In the summer of 2019, without any noise and dust, Sergey Sinyagovsky left the post of deputy chief of the Main Investigative Directorate of the SKR in Moscow. His surname is repeatedly mentioned in the case of bribing employees of the Investigative Committee for the release of “authority” Andrei Kochuykov (Italian). The case file contains many interesting details about Sergey Sinyagovsky. Sergey’s father is the former mayor of Novorossiysk, and now deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vladimir Sinyagovsky. Many thought that he contributes to the career of his son. However, he had other patrons. As follows from the case file, the promotion of Sinyagovsky was facilitated by solver Dmitry Smychkovsky, who is now on the wanted list for giving a bribe to SKR employees in the amount of $ 1 million. publishes the testimony of Sinyagovsky another deputy chief of the GSU Denis Nikandlrova. The reader also learns that Sinyagovsky himself told during the interrogation.

Here is an excerpt from Nikandrov’s testimony: “Further, during the conversation, M. Maksimenko spoke in more detail about D. Smychkovsky, who was his (Maksimenko M.I.) colleague and classmate Sinyagovsky S.V. According to Maksimenko M.I., Smychkovsky D.E. I begged him to leave Sinyagovsky S.The. in the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow after a comprehensive check by the Main Organizational and Inspection Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in February 2015, as a result of which a decision was made on the non-compliance of Sinyagovsky S.V. position held. In order to fulfill this request Maksimenko M.I. not only saved Sinyagovsky from dismissal, but even from foreclosure, and later recommended him to the federal personnel reserve. ”

And here is how Sinyagovsky himself described the situation with the bribe during interrogation: “The testimony of SV Sinyagovsky, deputy head of the State Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow, that a criminal case was opened on December 15, 2015 regarding the events at Element's restaurant "on the street Rochdelskaya in Moscow, was in the proceedings of an investigator for especially important cases of the first department for the investigation of especially important cases of the General Directorate of the Investigative Directorate of Russia in Moscow Suprunenko AB and was supervised by him (Sinyagovsky S.V.) from December 16, 2015 to February 15, 2016. At the same time, from the beginning of February 2016, this case was actually being studied in the department of procedural control over the investigation of especially important cases. Also on January 13, 2016, a criminal case was opened against A. Kochuykov. on the grounds of extortion, which was also in the production of A. Suprunenko Then, on February 11 and 15, 2016, these criminal cases were at the direction of A. Drymanov. or Nikandrova D.V. transferred to the production of the department for the investigation of crimes committed by law enforcement officials.

At a time when he (Sinyagovsky S.V.) oversaw the investigation of criminal cases instituted in connection with the events at the restaurant "Elements" on the street. Rochdelskaya in Moscow, to him by prior arrangement, his friends arrived D. Smychkovsky and Tuguz N.M. and became interested in the progress of the investigation in these cases. From the contents of the conversation, he concluded that Tuguz N.M. somehow familiar with A. Kochuykov, however, with any requests in this case D. Smychkovsky and Tuguz N.M. they didn’t turn to him, it all came down to general phrases, and after these cases were removed from his supervision.

Together, he saw these persons again in the spring of 2016 on the street. Old Arbat in Moscow, not far from the building of the Central Statistical Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow, the meeting happened by chance when he saw them sitting at the table of one of the cafes, but they did not explain their presence in this place. volume 7, l.d. 64-86. "

Nurdin Tuguz, mentioned in the testimony of Sinyagovsky, is a person known to the siloviki. He was among those arrested in the case of the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatia and the head of the Azov-Black Sea Department of Internal Affairs, General Viktor Syusyury, who was accused of involvement in smuggling for 88 million rubles.

Here is what testimony against Nurudin Tuguz was given by one of the witnesses in the smuggling case, Amkhaz Hayssam Abdo: “.. Earlier, I testified against Tuguz Nurdin Muratovich and the former head of the Azov-Black Sea Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate Sysyury V.L. During this interrogation, I want to clarify them and give and give additional evidence. Currently, I know that TUGUZ N.M. arrested by law enforcement officials. Earlier, when he was at large, I was afraid for my life and health and could not fully tell the investigation all the circumstances of participation of N.M. TUGUZA known to me and SUSYURY V.L. in the smuggling of goods across the customs border of the Russian Federation. ”

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov