB of Russia, Ivan Tkachev, who has plans this summer to head either the 5th Service of the FSB instead of Sergei Beseda, or the 2nd Service instead of Alexey Sedov and receive the long-awaited "colonel general" position.

Where did Tkachev get such Napoleonic plans?

As the Cheka-OGPU learned, the head of the Fifth Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Sergei Beseda, is leaving his post.

On May 17 of this year, the “illustrious” head of the 5th FSB Service, Colonel General Sergei Beseda, celebrated his 70th birthday, which implies reaching the age limit for holding office and his long-awaited retirement.

The main guest of the festive celebration was the General Director of the Rostec Corporation Sergei Chemezov, who directly patronizes the Conversation.

According to the participants of the event, in one of the toasts Chemezov promised to find a new decent job for Sergei Beseda as a sign of gratitude for his “achievements” as head of the FSB Operational Information and International Relations Service.

Сергей Чемезов

 However, as it became known to the Cheka-OGPU, Sergei Chemezov did not fulfill his promise of a new employment for Sergei Beseda and the latter will remain in the 5th FSB Service for at least another year, but no longer in the position of head, but as an adviser to the head of the 5th. th FSB Services.

Meanwhile, the struggle for the place of the new head of the 5th Service continues, and in all respects the leader in it is the Deputy Head of the Department of Operational Information of the 5th Service, General Dmitry Milyutin.

In the 5th Service, Milyutin is responsible for Belarus, Moldova and the Baltic states. However, no drastic changes should be expected, since Milyutin is completely controlled by Beseda. Also, hopes are pinned on Milyutin for the expected successes of the FSB’s work in Moldova on the eve of the upcoming elections in the country. Today, it is important for the leadership of the 5th Service to achieve success in the Moldavian direction at all costs in order to justify the complete involvement of the Service’s employees in corruption schemes.

If we return to the hero of Mehdiev, then this is what Mehdiev says about Tkachev behind his back: “P..t - a person who thinks one thing, says another, and does a third,” - and it is Tkachev who has been protecting the Mehdiev’s entire business and provides complete forceful cover for the affairs of the shadow oligarch, both in the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Tax Service, and in all inspections of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Any Moscow solver of various tax issues, from the exclusion of organizations from inspection plans and GNP support to controlled bankruptcies and pre-trial regulation, must have in his “cage” of connections not only the resource of the head of the Federal Tax Service Daniil Egorov and his key deputies Shepeleva-Satin-Chekmysheva-Batsiev or the tax authorities of the capital region Shulgi-Savchenko, but also direct corrupt connections with the head of Directorate “K” of the SEB of the FSB of Russia Ivan Tkachev, the deputy head of the FSB of Moscow and the Moscow Region Sergei Natarov and the main corrupt officials of the capital’s Investigative Committee Sergei Yarosh (through the 3rd KSO oversees tax issues) and Vladimir Vazagov, which oversees the 2nd Department of Internal Affairs (Economy and Corruption) of the Main Directorate. One can safely call such a Moscow fixer the famous smuggler and owner of the Slavia bank Asad Mehdiyev, who through his management corrupted the Government of the Russian Federation, the entire Federal Tax Service and the Federal Customs Service, as well as the FSB and the Investigative Committee. He was so corrupt that today he can safely be considered again (after a break from 2006 to 2020) one of the country’s shadow oligarchs.


Timofey Grishin

To be continued