The Tverskoy Court of Moscow received petitions for the absentee arrest of the Russian-Austrian businessman Yuri Savyak, who for a long time was involved in schemes to fill the personal wallet of the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Savyak and his business partner Olga Krykanova are accused of embezzlement by fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), they are wanted. The application will be considered on January 11, 2021.

Юрий Савяк

Yuri Savyak owns a number of Austrian companies, including S&I Handels- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, which were involved in complex schemes. On the one hand, Savyak's partners were President of the Russian Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili and an authoritative businessman Iosif Aksentyev (Anzor Kikalishvili). On the other hand, there are two co-owners of the Belarusian Triple concern, Yuri Chizh and Vladimir Yaprintsev, a multiple world champion in sambo. Basically, all through his Austrian firms legalized dubious funds. And everyone communicated closely with each other. At the time of the events Yuri Chizh was not only the oligarch No. 1 of Belarus. He was also a neighbor of Alexander Lukashenko in the village of Drozdy (this is a Belarusian version of the Ozero cooperative), accompanied the ruler on trips to Sochi and the Emirates, and helped the president to collect potatoes and watermelons. He was a confidante, purse and manager of part of Alexander Lukashenko's property.

Vladimir Yaprintsev had a son, Kazbek, who, together with his friends Alexander Arabyan and Isaac Papadopoulos (a Greek citizen), took gigantic sums under the pretext of lucrative deals for the supply of fuel. In reality, young people played Forex. For the time being, everything went well, until they took more than $ 30 million for transactions from Aksentyev, his common-law wife Nadezhda Chernova, Mikhail Mamiashvili. Everything was done through Savyak, who acted as a "layer" in all these transactions. “I understood that Savyak is a technical partner, this is the money of Mamiashvili and Aksentyev ... The amount of the debt was announced - about 32 million dollars. $ 15 million was issued by Aksentyev, the rest by Mamiashvili, and an insignificant part by Savyak, ”Yuri Chizh said during interrogation.

For the use of $ 9 million (Mamiashvili's funds) Yaprintsev and Arabian paid approximately $ 320,000 every month. Part in cash, part - for companies, including the companies "Lexus" and "Hanlis" Savyak. Even at the request of Mikhail Mamiashvili, they returned 500 thousand dollars of the principal debt. The money was needed for Mamiashvili's birthday in November 2013. The principal debt remained at $ 8.5 million.

Михаил Мамиашвили

However, Kazbek and Co. were not lucky. As a result, they lost out on Forex to smithereens, all attempts to get out did not lead to success. Mamiashvili and Aksentyev began to get angry. And this did not threaten good young people with anything. Mamiashvili and Aksentyev also contacted Yuri Chizh about this situation.

As a result, Vladimir Yaprintsev came to the rescue of his son. Mamiashvili and Savyak flew to Minsk, where in the restaurant "Golden Scallop" Yaprintsev arranged for the transfer of his shares in Triple (at that time they cost about $ 30 million) - 33% - to Mikhail Mamiashvili and Iosif Aksentyev.

However, this topic was not closed. A few months later, Yaprintsev was still demanded to return the debt. Mikhail Mamiashvili and Yuri Savyak came to Yuri Chizh and said: your friend Yaprintsev owes us and Aksentyev 27 million dollars. Do what you want, but the money must be returned. Mamiashvili said that, according to his information, Vladimir Yaprintsev intends to fly to the United States tomorrow and stay there. And then Chizh offered to go to the KGB and write a statement. Mamiashvili did not want to "shine" as a victim, as did Aksentyev: although it was their money, Yuri Savyak transferred it. As a result, the statements were written by Chizh and Savyak. On the same day, Vladimir and Kazbek Yaprintsevs were detained. Kazbek's partner Alexander Arabyan was arrested later - on September 30, 2016.

Иосиф Аксентьев

As a result, Kazbek Yaprintsev and Alexander Arabian received 8 years of imprisonment in a maximum security colony with confiscation. Vladimir Yaprintsev was pardoned by the president and was quickly released.

It is worth noting that Lukashenka's "wallet" Yuri Chizh fell into disgrace with the head of Belarus, in March 2017, a case was opened against him and sent to jail. However, he did not stay in prison for long. Having freed himself, Chyzh tried to return to Lukashenka's entourage, but failed. As a result, almost all of his assets were "squeezed" from him; in the summer of 2020, almost all of his companies were declared bankrupt.

Once the partners from "Lukashenka's wallet" quarreled with each other and have been carrying on fierce litigation for several years. Vladimir Yaprintsev is suing Chizh, Mamiashvili and Aksentyev, trying to get money back for his shares in Triple. In fact, they dumped him, took the shares on account of the debt, and then demanded the debt, initiated a case against him and collected this amount through the court.

In turn, Mamiashvili and Aksentyev quarreled over this topic. He believes that he did not receive anything at all on account of the money transferred by him and his wife, and that everything that came from the Yaprintsevs was kept by Mamiashvili. Indeed, the Yaprintsevs sent everything to Savyak's Austrian firms, believing that he was acting on behalf of Mamiashvili and Aksentyev, and not just as a confidant of the president of the Russian Wrestling Federation. All this led to the initiation of a case, in which Savyak became the accused. And it is very close to Mamiashvili.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin