Source: continues to publish an investigation about the ex-president of Rosenergomash, the head of Legacy Capital, Vladimir Palikhat. In this article we will focus on raider seizure.

OJSC "NIIEMI" because of which Palihata was almost behind bars. However, thanks to his money and the already mentioned Lyudmila Narusova, he not only walked away from responsibility, but also launched an attack on the offices of Alexander Bastrykin.

February 7, 2004. Saturday. At the entrance of the Scientific Research Institute of Elastomeric Materials and Products (NIIEMI, JSC) there are several dozens of menacing men armed with chains and fittings. Having quickly neutralized elderly watchmen, it was difficult to name them and the guards, the young people blocked all entrances and exits. The day off was not chosen by chance: understandably, there was no leadership or institute staff at their workplaces on this day, which means that it is unlikely that anyone will resist. Later, the investigation will find out that he was in charge of capturing the building of OJSC NIIEMI, located in Moscow at 10 Efremova Street, which is next to the Frunzenskaya metro station, a certain Nikolai Nesterenko.

As told eyewitnesses, the old watchmen on the street immediately contacted their superiors and called the police. The general director of the scientific research institute Sergey Reznichenko, who rushed in on the call, could not believe his eyes for the first few minutes. The aggressors presented a certificate of ownership of the building in which it was written in black and white: the multi-storey building of several thousand square meters now belongs to Business Contract LLC, and Nikolai Nesterenko is no other than the director this company itself.

Having looked at the documents, the policemen did not hesitate to retire, they say, decide your economic disputes yourself. And the uninvited guests, the new owners, were already preparing for a long siege with might and main — additional grilles were added to the fence; the reinforced guards did not allow either the leadership or the staff to enter the institute.

Shocked now, the former director of the research institute Sergey Reznichenko, and according to the documents, this is exactly what happened, writes a statement to the police. The case of the seizure of NIIEMI OJSC is first initiated in the district police station, and then they are started to be transferred from one metropolitan investigative body to another, and only in the fall of 2005 the materials are sent to the Moscow City Prosecutor's Office.

It took several months for the investigation only to find out the mechanism of seizing the enterprise itself. Dozens of witnesses and victims were interviewed, a huge number of requests were sent.

As the source told, with each document received and the interrogation of witnesses, the capture scheme of the Institute of Elastomeric Materials became more and more transparent. It turned out that before the attack on scientific research institutes, at the end of 2003, someone, representing the interests of the citizen of Uzbekistan Yusupov, forges the minutes of the meeting of shareholders, according to which the shareholders appoint the Uzbek general director of the Institute. Later, investigators will find this Yusupov. It turns out that he lost his passport a long time ago, and he himself is registered in a medical institution for the mentally retarded.

But in 2003 nobody knew about it yet, and the pseudo-general director needed to be legalized. For this, the court of the Shatsky district of the Ryazan region from Yusupov is sued that the tax inspectorate of the city of Moscow does not register him as the legal director of NIIEMI OJSC. Why was the lawsuit filed in the Ryazan region? The fact is that it was there that Yusupov was temporarily registered, and it was at the place of his registration that they appealed to the court. And then the judge, which leads to certain thoughts, without the presence of tax officials, without calling the current leadership of the scientific research institute, makes a decision in a very short time, which obliges the Moscow tax authority to appoint Yusupov as the general director of the Institute. The classic scheme.

A positive decision of the Ryazan court, together with forged documents, does not, of course, reach the Moscow tax inspectorate. Why should true owners know that cardinal changes have taken place with their shares and property. Instead, a fictitious sale and purchase agreement is drawn up, according to which CEO Yusupov sells the main building of NIIEMI OJSC at 10 Efremov Street to a certain company OOO Viyur-Grad. According to the source, the investigators conducted an examination and found out that the contract itself contains a fake seal, and the transfer of ownership of the building took place even without some kind of formal payment.

But at the disposal of “Viyur Grad” the building of the institute was not long, it was immediately resold, now, according to the law, the “bona fide purchaser” LLC “Business Contract”, where Nikolay Nesterenko was the general director, who, accompanied by 30 youngsters February 2004, blocked all entrances and exits of research institutes.Sergei Reznichenko, who for many years headed the Institute, tried to fight the invaders. Law enforcement agencies on his behalf received numerous statements, but the police were in no hurry to initiate a criminal case, and when the case was opened, the precious time seemed irretrievably lost. Nesterenko, somehow not clear way wins. And the whole complex of buildings of the scientific research institute passes under the control of his firm "Business Contract". And then they changed the seal.

Change of seal, it would seem, put an end to this confrontation. By the spring of 2004 at the Institute. it seems that new owners appeared legally.


Left without his own scientific research institute, not knowing what to do with a large institute team, left overnight without jobs and without salary, Sergei Reznichenko goes on a rash step. Through a number of intermediaries, Reznichenko goes to three "strange" people - Fryazinov, Bagdasarova and Ivanchenko. According to, he was introduced to the whole trinity as serious and influential people not only in business, but also in criminal circles. “During my first meeting with these people,” Sergei Reznichenko later said, “they took a pause to clarify the whole situation around the Institute. After a short time, I met them again. Fryazinov and Bagdasarov threw such a phrase, I say literally "You captured Palikhata!". But we can help you, he will not go against us. ”

Reznichenko first heard the name of Vladimir Palihata, but very soon find out who he had to face.

“Fryazinov and Bagdasarov, during our subsequent meetings,” Reznichenko recalled, “said that they had met Palihata and tried to figure out the situation. Confirmed that my problem is solved. But they could not prove to the latter their powers, and most importantly, what relation did they have to the Institute. ” The general director of OJSC NIIEMI was asked to unsubscribe a small number of shares to their companies, and even then, on completely legal grounds, Fryazinov and Bagdasarov undertook to return the property to the legal owner. Reznichenko believed these words and signed a heap of documents that appeared on the table right there.

Reznichenko signed a bunch of contracts in which different names and companies appeared, among others, there was also a document on the transfer of a small number of shares in favor of Athena LLC, where a certain director was Yulia Makurina. So, these shares were transferred under the condition that all property would subsequently be returned back to the Director of the Institute. At the same time, Reznichenko himself does not even leave copies of the documents signed by him. Later it will become clear that one more person is present at all the talks - this is Vyacheslav Bushuev. We found his name in the list of employees of the Sphere company, where Vladimir Palikhata was President. ” Remember this name - "Sphere".

Not long after the signing of Reznichenko’s strange documents, in different parts of Moscow, police find the bodies of two men. Examination will show that one of those killed was Fryazinov, and the second was Bagdasarov. And NIIEMI OJSC has a new general director, someone Voronin. The investigation found that in the contracts signed by Reznichenko, the fraudsters replaced the first sheets and now it turned out that the legal director general himself transferred a controlling stake in his Institute to people he did not know.


To be continued


Timofey Grishin