This is, perhaps, the highest degree of trolling by our security officials, when a former KGB officer recruited by the American intelligence service, on behalf of the FSB, cheats the Russian elite for money, and with the proceeds buys property abroad, hiding behind the names of high-ranking generals of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result, the gang of fraudsters have huge assets abroad, and the generals here, too, gain the glory of corrupt officials, and in the West they may find themselves under sanctions.


A recent example is the recent purchase of another luxury real estate in Latin America, which was carried out by a gang of scammers through the Koklyagin-Kuchinskys.

Yevgeny Koklyagin, after graduating from Plekhanov University, was invited to work in the KGB of the USSR as an officer of the first main directorate in charge of illegal intelligence, where he worked without much fame and money until 1993. After the next reorganization of the service, I was forced to look for a more profitable job. And thanks to the established connections and crusts, he found him in Turkey, where from 1993 to 2006 he worked as an advisor in one of the logistics companies.

In Turkey, he was recruited by American intelligence. On behalf of the curators, he starts recruiting crime bosses in the post-Soviet space, offering them a channel for withdrawing funds from Russia. The same curators introduce Koklyagin to the Likharev-Bonnet spouses, through whom he began his first experiments to withdraw criminal money from Russia and legalize it in the United States.

His acquaintance with Vladimir Kuchinsky in the 2000s allowed him to expand his connections in the criminal environment.

Vladimir Kuchinsky was born in the village of Novy Dvor, Grodno Region, Belarus. In 1990 he graduated from Moscow State University named after Lomonosov with a degree in psychology, and the education he received is now successfully used in his criminal activities.

After graduating from Moscow State University, he returned to his homeland and until 2005 was unknown to Russian law enforcement officers. For that, in Belarus he managed to become famous as a successful swindler Kucha. Kucha-Kuchinsky began the school of "life" immediately after graduating from university in 1991 in the group of Naum, after the death of the latter he went under the wing of Shchavlik. For 15 years, Vladimir Kuchinsky has established close ties with the criminal communities of Belarus, Georgia and Russia. Psychological education gave Kuchinsky not only knowledge of manipulative techniques, but also made it possible to usefully involve his wife Lyudmila in his schemes, and most importantly, to become the brain centers of all further scams together with Koklyagin and Co.


The main business of the Kuchinsky gang and the pseudo-general of the FSB Koklyagin was the divorce of domestic businessmen for money for offering a "cover" from the security forces. It was Kuchinsky's wife, Lyudmila, who first approached future victims, got acquainted with entrepreneurs and their wives, entered into trust, and then offered the services of her husband, who was supposed to help in resolving issues with the security forces. Further, Kuchinsky already got down to business, who later introduced Koklyagin into the scheme. Posing as an FSB general, Koklyagin promises the victims patronage from the FSB generals Korolev and Tkachev and the head of the "F" department of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Ivanov, and in some cases the personal massage therapist of President Konstantin Goloshchapov, allegedly extorting a lot of money in their favor. Among its friends, the gang also lists the heads of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia: earlier - General Romanov, and after his departure - General Lebedev. According to preliminary estimates, under the high-profile names of their alleged patrons from the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the swindlers have already managed to withdraw about $ 500 million from the country.

However, something remained in Russia as well. Dear generals of the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other "vitamins" do not even suspect that for the "share assigned to them", which, according to Kuchinsky, he unfastens "up", Kuchinsky's wife Lyudmila buys for herself expensive trinkets, cars, and at the same time several hectares of prestigious land in the Istra district of the Moscow region - s / p Pavlo-Slobodskoe, s. Pavlovskaya Sloboda, where Lyudmila Kuchinskaya only has a garage registered, but there is a house with an area of ​​346.3 sq. m. at her in the elite village "Knyazhye Ozero" on Novorizhskoe highway at g. Istra, village Borzoi, st. Nevskaya. For understanding, the prices for similar houses in the village start at US $ 2 million.


Kuchinsky himself has a modest apartment in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region in the village of Antonovo at 1 Zhivotnovodov Street (this is not counting family housing in Moscow), and drives around in a gray Lexus produced in 2008, license plate H804MO199, but his wife owns a black MERCEDES -BENZ GLS 350 D 4MATIS, year of issue: 2016, license plate number К810АН799; silver TOYOTA RAV4, year of issue: 2004, license plate O269TK97. In Moscow, the family does not live in an elite residential complex, but if on the map of Moscow you find the address of Nansen Passage, 5, located near Kapustinsky Park almost on the shore of a pond, then it is clear that not every elite house boasts such an arrangement. Well, besides, the family also has an apartment in Krasnogorsk. On the black day.


"General of the FSB" Koklyagin does not have a large fortune - an apartment in Moscow at 57, on Yaroslavl highway, and a car - Mazda 626, 1995, state. reg. sign: T499MS99, - but here, as Gleb Zheglov said, he had to deal with his women in time - the first wife, the second, a horde of children, mother-in-law, you can't feed everyone. As the well-wishers say, after Koklyagin's last schematics, his women got some fresh property.

In Moscow, Kuchinsky's group has deployed a cash-out site, part of the funds from which is further directed to OOO Obolenskoye, where his wife Lyudmila is listed as CEO, engaged in real estate management, and also to OOO Kalina-Park, owned by Kuchinsky, specializing in pre-sale preparation of real estate. Well, Kuchinsky needs to maintain the reputation of a well-known developer - this way it is easier for the former owner of Nord-West to get into trust.

But the gang's main assets, of course, are taken abroad.

To withdraw funds, the trade based money laundering scheme is actively used, which has successfully established itself all over the world as the simplest and most effective money withdrawal scheme. We are talking about the conclusion of transactions for the supply of goods or services, which are either not supplied at all, or supplied in smaller volumes, or of high quality. Trading contracts are rarely reviewed by regulators and do not require a special documentary base, if such verification occurs. In the case of the Koklyagin-Kuchinskys, various kinds of contracts are used for the supply of spare parts for construction equipment through Attika LLC (TIN 5024139272), the sole shareholder and founder of which is Sergey Alekseevich Novoseltsev. The authorized capital of an LLC, as expected, does not exceed 10,000 rubles. For that, even the official annual revenue is more than 10 million rubles, revenues - about 700 sput. rubles, despite the fact that the analysis of the movement of funds through the accounts shows that amounts equivalent to 10 million dollars annually pass through Attica. It is obvious that the company uses a number of schemes to understate revenue and does so with the participation of the management of financial institutions that service its accounts. As a result, the tax authorities, like the siloviki before that, turn out to be fools.

The company's foreign currency accounts have been opened with Alfa-Bank, Promsvyazbank and ZAO Alta-Bank. Only in one "Alfa-Bank" the organization opened 102 accounts over the past year. This is not counting the accounts at Promsvyazbank and Alta-Bank. The scheme also involves Olimp LLC established by Kuchinsky, TIN: 7702518156, ITL LLC, TIN: 7723545489, Vector Capital LLC TIN: 7713565670, Obolenskoye LLC, TIN: 7704601650, Modern Medical Technologies LLC, TIN : 7704778174, LLC "Elitstroy", INN: 7708538991, LLC "Kalina-Park", INN: 7713577555.

And of course, besides the accounts in Russian banks, the swindlers also have accounts abroad. Attika, for example, has a bank account at The Bank of New York. Foreign companies, the number of which reaches several dozen, are also used in schemes. Among them are Zelaya Holdings, ARK Investments, Patricia United Foundation, August World Foundation and many others. The number of founders and directors changes slightly from company to company, but on the whole it is one and the same company.

For example, Sergey Novoseltsev, the general director of Attika, since 2013 has been managing the Skyey Company laundering office, opened at the same address (1621 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA) as a certain company Di-Vision, on which Attica received over $ 3 million last year.

The Skyey Company also included Viktor Zhigunov, who until now is the directors of a number of Panamanian trading companies (Ozema Inversiones and Brisas), together with the Belarusians Oleksandr and Irina Zhuravlev.

All companies are buy-and-sell intermediaries. Significantly, many of them have expensive real estate. So, for Ozema I Brizas there are apartments in the local resort of Bala Beach and in one of the central skyscrapers of Panama.

By the way, if the delivery of goods requires at least some of their visibility, then with services it is even easier.

For example, on September 25, 2019, Attika entered into an agreement with the American company Di-Vision for the production of a video worth 3.1 million US dollars. On 03/31/2020, the parties signed the Acceptance Certificate, the money was transferred. But there was a video - it was not, and whether it was worth that kind of money, no one will find out now. In fact, this is a typical example of a laundromat, which was helped from the American side by the already mentioned spouses Nikkolas and Haley Bonnet (according to American passports), the very ones with whom the American curators once brought Koklyagin together.

Moreover, in fact, the Bonnet spouses are Russian citizens Oleg Likharev and Elena Bobyleva (the decision on the assignment of new names was received by the California Supreme Court on September 12, 2011, case INC 1107510).

In the late 2000s, the "clown" Likharev managed to ruin his reputation even in the United States by self-proclaiming the ataman of the California Cossack District and trying to lay his paw on the

unit of the Fort Ross Foundation. However, as a result of the conflict, he was forced to change his surname. Apparently, it was then that he came to the attention of American intelligence, which, instead of sending him to Russia, attached him to Koklyagin for his financial schemes.

This, incidentally, testifies to the fact that the Kuchinskys and Koklyagin are still using the latter's old ties in Turkey. The country is used both as a transit point for transferring funds and for purchasing small batches of oil, which are then supplied to Belarus. The proceeds then go to the account of one of the American oil brokers.

Obviously, accomplices in other countries are also involved in the schemes. Thus, several million dollars under fictitious contracts for the supply of spare parts for construction equipment were transferred to the accounts of Chinese companies.

Moreover, not a single bank serving Attica has blocked accounts under 115-FZ, although such amounts and the quality of the contracts drawn up should have suggested the true purpose of the transactions.

Is it any surprise that tens of billions of dollars are flowing out of the country every year, despite all the bans and controls, and banks, their regulators and Russian special services are believed to be involved in this. This, as it were, is confirmed by the activities of the Kuchinsky and Koklyagin, as a result of which the funds obtained by criminal means in Russia, before entering the accounts of Panamanian and American companies, pass along the entire chain, stopping in Chinese and Turkish jurisdictions, and are already legalized in the form of funds, received from the sale of various products in Russia and Belarus. And all this is covered with a fake ID of the FSB general from Koklyagin and the well-known names of the security officials, for whom the gang allegedly collects money and accumulates assets abroad.

It is noteworthy that in October 2020, Koklyagin was taken for interrogation to the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where it turned out that he had a fake FSB certificate and had no relation to the service for a long time. Yes, and never was a general, although, probably, he really wanted to.

Now, along with Kuchinsky, presumably, prison bunks await him, and by no means in a "prestigious" block for economic criminals, but in general - for ordinary criminals. Kuchinsky already has a long criminal history in Belarus, and the main activity of their gang, first of all, fraud and racketeering, and not some "sophisticated" schemes of economic crimes.

Only in the general bloc Kuchinsky is unlikely to be mistaken for one of their own. After all, a person who has not “according to the concept” embroiled his wife and children into criminal schemes does not even deserve the respect of a gangster. As one famous movie hero used to say: "Don't shit where you live." And Kuchinsky's unscrupulousness and thirst for easy money led precisely to the fact that he and his wife would end up behind bars, and the children in an orphanage.

Timofey Zabiyakin

To be continued