The businessman and son of ex-Prosecutor General Artem Chaika has an interesting personal life. According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, he recently married the deputy head of the Alekseev mental hospital, Yulia Berseneva. And before that, he became a father for the fifth time. True, the mother of the child is not Julia and not ex-wife Marina (mother of four children), but a young girl. Marina, with the help of the court and the examinations of Yulia Berseneva, Artem Chaika took away her little daughter Sofia.

The VChK-OGPU also told details about the mother of Artyom Chaika's son. The girl's name is Shcherbakova Ivanna Ivanovna and she is listed as an employee of PNK JSC, one of the largest assets of the Chaika family.

The source said that back in 2016, Ivanna was an ordinary secretary for the new CEO of PNK, Samusev Alexander Lvovich (former Deputy Minister of Finance). The girl with all the mortals went to the smoking room, rode the subway along the route: “home-work-home”. And in 2018, Samusev took her on a business trip to Irkutsk, where Artem Chaika himself flew with them. Upon returning, Ivanna changed dramatically. She stopped communicating with mere mortals, bought herself one foreign car, and less than a year later replaced it with another, got an apartment. The official salary of 80,000 rubles was supplemented by a card with a monthly limit of 100,000 rubles, supposedly for entertainment expenses. However, Ivanna spent everything exclusively on herself. Nobody asked for advance reports.

In 2020, she became pregnant and went on maternity leave, then gave birth. This coincided with the fact that Yuri Chaika demanded from Artyom to expel Samusev from the PNK in disgrace. This was preceded by the following story.

          The "breadwinner" for PNK was a contract with Russian Railways (15 billion a year) for the supply of track gravel. The contract was concluded for five years and was extended while Yuri Chaika was the Prosecutor General. In 2020, Chaika's resignation coincided with the expiration of the next contract, and the new one has already gone to the National Non-Metal Company (NNC).

 At the end of 2020, PNK was borrowed from banks for a total of RUB 3.5 billion. Having lost the contract with Russian Railways, PNK could not provide such loans. In addition to loans, PNK's debt to suppliers and contractors amounted to about 10 billion rubles.


The NOC, with the help of the top management of the PNK, began to take over the PNK through bankruptcy.

But unfortunately for NOCs, the scheme did not have time to be brought to its logical conclusion. Chaika intervened in time and on December 21, 2020, with one order, they were dismissed, suspected of betrayal: Samusev A.L., Rybalka A.N. , Ukrainian Anna Yurievna (financial director). Ilyushin Igor Vladimirovich was appointed as the curator for the resuscitation of the company. As a result, the office was not allowed to go bankrupt, but things did not go uphill either. Factories are closed, debts are growing, there is no revenue.

The source of added the "wrong side" of the main assets of Artem Chaika. In 2014, Anatoly Nikolayevich Rybalka (former Deputy Head of the Department for Economic Security of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory) was appointed to the position of Deputy General Director for Economic Security of LLC UK PNK - JSC PNK. Even while working in the authorities, Rybalka provided related services to A.Yu. Seagull. After retiring, he was thanked by an appointment to the PNK. Salary 560,000 rubles + 30% monthly allowances. PNK also pays rent for an apartment on Zubovsky Boulevard for 95 tons of rubles and pays for flights twice a month to Krasnodar and back by a business class company.

 Before Samusev joined PNK, Rybalka faithfully served Chaika. According to his achievements, the general director Kashapov was removed from his post, and a high-profile criminal case was initiated against the co-founder of PNK JSC - Vilshenko. However, Samusev had his own plans for the company and the tenacious security guard from Chaika was not part of his plans.

Samusev Alexander Lvovich has a number of industrial enterprises in the Krasnodar Territory. One of them is the Novokubanskoye cognac factory. The nominal director of which is the former head of the security service Samusev - Starinnov Alexander Yuryevich.

What kind of plans did Samusev have in the PNK?

According to a source, he signed cash-out agreements every month, with the help of which gigantic amounts were cashed out. Money under various agreements was transferred to LLC "Itilion" (provision of information services), LLC "Rialto" (provision of audit services), lawyer Arkhipov (legal services). All of the above organizations were not subject to VAT and were directly affiliated with Samusev. Plus, Samusev's guards were paid about 7 million rubles a month. Rented building at St. Ostozhenka, 28 for 10 million rubles per month. The recipient of the lease payments is also associated with Samusev.

For Samusev, the project for the reconstruction of the Orsk ShchZ became truly golden. The initial cost of the project was 300 million rubles. And the total cost has grown to more than 700 million rubles.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov