Bankruptcy trick: the son of VimpelCom founder Vladimir Mukhin tried to make money on a fake bankruptcy by mortgaging his father’s inheritance several times

As found out, the son of one of the founders of VimpelCom, Vladimir Mukhin, Ivan Vladimirovich Mukhin, who previously headed the directorate of subscriber equipment at Beeline and received an impressive inheritance from his father in 2013, is mired in matters of credit fraud and fake bankruptcy.

Posing as a businessman working with Rostec Group and a friend of Sergei Chemezov, the son of the top manager, Ivan Mukhin, in 2020 applied to a number of companies for multimillion-dollar loans “due to the urgency of doing business with Rostec Group.” Banks, CCPs and funds did not suit him, since the registration process takes a lot of time. And he begged businessmen to give him money as collateral for his real estate, received from his father, so that he could later go to the bank.

During the period 2020 and 2021, the following loans were issued to Mukhin:

11/16/2021 in the amount of RUB 37,500,000.

06/16/2021 in the amount of RUB 1,950,000.

03/22/2021 in the amount of RUB 1,950,000.

09/08/2021 in the amount of 20,000,000 rubles.

08/03/2021 in the amount of RUB 24,000,000.

08/18/2021 in the amount of RUB 8,000,000.

When the time came to repay the loans, it turned out that behind the “borrower” there was a whole raider group, which decided to create a fictitious bankruptcy for him, in which the main pseudo-creditor was a certain A.V. Kontyaev, who is an old friend of Mukhin and is associated with the Koptevskaya organized crime group. Between old friends, a loan agreement for 150 million rubles was retroactively signed, according to which Kontyaev allegedly “issued” this loan to Mukhin back in 2018. The fictitiousness of the transaction is confirmed by the fact that the “creditor” Kontyaev never submitted it for registration and encumbrance of the real estate. There are also no documents confirming that these 150 million were cashed in the bank and transferred to Mukhin. The raiders needed the fake receipt so that Mukhin’s real creditors, who actually gave the loan, would not be allowed into the register of creditors, and the “bankruptcy” of Ivan Vladimirovich Mukhin was among “their own,” and the creditors could not take their money from the debtor.

During the “bankruptcy” process, the top manager’s son Mukhin and his accomplices repeatedly threatened and “warned” creditors that they would “resolve the issue with the court,” and a group of people created fake accounts on social networks, filled them with false slanderous information about creditors and provided them to the Arbitration Court Moscow court.

Raiders also contacted Akimov and told him that they would still solve the problem with the courts and destroy his reputation. And to avoid this, they suggested that Akimov split the debt 50/50. After his refusal, Akimov was told that the arbitration court is our home!

A criminal group of raiders operates in the shadows, with its own lawyers, bankruptcy manager and his assistants.

The most absurd thing in the situation with the fake bankruptcy is not even the fact that the court refused to verify Mukhin’s fraudulent loan receipt in 2018, but the fact that the court, going against the legislative framework, relying on its own statement that “creditors are unreliable citizens,” crossed out real creditors from registry (

Now a criminal case is being initiated in the case of the “partner of Rostec Group of Companies”, where, among other things, the relationship between the “son of VimpelCom Ivan Mukhin” and the Moscow Arbitration Court will be examined.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued