In June 2021, an event took place that was hardly noticed by the media. Judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Alexander Klikushin resigned. For many, his resignation caused surprise - Klikushin's career was "on the rise", became the chairman of the judiciary in the civil collegium. And then he left the sun. As the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and found out, in reality, Klikushin's resignation was preceded by a scandalous situation, in reality he was lucky that she was not given a move and was allowed to simply leave the Armed Forces. Klikushin, like a number of Themis' servants from lower levels, made extremely dubious decisions regarding a large "piece" of land and recreational facilities in Sochi. And Klikushin became the owner of ... a plot on this very "large piece".

The main characters of our history: individuals Garin Andrey Nikolaevich, Garina Lyudmila Anatolyevna, Skorokhod Aida Leonidovna, Nazaryan Vladimir Alexandrovich under the protection of the invisibility cloak of the judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Klikushin Alexander Anatolyevich. The plot is as follows: for several years, the named heroes built a scheme according to which they managed to appropriate land plots and recreational facilities in the city of Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, for an amount that is calculated in hundreds of millions of rubles.

It happened as follows:

Having enlisted the support of biased (biased) judges who make the “necessary” decisions, A.N. Garin, L.A. Garina, A.L. Skorokhod. and V.A. Nazaryan they received the right of ownership to state and municipal lands in Sochi free of charge. And the Judge of the Supreme Court Klikushin A.A. contributed to the impossibility of appealing against unjust court decisions, sitting on a high branch of the highest court.

There were several court cases, most of them had a lengthy appeal process, ending, of course, in favor of the Garins, Skorokhod, and Nazaryan. Klikushin, at that time, was taking possession of new land plots, too clearly demonstrating his participation in the dirty scheme.

This story will not be complete without illustrative examples with numbers and evidence. proceeds to remove the veil from the eyes.


In June 2016, Skorokhod claims the rights to land belonging to the gardening partnership "Assembler", indicating in the claim that allegedly in 1994 land plots with an area of ​​2350 sq. M. Were transferred to her. m., 1870 sq. m., and 1475 sq. m., located next to her house - for personal subsidiary plots. And by the decision of the Khostinsky District Court of Sochi on June 29, 2016 in case No. 2-1833 / 2016, the court recognized her ownership of these three land plots.

Interestingly, the Sochi City Administration was not involved in the case, the court did not appoint an expert examination of the case, and did not examine the documents for the land plots. But a slight suspicion creeps in: where did Skorokhod, who lives on a permanent basis in Kemerovo and does not have legal relations with the Oktyabrsky state farm and the Montazhnik Garden Association, get the documents for these land plots?

Skorokhod A.L. formalizes the right of ownership to them. One of these land plots (cadastral number 23: 49: 0306002: 3753) was eventually subdivided into plots of 600 sq.m. (Ph.D. 23: 49: 0306002: 4154) and 875 sq. (c.n. 23: 49: 0306002: 4153). And then, as the information from the USRN says, miracles began ... In 2018, the owner of a land plot with an area of ​​875 sq.m. became ... the judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Klikushin A.A. Very unexpected, right?

And there are more than a dozen such cases from 2013 to 2020.

Only all of them, during the reign of Klikushin as a judge of the Supreme Court, ended in favor of the designated characters.

I think we should get to know our “gray eminence” better.

A.A. Klikushin - Former Deputy Chairman of the Tyumen Regional Court, who became a judge in the RF Armed Forces in 2014. Further, having strengthened his position, he became the chairman of the judicial composition in the civil collegium. And suddenly, unexpectedly, in June 2021, Klikushin resigns.

And after his departure from the high post, you will not believe!, The above case is sent for a new trial, and, as follows from the ruling of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, significant violations of the law were made by the courts of lower instances, which cannot be eliminated without canceling court decisions and a new trial.


This means that land plots with an area of ​​2,350 sq. m., 1870 sq. m., 1 475 sq. m. were transferred to the ownership of A.L. Skorokhod. unlawful. Like many other sites.

In the struggle for justice, all known instruments were involved: appealing court decisions (which was extinguished by Klikushin and other biased judges), sending complaints to all instances of the city of Sochi (which led to formal reports on inspections) and, in the end, bringing the case to the federal level ...

The hopelessness of attempts at the municipal level to hold this corrupt anthill to account has led to the need to declare a scheme that does not know borders and morals on the federal one: official complaints were sent to the Presidential Administration, to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Gen. Prosecutor, Director of the FSB, Minister of Internal Affairs. The complaint presents the material circumstances and results of the cases, the appeal processes, the violated rules of law and the amount of damage caused. Such evidence is hard to ignore. However, the restoration of justice is complicated by the Sochi mutual responsibility in state structures.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued