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Russian law enforcement authorities continue to study, received from Spain, the materials in relation to the leaders of the Taganka criminal group Zhirnokleeva Igor and Grigory Rabinovich. According to the results of this work to the "authorities" in the Russian Federation could be prosecuted, and they finally go to jail.

These materials have been obtained in the course of the investigation against former junior partner "Tagansky" Alexander Romanov, who this spring was convicted in Palma de Mallorca to three years and nine months in prison. From the materials against Romanov identified thousands of pages of documents, proving that Zhirnokleev Rabinovich and gangsters that output from Russia hundreds of millions of dollars. These documents, and arrived in the Russian Federation. begins to publish these materials. Previously, our site ( gave help the Interior Ministry against Zhirnokleeva and Rabinovich, which shows all the cases where they have the status of defendants and suspects. Now it came to documents, which directly and documentary proof: in Spain Romanov laundered money from the bloody business of Rabinovich and Zhirnokleeva. In particular, in the UK to invest the proceeds from the raider seizure "taganskmi" department store "Moscow", which was accompanied by killings.

During the struggle with the Tagansky raiders in 2009 he was killed by head of legal service department Andrei Bralyuk. Lawyer shot after winning a Court of Arbitration at the "Tagansky", which under the guise that wanted to invest in the restoration of the large shopping complex plundered all the capitals of department. His killer is still not found, even though there were witnesses who pointed out that the crime was committed by Zhirnokleev and Rabinovich. Around the struggle for this department, for the go-ahead "Tagansky", it was not yet shed little blood. Tragically ended the life and the chairman of the Union of Producers of Food and Processing Industry, majority shareholder and CEO of JSC "Rospischeprom" Valery Zhuravlev. It happened in 2007 during the illegal renewal of third party ownership of the building owned by JSC "Rospischeprom", located at Moscow, 1st Tverskaya per., D. 18/3. On this occasion of 24.01.08 on the basis of statements Zhuravlev was a criminal case under Art. 159 Part 4 of the Criminal Code -. "Fraud", and after twelve days the applicant was brutally murdered at the entrance of his house. There is credible information that a raider seizure of "Rospischeprom" and involved in the murder of Zhuravlev "Tagansky" group and its leaders.


The most notable of these are:


1.Igor Zhirnokleev - criminal "heavyweight", leader of "Taganka" groups, known in the criminal world under nickname Bold. This person was actively involved in the raider seizure of the Moscow companies, including "Moscow department store." In its activities, uses of force, violent methods, which is not surprising for people from crime. For many years, "cool" in the "thieves" circles. In particular, it supports the "business" contacts with the "thieves in law" Taro, Merab Sukhumi and his brother Levan, jams, many more "legalistic" as well as leaders of other gangs. It is known that the Bold was involved in the planning and organization of the assassination attempt, and then the murder of underworld patriarch Grandpa Khasan, his protege Scythian, as well as Jap.


2. His "deputy" is an active member of the group Grigory Rabinovich, appearing in two criminal cases. The first was opened in 2000 Tax Police Department Saint - Petersburg on the fact of tax evasion (ch.2st.199 of the Criminal Code), and the second opened in 2005 by the Police in Moscow under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud).

We know that Rabinovich runs the company «AS Capital Investment Corporation», which is engaged in property management and design of shopping centers. In addition, he is the director of the Latvian company «AS Capital Department Store», which, in turn, was established JSC "General Investment Corporation". In 2008, «AS Capital Department Store» received the franchise company «Debenhams» to carry out activities in the countries in the Baltic Sea region for 10 years.

Most probably, it is known in Russia and abroad is a member of the gang, "businessman", CEO liquor - vodka factory "Crystal" Alexander Romanov. In December 2013 at the Spanish Mallorca was deployed special operation Dirieba, as a result of which 10 people were detained, including Alexander Romanov and his wife Natalya Vinogradova, which is also considered a full member, "Tagansky". The reason for the detention Romanov and all this company was suspected local police that he was in the money-laundering operations acquired Hotel Mar i Pins and the adjacent house for 6 million euros. As a result of all the detainees, among whom were Spanish lawyer and tax consultant, behind bars only Romanov and his wife, Natalya Vinogradova. In the house of Romanov was searched, during which there was evidence of his involvement in a loud raider scandals in Russia, including a "department store" Moscow. "

As can be seen from the "Spanish dossier" with "Tagansky" connected and shadow banker Ilya N. Gavrilov.

Spain Coat of Arms

PROSECUTOR for particularly important cases

About corruption and organized crime

DIVISION of the Balearic Islands

D.2. - Department Store Case

The seized documents confirm that the June 14, 2004 Alexander Romanov has signed an agreement to participate in the construction of the capital - the shopping center investments with equity interest of 50% of the total volume of construction at the address: Ul. Zelenodolskaya, plot 42, a trading company "Afghan" (3 Properties).

Terms of the agreement provide that the Romanov agrees to pay 50% of the amount that is US $ 4,834,000.

Despite this, Romanov transfers to the bank account of "Afghans" of the amount of 38,027,597 rubles as collateral for its share of 50% in the whole complex of real estate 1. This amount is repaid by the Romanovs on the day after the signing. "Afghan" acknowledges receipt of collateral in the amount of 1,310,000 dollars, equivalent to 38,027,597 rubles, which, in the end, suggests that his share will be 50% of the total real estate complex.


There is no proof of payment, carried out by Alexander Romanov in respect of the remaining US $ 3.524.00 stipulated in the contract, as the repayment of the collateral on its share in the amount of 50% of the total area of ​​properties 2 and 3. He could pay this amount to to the account of "Afghans" July 1, 2004.

Despite the lack of payment on the part of Alexander Romanov, the company "Afghan" does not require his arrears, and does not require payment of interest, provided for in the contract in the amount of 0.2% on the day of the principal amount of debt; including a fine in the amount of 9,668,000 US dollars.


July 21, 2008, four years after the signing of the initial agreement and the agreement on the completion of construction and commissioning of the property 1 in the third trimester of 2004, after two years from the target date of completion and commissioning of houses 2 and 3, "Afghan" in four year again admits that he received from Romanova, only 50% of the amount provided for the property 1. As part of the same document, "Afghan", in turn, acknowledges that it is not fulfilled contractual obligations in connection with what is " Afghan "Alexander Ivanovich Romanov offers the following conditions:

A) to pay a total amount of 76,055,194 rubles, that is, 200% of the amount paid by the Romanov four years earlier.

It says that Gregory Rabinovich, the day of the signing of the "Agreement on mutual relations," was part of the "STORE MOSCOW» Board of Directors of the shopping center together with Igor and Vladimir Grekov ZHIRNOKLEEVYM, among others.

"Department stores MOSCOW" The Board of Directors under the control of the main members of the Tagansky groups, allowing lead to the bankruptcy of a shopping center with the help of such operations. This includes, among other actions, to obtain the benefits of the Romanovs, "the donation of the property of" Romanova in favor of a 20% stake of the Moscow shopping center, in accordance with paragraph 5 of the contract, the text of which is set out in full below:



"... 5.1. Side 2 (Rabinovich) accepts responsibility for the implementation of all the necessary and required actions for the free transfer of the ownership of Party 1 (or legal representative) 5% of the total shares in the event that a Party 1 (novel), will perform the state and legal analysis aspects, in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation, in respect of "STORE MOSCOW". Terms of the respective power of attorney set out in another document.

5.2. Side 2 takes the responsibility for the implementation of all the necessary and required actions for the free transfer of the ownership of Party 1 (or legal guardian) 15% of the total shares in the event that a Party 1 will guarantee the financing of the project on reconstruction and new construction at the following address:

119333, Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, Building 54, if:

The funding does not exceed 250 000 000 US dollars, as there is a corresponding agreement in another document. The project has provided Side 2 ... "

In other documents related to the "Treaty on the relationship" as "the Association Agreement. September 23, 2011, "reads as follows:

Four months later, on the date of signing of the above "about the relationship of the Treaty", the members of the Tagansky groups such ka Igor ZHIRNOKLEEV Grigory Rabinovich Alexander Romanov appear in another document again. The new entity is a banker Ilya Gavrilov, a key figure in the investigation. It was he who, through its Federal Deposit Bank of Moscow carried out the necessary financial steps to ensure that the cash flow is expected to occur from the "department store of Moscow" in the accounts of members of a criminal gang.


In addition to the aforementioned members of the Tagansky groups tend to appear instrumental of "Afghan" and "Hermitage", which joins

"DIAMOND", 100% owned by Natalia VINOGRADOVA. The general provisions of the "Agreement on Association" states that "DIAMOND" and Igor ZHIRNOKLEEV, individually, have 50% of the company "Hermitage", which, in turn, owns 50% of "Afghan", which owns 100% of the shares shopping center, located at the address: ul. Zelenodolskaya, d. 44.

3 observed various aspects related to this document:

- As Party 1, ZHIRNOKLEEV Igor and Grigory Rabinovich, acting on their own behalf, and the company "Afghan" and "Hermitage".

- As Parties 2, the banker Ilya N. Gavrilov, representing the interests of the Federal Deposit Bank.

As a Party 3 Alexander Romanov acted on its own behalf.

In accordance with the provisions contained in the Agreement, a Party 2 was to provide as a loan to the Party 1 the amount of $ 12 million, then that amount should have been submitted by the parties in the form of promissory notes 3 of the Federal Deposit Bank. To do this, Romanov had to submit to the banking institution 50% of the shares in the companies "Afghan" and "Hermitage", which he owned, in accordance with the "Memorandum", signed in 2004, as detailed above.

Around the time of signing this Agreement, in particular, from September 15, 2011 and January 13, 2012, Alexander Romanov got a whole DEVYAT (9) to the account number 0025230118 0061-0212-84- bank "Bank of March," the owner which it is "NATALIE MARIE PITNS SL". At the same time, the three of them as "income from abroad", in a total amount of 1,972,000 euros, may be associated with the transaction described herein.

J. - Criminal activity in Spain

G.1. Romanov creates a criminal organization.

As already mentioned above, Alexander Romanov organized and managed arrival of the territory of the funds in Spain, originating from the activities of crime "Tagansky" group in order to use them in the market and the gang "Tagansky" in order to use them in the market and provide them with the appearance of legality. For the purposes of investment funds derived from criminal organizations and their admission to the territory of Spain, moved to Spain, Alexander, his wife Natalia and his father in law and mother-in-law Boris and Margarita, as well as a minor at the time the son.


The accused Romanov not only invested their assets in Spain, but also collaborated with organized crime "Tagansky" group in order to allow the use of revenues and the results of criminal activity.

In 2009, Natalia VINOGRADOVA issued a power of attorney to ROMANOVA name with authority to represent its interests in matters of investment funds.

Defendants Alexander Romanov and Natalya Vinogradova, for the purpose of laundering and investing funds originating from criminal activity; information about the new features related to investments; obtaining information from law enforcement agencies; in order to avoid claims and to maximize tax cuts, others use as front, making them thus accountable to employees and other companies; and, in general, in order to implement the investment plan with the lowest cost; They surrounded themselves with a group of individuals providing services to them, which included: a lawyer, a police officer, secretary, tax consultant and surrogates. They also created and organized the group, the purpose of which was to promote investment and maximizing profitability, as well as implementation of projects Alexander Romanov, despite their criminal nature.


Thus, Alexander Romanov becomes the person most responsible in their personal, economic and corporate structure, created in Spain, the source and center of which is the company "NATALIE IDA And Pins SL" (INN: V57650053), he organized and led by, he was . These persons provide cover criminal structure created by Alexander Romanov, and served as figureheads, the Secretariat engaged in construction management, and carry out any other tasks assigned to them by the Romanovs. It is also used by the company serve as a bridge to achieve the goals they Romanova its economic potential, as well as to demonstrate his power over others.


In early 2010, Romanov bought the hotel "IDA and Pins", located in the city of Peguera (Majorca, Balearic Islands). This hotel was purchased by the company "NATALIE IDA and Pins", which are the only administrator Alexander Romanov (1) and his wife, Natalia B. VINOGRADOVA (2).

It should be recalled that, in the first place, Romanov has created company "NATALIE IDA And Pins, SL", together with his wife, Natalia B. Vinogradov (2). Then, this company was used for the acquisition in February 2010 at "IDA and Pins."

D. - Receipt of funds in Spain

To justify the receipt of funds in Spain, Romanov and his family have taken a number of measures designed to disguise the origin and destination of funds data. To this end, they did not hesitate to prepare false and fictitious contracts and commercial transactions.

In the safe located in the wardrobe of the Romanov family house, in the course of the trial was seized document "Loan Agreement №1 / 2010, concluded between Vinogradov and Natalia B." Natalie Mar and Pins "SL" February 5, 2010. "

During the trial, searches of property Alexandra Romanova document was found on the electronic media, "the credit contract number 2/2011, concluded between the Romanov Alexander Ivanovich and" Natalie Mar and Pince, SL "of 12 January 2011".

Also during the search of the same court premises had found another contract document on a digital medium called the "Loan Agreement between the number 3/2011 Romanova Aleksandra Ivanovic and" Natalie Mar and Pince, SL "of 12 January 2011".




 Socios al 50% de ERMITAGE

50% партнеры по «ЭРМИТАЖУ»





Unica participle

Единственная участница



Unica participle desde 2004

Единственная участница с 2004




С/Leninskiy, 54

Торговый центр «УНИВЕРГМАГ МОСКВА»

Ленинский проспект, 54

Refinancia con 16 mil $

Рефинансирование 16 тысячами долларов США



CC Zelenpdplskaya 42

Ул. Зеленодольская, 42

CC Malaya Dmitrovka

Ул. Малая Дмитровка


Again are confirmed frauds carried out in favor of Alexander Romanov natural and legal persons in order to provide legal cover for the debt by successive concessions to each other with a dual purpose:

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