Source: Rucriminal returns to the topic of the Tagan group and continues to publish materials collected by the Spanish intelligence services against the leaders of the organized crime group, Igor Zhirnokleev and Grigory Rabinovich. The article can be considered "emergency", as the bloody list of "Tagansky" replenished with another victim. "For the ordered murder of the capital's lawyer Natalya Vavilina," the authority "Marat Yanbukhtin, the closest associate of Grigory Rabinovich, was arrested. The investigation can end with the fact that Rabinovitch and the "boss" Zhirnokleyev will go to jail.

Theoretically, in the SIZO they had to be much earlier - the materials on them were kept in sufficient quantities in the Spanish dossier.

These materials were obtained during an investigation into the former junior partner of the "Tagansky" Alexander Romanov, who in the spring of 2016 was convicted in Palma de Mallorca for three years and nine months in prison. Thousands of sheets of documents have been allocated from Romanov's materials. These documents were received in the Russian Federation. has already published a "bloody list" Tagansky, which lists numerous murders committed at the direction of the leaders of the group. Among the victims are "thieves in law" Vyacheslav Ivankov (Japonchik), Andrei Golubev (Skif), Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan).


Rabinovich took up the old


On suspicion of murdering lawyer Natalya Vavilina on May 29, 42-year-old Marat Yanbukhtin was detained in Moscow. He, along with Grigori Rabinovich, was a co-owner of the company, which leased pavilions at the metro. After the demolition of the stalls, the firm was declared bankrupt. And Natalia Vavilina participated in trials on demolition on the side of small tenants. They tried to get Yanbukhtin to return the rent paid in advance.

Natalia Vavilina was shot in the entrance of her house on Altufevskoe Highway on April 26, when she was returning from work. The materials of the case are attached to records from video cameras, from which it is clear that the murderer was waiting for the woman. He opened fire immediately, first made two shots at the victim, and then finished off the control in the head.

The detained Marat Yanbukhtin and the still remaining free Rabinovich are the owners of the company "Zodchiy-98", which leased pavilions at the metro station "Sukharevskaya". Natalia Vavilina was an advocate of small tenants who tried to obtain from Yanbukhtin and Rabinovich (officially he held the post of CEO in "Zodchiy-98") the return of rent paid forward.

Marat Yanbukhtin had previously committed murders commissioned by the leaders of the Tagan OPG. So he is suspected of eliminating the thief in law Andrei Golubev, better known under the nickname Scythian. The criminal leader became unsuitable for the Tagan brotherhood, which by means of raider seizures took away part of the commercial enterprises. Several of these firms were under the control of Skif, who was included in the environment of Grandfather Hassan.


Necropolis of Tagan OPG


Unfortunately, Vavilina is not the first victim of the Tagan gang. Some of the gangsters, lawyers and businessmen, eliminated on the orders of Zhirnokleev and Rabinovich, said in a Spanish dossier. publishes them:

"The criminal organization" Taganskaya "has been operating in the Moscow region since the nineties.

Its existence is recognized at the international level by law enforcement agencies and special services (Europol, FBI, etc.), and also recognizes the fact that Igor Anatolyevich ZHIRNOKLEEV is one of its main leaders.

The criminal activity of this organization includes: raider raids, fraud in the banking sector, extortion, organization and execution of contract killings.

By raider raids means the appropriation of companies by force or fraud. Their forms include a wide variety of illegal mechanisms and tactics, including: the use of violent methods, theft of personal data, falsification, bribery, physical intimidation and, including, murder. In some cases, the organization initiates a process in which artificially forcing companies to declare bankruptcy, and then forcing them to sell at a very low price.

In many cases, it is a combination of various tactics that require the participation of lawyers, corrupt officials and law enforcement officials, economists and other professionals that facilitate the appropriation of companies and the development of illegal business.


After gaining control over the companies, the criminal organization sometimes devastated their assets and took possession of their assets, and then left these companies, while in other cases it kept companies under its control.

It is estimated that the number of members of the criminal group "Taganskaya" is more than 50 people. This organization is accused of organizing the following murders:

- General Director of the company "Rospischeprom" V.Kh. Zhuravleva;

- Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the company "Department Store Moscow" A.N. Bralyuk,

- "The Thief in the Law" А.V. Golubeva (the nickname "Scythian"),

- "The Thief in the Law" V.K. Ivankova (the nickname "Japonka"),

- One of the leaders of organized crime A.V. Selvian (the nickname "Selvi").

- "The Thief in the Law" A.R. Usoyan (nickname "Grandfather Hasan").

Among the significant crimes for this case, in which the presence of the Taganskaya organization is noted, it is necessary to list:

Raider raid on the company for the production of alcohol "Crystal". Raider raid on the shopping center "Department Store-Moscow". Raider raid on the company "Abitare" (a network of furniture stores) and an attempt to assassinate its owner Newman.

Raider raid on the company LB IKALTO.

In all these cases, Taganskaya obtained control and the right to own the above-mentioned companies.

In addition to Igor Zhirnokleev, the main members of this organization are: Grigory RABINOVICH, Vladimir Mikhailovich GREKOV and TEMURLANG MUKADASOVICH BATRIDINOV.

a. - IGOR ANATOLYEVICH Zhirnokleev, date of birth 29.12.195 .., is the leader of this criminal organization, which is the most active in the Moscow region and has broad interests in various business sectors. The organization participated in "raider raids" on some companies in Moscow and used violent methods to fight against its competitors, and therefore a sufficient number of members of the organization, as a rule, carry weapons.

The criminal organization has links with other criminal organizations and maintains close contacts with well-known "thieves in law": Tariel ONINI, Merab JANGVELADZE and his brother Levan, Jamal MIKELADZE.

The main office of the majority of the companies it controls is located in Moscow and is associated with a criminal organization through the company GSK (General Investment Company), whose shareholder is ZHIRNOKLEEV itself, and another company RABINOVICH.

B. - GRIGORY LEONIDOVICH RABINOVICH, date of birth 05.08.195 ..., is an active and significant member of the criminal organization "Taganskaya". He is under investigation in connection with committing economic crimes for this organization. At a minimum, he was a participant in three criminal cases:

- In 2000, the St. Petersburg City Tax Police Department instituted criminal proceedings against the aforementioned person in connection with tax evasion.

- In 2005, the Moscow Police Department instituted criminal proceedings against the aforementioned person on charges of fraud.

- Was a suspect on charges of money laundering in the US after financial transactions for the deceased thief in the law, Vyacheslav IVANKOV.

Rabinovich is a partner of Igor Zhirnokleev, and both participated in planning the assassination of Frank NEWMAN in 2005.

Both Igor Zhirnokleev and Grigory Rabinovich and Vladimir Mikhailovich Grekov were involved in raiding attacks on Moscow in 2005.

Grigory Rabinovich headed the company called AS Capital Investment Corporation and was, in addition, the director of the company AS Capital Capital Stor (Latvia), founded by GIC General Investment Corporation, which is one of the companies used by Taganskaya.



Taganskaya Mafia by name









DATE: 02/10/2014


The organized criminal group "Taganskaya" has been operating in the Moscow region since the nineties and specializes in raider seizures, bank fraud, extortion, organization and execution of contract killings. The estimated number of members of this criminal group is more than 50 people who are suspected of murdering the general director of JSC "Rospischeprom" V.I. Zhuravleva, deputy head of the legal department of the company "Department store" Moscow "A.N. Bralyuk, the "thief in law" A.V. Golubeva (nicknamed "Scythian"), "thief in law" V.K. Ivankov (nicknamed "Japonchik"), one of the leaders of organized crime A.V. Selwiana (nicknamed "Selvi"). They can also be implicated in the attempted murder and murder of the "thief-in-law" A.R. Usoyan (nicknamed "Grandfather Hasan").

The following main members of this criminal group are known:


Igor A. ZHIRNOKLEEV, born in 195Yuyu, uses violent methods to fight rivals. He maintains close contacts with well-known "thieves in law": Tariel ONINI, Merab JANGVELADZE and his brother Levan, Jamal MIKELADZE and others. Igor Zhirnokleev took part in the raids of Moscow companies. Members of the group have weapons, can participate in gangster attacks and provide power support during raider seizures.

Most of the companies controlled by him are located in Moscow and are engaged in various activities: from trade and insurance to the production of chemicals, research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences. This group has a financial interest in Latvia (real estate, trade), Kazakhstan (oil), USA (investments). Many enterprises are connected with this criminal grouping through the company CJSC General Investment Corporation, the founders of which are Igor Zhirnokleev and the company "G.L. Group Corporation (G.L. Group Corporation) (USA, actually owned by Grigory Rabinovich).

The list of companies under the control of this criminal group includes those companies that deal with the trade in precious metals. To seize assets of companies, members of this criminal grouping are using illegal methods, including raider seizures.



Igor ZHIRNOKLEEV is the leader of one of the most active criminal groups in the Moscow region, and he has extensive interests in various spheres of business of criminal organizations and links with leaders of other criminal groups, including ethnic gangs.

Grigory Leonidovich RABINOVICH, born 195 ..., an active member of the organized criminal group "Taganskaya", is suspected of committing a number of economic crimes. He is a figurant of two criminal cases:

- In 2000, the Department of Tax Police in St. Petersburg was prosecuted for this person for tax evasion (part 2 of article 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation);

- In 2005, the Moscow Police Department instituted criminal proceedings against this person for fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Grigory RABINOVICH managed AS Capital Investment Corporation (real estate management, design of shopping centers, contracts with employees and builders). In addition, this person is the director of AS Capital Department Store (Latvia), which was founded by CJSC General Investment Corporation. In 2008, she received a Debenhams franchise to operate in countries in the Baltic Sea Region for 10 years. The company "Capital department stores" was created, the head of which was Vladimir GREKOV.

 Temurlang Mukadasovich BATRITDINOV, was born 195 ... an active member of the organized criminal group "Taganskaya", engaged in fraud in large amounts, using front companies.

Boris Borisovich TRETYAK, born 196 .. active member of the group, engaged in raider seizures of companies.

Oleg Solomonovich ROSENTAL, born 196 ... is suspected of organizing and executing contract killings.

Vladimir Mikhailovich GREKOV, born 196 ... an active member of the group, engaged in raider seizures of companies.

Yury MALINOVSKY, was born.196 ... is suspected of organizing and executing contract killings, and also monitors victims.

Dmitry Ryurikovich YUKHNEVICH, born 196 ... an active member of the group, monitors the victims.

Marat Khalilovich YANBUKHTIN, born 197 ... an active member of the group, it is used to kill people.

Renat Rashidovich Taktashev, born 197 ... an active member of the group, is involved in extortion, murders, raider seizures of companies.

Edgar Rashidovich TAKTASHEV, born.196 .. active member of the group, involved in extortion and murder.



Alexander Ivanovich ROMANOV, .196 .., an active member of the group, in 2005 appeared as a suspect in fraud in the criminal case brought against him.

Boris Germanovich VINOGRADOV, 193 .. does not appear in the archive of the Main Directorate of Criminal Investigation as a member of organized criminal groups, has a daughter Natalia Borisovna VINOGRADOVA and son-in-law Alexander Ivanovich ROMANOV,

Alena PUSHKAREVA (KOCHETKOVA), 198, there is no information in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The lack of information may indicate that she is not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Zurab (Zurabi) Romanovich LORDKIPANIDZE, nicknamed "Zurab", 195. He died in 2008. Was a criminal leader and a "thief-in-law". He was found guilty in 1988 (articles 17, 152 of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic) and in 1999 (Article 30, paragraph 3, Article 158, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

There is no information about Z. LORDKIPANIDZE, as the founder and director of a number of companies.

The following companies are known to be controlled by the organized criminal group "Taganskaya":

- ZAO "Department store-Invest";

- JSC "Baltic Aluminum";

- CJSC "World Diamond Center";

- General Electronics LLC;

- OJSC MZ "Kristall";

- ZAO "Yuvelirprom";

- ZAO "Jewelry Company" Treasure Island ";

- CJSC "Diamond Trading Company";

- JSC "Department store" Moscow ";

- "G.L. Group Corporation (USA) (this company is one of the founders of CJSC "General Investment Corporation";

- OOO MK-Group;

- LLC "Trade House" Abitaré ";

- LLC "Abitare Interior on Tverskaya";



- LLC "Abitaré Interior";

- OOO "Trade Invest";

- LLC "Roman Seven";

- ZAO Insurance broker "Rusfinstrakh";

- ZAO Trunk;

- OOO Gemological Center "Russian Standard";

- OOO Zodchiy-98;

- OOO Katran;


- ZAO Tikor;

- LLC "Company Ruseco";

- CJSC Ecooil;

- LLC "Innovation Concern" Vikon ".



Tagansky in schemes


In this chapter, publishes new materials from the Spanish dossier on the Taganskaya OPG. Law enforcers of the Kingdom have drawn up the schemes of owning the business of Rabinovich and Zhirnokleyev, as well as tables for the main "top managers" of the group.



Source: Rucriminal