We recently told that there is such a businessman Pospelov Alexander Vitalievich in the field of customs in the city of St. Petersburg, who organized a smuggling channel for the import of leather into Russia for the production of shoes, bags and other leather goods. At the moment, the channel is closed, not without the efforts of the senior investigator for the St. Petersburg customs, Emelyanov Evgeny Olegovich.

Александр Поспелов

He also decided to make money on this business, and became Yemelyanov E.O. to pinch Alexander Pospelov's business in every possible way, but in the end, nothing fell to Emelyanov, not even a donut hole. Moreover, they gave unknown hidden forces with a magic kick of acceleration to Yemelyanov, so that the sovereign would not eat bread in vain, and completed his customs investigation, while not touching the respected businessman Pospelov Alexander Vitalievich.

A little to understand what or who Emelyanov Zhenya is - I hope everyone has read The Golden Calf, there was such a character - Koreiko, of course, this is a collective image - but he is the one that best suits our customs hero. Eugene lives modestly, does not waste money, everything is in the house. He does not even show his wealth to his friends, he prefers the Vkontakte service to all messengers with a multi-stage protection invented by himself, through the Vkontakte service he gives links to various gaming platforms, and there chats - in them on “selfish issues” and communicates, as he is not by hearsay familiar with the methods of the independent reconnaissance patrol and it is difficult to catch him on a bribe, he is covered (in his words) by a whole deputy of the SPB customs office, Marad Ismailovich Ismailov. Zhenya is sociable in the chat of a virtual game, where you can remain anonymous and uncommunicative in life, so several personalities coexist in him, just look at his “in contact” page to understand that listening to such music is difficult to remain an adequate civil servant. Despite the fact that Zhenya refers to the leadership in the person of M.I. Ismailov, it is still hard to believe that such a person can cover up the investigator's dirty deeds, or, moreover, provide him with any assistance in these extortion cases. It is not by chance that we mentioned above that the question is "selfish", since this is not a metaphor, but rather a pun - since the criminal case in the proceedings against Yevgeny Emelyanov is precisely on the topic of "skin".

So, Eugene decided once it did not work to cut some money from Pospelov A.V., cut it off from at least one of the witnesses in this criminal case, making him a suspect if they did not give money. They did not give money and Yevgeny rushed to the top with all the proletarian zeal, we will not name the witness who won the Yemelyanovsk lottery, but events began to develop in the style of the wild west. Imagine a picture, early morning ... A citizen is on sick leave, he does not receive any summons ... he goes to take out the trash and three men in civilian clothes and masks all over their faces rush into him, apparently protecting themselves from COVID-19, since the masks were medical! Men shout "stand, rubbish on the floor" and they say we have a drive and we will now drag you away ... we are customs officers !!! The citizen is on sick leave, after complications with just "covid-19", complications in the heart, blood pressure is not normal. The citizen, having seen these masochniks, was “very surprised,” to put it mildly, the customs officers sent by Yemelyanov Ye.O. they waved their certificates and hid them, they didn’t show the order on the drive and threatened to use force! Although the customs officers have no rights either to execute the drive or to use force, the whole event looked more like some kind of GOP STOP or a robbery. The citizen measured the pressure with an electronic tonometer at the customs officers, it turned out to be 220/100, presented a sick leave and even a medical history (which constitutes a medical secret), given that the citizen had not received any summons before, then this whole morning customs operation was illegal and clearly gave Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, about which the citizen informed the brave guys. The citizen called himself an ambulance, since the customs officers refused to do this, and with such blood pressure it was impossible to even move and began to wait for the ambulance to arrive, but the customs officers were not afraid of the 286th Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, they invited a fourth customs officer, who drove in his personal UAZ car without permission and bravely into the private territory of the underground parking and the four brave customs officers forced a citizen into this UAZIK so that he would not wait for an ambulance. In the car, the owner of the UAZ said that it was necessary to "give the scoreboard" and take away the phone ... in others, apparently they still understood the illegality of the event in their performance and limited themselves to illegally secretly recording video and audio where the abducted Citizen called ... he is to the customs officer on duty, to the customs helpline, the prosecutor on duty in the city, to the anti-corruption service of the customs and even to 112 (through this number to the police), in general, despite all the measures taken, within the framework of the law by a Citizen, he was dragged by completely lawlessness before the eyes of Emelyanov Zhen are bright and to the customs office on Vasilievsky Island. They threw them in the corridor and stood in a semicircle around, probably to keep an eye out so that they would not run away. Zhenya Emelyanov, meanwhile, entered the office, went out - he kept calling someone and even ran once into the office of M.I. Ismailov, whom he always referred to in "selfish" questions ... After three and a half hours of such an incomprehensible action / inaction, the Citizen asked to return the electronic tonometer to him, measured his blood pressure and called an ambulance, since the health situation remained critical, the ambulance arrived, provided first aid, put an IV drip, and urgently hospitalized the Citizen in one of the hospitals ... For some reason investigator Yemelyanov E.O. and a couple of participants in the morning show with the capture of the Citizen went with an ambulance to the hospital and told everyone that they say they are friends of the Citizen and they just need to know his diagnoses and medical history and even asked to be informed about further treatment and discharge, put pressure on the citizen in every possible way ... As a result, a hypertensive crisis, a medical commission, a lot of money for medicines and complete rest was prescribed by doctors.

In general, the moral here is this - a citizen appealed to the bodies of the Investigative Committee of Russia, since crimes should be punished, and officials should be especially severely punished, 286th of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has extensive practice and there are even special zones for such criminals. Well, and the second part of the same morality - no Citizen is protected from arbitrariness, they can always make anyone an accused instead of someone who will give money or who has a resource.

One question remained unanswered, they will attract A.V. Pospelov. to criminal liability or will be closed for prescription and not evidence. Another "OR" appeared - or instead of A.V. Pospelov. will attract an innocent, and then let him prove in court ... The citizen will not give money, maybe Yemelyanov Ye.O. then someone else will start pressing. The department of inquiry is supervised by the St. Petersburg Transport Prosecutor's Office, the corresponding complaints have been filed there, we are waiting for measures to be taken by the prosecutor's response. The most correct thing would be to transfer the criminal case, which has been feeding the personnel for almost a year in the inquiry of the customs, to the specialized department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for further investigation. The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation I.V. Krasnov at present, it is successfully returning the image of a supervisory authority to the prosecutor's office; perhaps the Transport Prosecutor's Office also adheres to the course of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued