Source: continues the story of the ruling elite of North Ossetia, which is more reminiscent of a certain organized crime group. So, one of the key posts, the head of the republic, Vyacheslav Bitarova, gave a man who had created a powerful team of athletes, participated in a high-profile murder and who was under arrest for him, a participant in gang fights, etc. So, get acquainted - Rustem Kelekhsaev, the head of the administration of the head of the North Ossetia-Alania and the government of the North Ossetia-Alania. This is the “right” hand of Bitarov, his hope and support.

Rustem Kelekhsaev has a very interesting criminal fate comparable to the biography of Bitarov himself and his closest friends, Mayor of Vladikavkaz Tamerlan Farniev (Karkush) and owner of the Salyut alcohol company Elbrus Komaev. Kelekhsaev, a professional freestyle wrestler, became an athlete in front of the influential Sergey Takoyev (he was both the head of the administration of the President of the North Ossetia and the chairman of the government). The latter had very warm feelings for the wrestler. As a result, in 2004 Kelekhsaev was appointed Minister of Youth, Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of North Ossetia. In this position, he had broader functions than officially indicated. Kelekhsaev by that time had several of his teams, consisting of athletes. On the basis of these brigades, youth-patriotic movements were created in the republic, which were used to disperse rallies and military operations against protesters. Along the way, the brigades were engaged in extortion and other fishing. We also went to a showdown in the interests of Kelekhsaev and individual members of the government.

According to a source from, in 2006 the government of North Ossetia, through Rosselkhozbank, allocated a loan worth 70 million rubles to large and influential Ossetian businessman Kazbek Dzhibilov. It was a very opaque operation; Djibilov did not fulfill the promise. As a result, he had a conflict with a number of members of the government. Deal with the offender instructed Minister Kelekhsaev. He decided to “knock out” this money from the Djibilov family and sent his bouncer. "Arrow" took place on the "Bald" mountain on the outskirts of Vladikavkaz. The militants Kelekhsaeva and the son of Kazbek Dzhibilov, Marat, came to her. A fight broke out between the young people, as a result of which Marat Dzhibilov was killed. His body was hidden. And from his parents demanded a ransom, as if alive. Those same 70 million rubles.

And then the fun began. Marat Djibilov was a member of the Family of "authority" Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). And Jaco killed for less. As a result, he gave the order not just to crack down on the offender, but to do it painfully long, torturing the victim. As Rustem Kelekhsayev did not hide, the guys of Gagiev found him, twisted him and took him to the village of Arkhonskaya. There he was put in the basement of one of the houses where they began to bully him.

Fortunately, Kelekhsaev learned about this Takoev, who was on good terms with Dzhako. Taking with him $ 3 million, Takoev went to bow to Gagiev. He accepted the farmers and soon Kelekhsaev was released. True, by this time the murder of Dzhibilov caused a great resonance in the republic, relatives directly blamed Kelekhsaev for what happened. As a result, the minister was arrested on charges of organizing the murder of Marat Dzhibilov and sent to jail. At that time, the head of North Ossetia Taimuraz Mamsurov and Sergey Takoev had a tremendous influence on absolutely all structures, all departments, including law enforcement and judicial. If they already managed to solve the problem with Jaco, then there were no special problems. When the hype surrounding Dzhibilov’s murder abated, on June 15, 2007, the republic’s prosecutor’s office closed the criminal case against the Minister of Sports and reinstated Rustem Kelekhsayev. At the moment, Rustem Kelekhsaev is the head of the administration of the head of the North Ossetia-Alania and the government of the North Ossetia-Alania and has a huge influence on Vyacheslav Bitarov.

They met when Kelekhsaev was a minister, and Bitarov a businessman. Now Kelekhsaev is a very necessary member of the Bitarov team. The first uncle, Kelekhsaev Vladimir Ilyich, is the chief federal inspector for the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. It is under his leadership that reports on the state of affairs in the republic are prepared and sent to the Kremlin, he is guided by in the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. As it’s not difficult to guess, Rustem agrees that all these reports are very good for Bitarov.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov