There is a businessman Pospelov Alexander Vitalievich in the field of customs in the city of St. Petersburg, who, according to sources from, organizes smuggling channels for the import of leather into Russia for the production of shoes, bags and other leather goods. His scheme of work is simple - multiple understatement of the customs value, and bribes to the right people at the customs. At customs there is such a thing as a customs value index, this is when, other things being equal, one product for some unknown reason is allegedly cheaper than the other, that is, if two goods are subject to the same duty rate, for example, 5% and are similar in description " skins of cattle ", it seems that the average man does not understand the difference. But any customs officer immediately "sweeps the clearing." For example, cow hides may have a customs value index of US $ 23 per kg, and buffalo skins as low as US $ 4 per kg.

Александр Поспелов

Simple mathematics shows that for a container with a cargo of 26 tons, in one case it is necessary to pay 156,000 USD to the budget. USA, and in another case only 27050 USD. USA. All corruption schemes are built on this, the difference on only one delivery is the cost of the car of businessman Pospelov Alexander Vitalievich. Of course, mathematics is not so simple, it is necessary to "give a paw" and unfasten the resource ... The resource on this topic was provided by the deputy of the State Duma Nikolai Gavrilovich Brykin, of course Pospelov told him that the economy was somewhat different, so he kept most of the "earned money" for himself sharing only with local customs officials. So the cooperative of the BaltSiLog company flourished (there was also a Concord, so that it was just like Prigozhin, purely for a sucker), but the customs did not touch businessman Pospelov, and so that even temptations did not arise, the businessman did not let anyone close to his business.

Николай Брыкин

However, nothing lasts forever, such a customs officer Emelyanov Evgeny appeared, he also decided to make money on this business, and he began to pinch Alexander Pospelov's business in every possible way. Eugene worked and works in the inquiry department of the St. Petersburg customs and he decided to force Pospelov to pay a fine, but not a simple one, but into Emelyanov's pocket - a usual, even normal human desire, for this (for money) they go to work at customs. For a long time Emelyanov led circles around Pospelov, as they say, "and I want to and pricks", the amount of non-payment even according to rough customs calculations is considerable, in the best years Emelyanov would have cut down to 20% of the savings, he did not know that a whole deputy Brykin Nikolai Gavrilovich ... Brykin decided that he would fine Pospelov himself, in his own favor, which he did, and nothing fell to Emelyanov, not even a hole from a donut, the deputy's resource was also used, to give Emelyanov a magic kick so that he would not eat the sovereign's bread in vain, yes he completed his customs investigation, while not touching the respected businessman Pospelov Alexander Vitalievich. The task, frankly, from the series "mission impossible", one cannot "fail to notice" that Pospelov earned millions on his cargo alone, one cannot "fail to notice" that he and only he also personally communicated with the terminal (the client who bought the skins) personally. “Not to notice” that by shielding, deducing Pospelov, Emelyanov is substituted himself and in this case the procedural independence of the investigator will not work, since Emelyanov is just an interrogator. Brykin Nikolai Gavrilovich eats packs of such interrogators for breakfast. It is interesting how the deputy by right of Ismailov Marad Ismailovich will behave, he is definitely not “smeared”. Pospelov A.V. will be attracted. to criminal liability or will be closed for prescription and no proof.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued