The most expensive apartment of the year is put up for sale on Avito (namely, apartments, mansions, of course, are also more expensive). A penthouse with a total area of ​​720 square meters on the 22nd floor of an elite residential complex in the center of Krasnodar on Kubano-Naberezhnaya Street, 37/11 is being sold for 150 million rubles.

As the VChK-OGPU telegram channel and found out, the apartment, at a price comparable to some good mansions in Florida, is owned by the family of the former chief judge of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Dmitrievich Chernov. The people who visited Alexander Dmitrievich, unmistakably identified the design depicted in the photographs.

Obviously, assuming that in our financially difficult time it will not be easy to push a room for a couple of million dollars (especially given the close attention of the security forces to people whose purchases in no way correspond to their income), the colorful photos were accompanied by a touchingly romantic text.

“The stained-glass windows offer the best views of the city panorama and the Kuban River, the Middle Caucasian Range is visible.

The entire floor of more than 700 square meters will be at your disposal, completely ready for living, designer renovation, Italian materials, all the necessary equipment and furniture for a comfortable stay. Large indoor pool, hammam, sauna and gym.


Several high-speed elevators, underground parking, on the floor there is a technical room for a control room for engineering systems.

A chic well-thought-out layout: a huge kitchen-living room, an office, three isolated bedrooms, each with its own dressing room and bathroom, several loggias and balconies, several additional rooms that can be used at your discretion (for example, as a “dirt room”.


The building is located in the central part of Krasnodar on the banks of the Kuban River near the main embankment of the city. Nearby is the administration of the region and the mayor's office of the city, offices of major companies and key government agencies, large shopping and entertainment centers, the best restaurants and shops in the city, the city beach, the 30th anniversary of Victory Park, the famous Bridge of Kisses. Guarded fenced area, free guest parking in the yard, private closed green square and children's playground.

At first glance, conducting such transactions through an Internet resource accessible to any user looks strange. Big money loves silence, but in the Kuban they love absolute, literally deathly, silence. That is why law enforcement officers have to make considerable efforts to find some dacha of the former vice-governor A.A. Alekseenko, built on the lands of the reserve, or "unfastened" to the highest regional officials in the form of floors in the "problem" residential complex. Which become "problematic", because the developer balked and "did not understand" what was required of him. But, on the other hand, such an “openness” of the family of the former chief judge of the region suggests that the Chernov clan is now thoroughly “storming”. Family-related scandals follow "jamb".

Obviously warned about the upcoming events of the security forces, Chernov's former subordinate, a member of the "family", judge Elena Khakhaleva (Alexander Dmitrievich's granddaughter, Nastya, is married to Khakhaleva's son), is fleeing the country. There were "questions" about the illegitimate son of Chernov - the young deputy of the City Duma of Krasnodar Vitaly Novikov. Now the largest scandalous story in recent years in Russia is flaring up, connected with the deprivation of housing from lonely old people, residents of Krasnodar, Sochi, the Republic of Adygea. The crooks - "black realtors" - implemented a scheme that was relatively new for the country, registering real estate for themselves, through "left powers of attorney", which (all without exception) were issued in the notary's office of Alexander Dmitrievich's wife, Galina Timofeevna Chernova. Two dozen such powers of attorney were prepared by Chernova's assistant, T. Tsikunib. It would seem that if Chernova herself is not smeared in this crime, it would be possible to “merge” the assistant, saying that you were not aware of her black deeds. But, as the sources of say, now the Chernov family is making every effort to save the criminal assistant from a more than well-deserved term. The Tsikunib criminal case was moved to a separate proceeding. If all the other scammers, "black realtors" went under Art. 159. part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, then Tsikunib, a “black notary”, which is one of the key members of the criminal community, is charged with a very light art. 202. It's just something about abuse of power.

E. Lameikin, the brother of a State Duma deputy, was appointed judge in the Tsikunib case in a strange way. Whose wife, Ekaterina, is a notary, and whose daughter, Anna Lameikina Chernova (who is also the President of the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory), recently contributed to obtaining a license to engage in notarial activities.

The first hearing in the Tsikunib case was adjourned due to due to the illness of the judge of the Pervomaisky District Court of Krasnodar, Eduard Lameikin. "Evil tongues" give a different reason: the judge's assistants did not have time to contact all the victims. From the unfortunate lonely old men, the judges require a written statement that they do not object to the consideration of the case without their participation. There is also a specific “request” to the grandfathers - be sure to write glory in the application: “When resolving all issues, I rely on the discretion of the court, including the termination of the criminal case on NON-REHABILITATION grounds” !!! True, the text says that if the court comes to the conclusion that punishment is necessary, then the victims will also have no objections. But it's "IF IT COME".

It is obvious that any guilty verdict in this high-profile case, which was reported by all the central television channels, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, will be a catastrophic blow to Chernova, and will have an extremely negative impact on Chernov. And, it is likely that such a prompt sale of one of the family real estate objects is connected precisely with the options for taking the family away from the blow.

How bad the affairs of the Chernov clan, apparently, can be judged by whether the further sale of the property owned by the family will happen. If, for example, the Chernovs’ apartment in one of the elite LCDs in Gelendzhik is exhibited on Avito (where there is, in particular, even an individual elevator and a large open terrace adjoining the apartment), it will be clear that the clan’s affairs are generally very unimportant . Indeed, today expensive real estate in this resort makes non-poor Russians members of a kind of closed Gelendzhik Club. Golf courses, private vineyards and wineries, the prospects for creating a “second Monaco” here - only those who have an “apartment” worth tens of millions of rubles in the city can apply for club membership. Selling it means losing your pass to the Novorussian resort party.

But, apparently, the Chernovs still had resources and connections. Once sold "only" Krasnodar 150-millionth penthouse. It would be interesting to look at buyers.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued