The official goal of the war in Ukraine is denazification. However, in the rear, this is somehow not very good. The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU found out about the very specific hobbies of the former employee of the Prosecutor General's Office and a close friend of the general, State Duma deputy Vladimir Shamanov.

Чистяков и Шаманов

          The editorial office of the Cheka-OGPU was approached by Elena Rvevetskaya, the wife of Vitaly Viktorovich Chistyakov, a former high-ranking employee of the State Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. She spoke about her husband's strange interests: “My husband is an ardent admirer of Nazi Germany, eats from SS plates, forks and knives with SS symbols, sabers, knives, trunks, ammunition and SS awards, helmets and books with SS symbols are placed throughout the house , figurines of Hitler. And this despite the fact that Chistyakov can often be found in the company of Vladimir Shamanov, with whom they are friends.

          However, Elena turned, of course, not on this occasion. publishes her letter with small bills.

“I am Elena Yuryevna Rvevetskaya, being the wife of Vitaly Viktorovich Chistyakov, I received regular threats from my husband that she would not tell anyone that he was fictitiously on maternity leave and during the years we lived together constantly threatened to deprive me of my citizenship of the Russian Federation, citizenship of Germany, so how he, being an employee of the Prosecutor General's Office in the position of prosecutor of the inspectorate department of the inspectorate department of the Main Personnel Department, did not indicate in the declarations of my previous Russian citizenship and also the second citizenship of our children of the United States, fearing dismissal from the authorities and forbade me, under threat of physical harm, to report my citizenship and citizenship of children, to the Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

After another quarrel that took place in front of our children, everything that my husband gave me was taken away by him, jewelry with diamonds, Rolex and Cartier watches, a 2021 BMW X6 car. values ​​that he acquired as a result of corrupt activities to promote the state. contracts in the company VAD, in collusion with Perevalov V.P. and Baranov A.A., which were approved by them on joint hunts. 12/04/2021, I was severely beaten by my husband when I told him that Baranov A.A. directly signs contracts without his participation with Perevalov V.P. and does not share commission with him. I managed to get out of the house to the emergency room, where the beatings were registered with the help of X-rays. To the doctor’s question, of course, I said that my husband had beaten me, after which the doctor explained to me that the data on the beating would be sent to law enforcement agencies, I was afraid for my life and asked the doctor to write that I had fallen myself, in fear that my husband would beat me again with more severe injuries. ... That day I called my friend Antropova O.P. And she told about the beating committed by her husband, as well as to mutual friends Kharichkina Diana, and later Bubnova Galina. After that, I wrote a letter asking for help and that my husband ordered me to all our mutual friends, fearing reprisal from my husband.

After that, my lawyer wrote a statement accepted by Sorokin S.A. from 11.01. 2022 to the Police in KUSP No. 298 Golitsynsky OP about the beating, but since at that time the head of the police of the Odintsovo district was his close friend Shkolkin A.V., they sent a refusal to initiate the case, which I could not get because I left the country. My husband regularly drank and, due to alcohol intoxication, was not aware of the consequences of his behavior in our family, with 2 children, setting a negative example for children. After his drinking bouts, which he called negotiations on business, with his highly respected friends, officials, their names I am afraid to mention, who are unaware of his aggression in the family, he returned home and left his gun on the dining table, where they have breakfast in the morning children while he sleeps soundly. Also, he uses his prosecutor's certificate, which he had to hand over after retirement, to resolve issues with law enforcement agencies with the help of Shkolkin A.V., who previously held the position of head of the Odintsovo Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, returns home drunk while driving endangering other road users. In the house where my husband and I lived, at the address Moscow region, Odintsovo district, Sivkovo village, KIZ Zelenaya Roshcha uch. .. he scattered his weapons, Kalashnikov assault rifles, sabers, knives, barrels, ammunition and SS awards, helmets and books with SS symbols, a statue of Hitler, I can provide a photo. My husband is an ardent admirer of Nazi Germany, eats from SS plates, forks and knives with SS symbols .... His close friend Shamanov V.A., deputy of the state. Duma of the Russian Federation ...

As a mother, fearing for my life and our children, I decided to move to another country, after my husband beat and repeatedly intimidated me and my relatives. …

As a result, after leaving, I decided to file a lawsuit with the Zamoskvoretsky District Court for divorce and the division of jointly acquired property stvo, which was assigned the number of Case No. 02-3638/2022. My first lawyer Kvartalnova E. was intimidated by her husband, as a result of which she went over to her husband's side and began to slander unfounded accusations against me, and I had to hire another lawyer Kostin D.M. During the negotiations, we could not agree on a single value of the jointly acquired property and agreed with my lawyer, Kostin D.M. ask the court to postpone the consideration of the case and file a petition for the appointment of a judicial appraisal of jointly acquired property in order to divide it into equal parts, in accordance with the law on the division of jointly acquired property, taking into account the interests and shares of children who live with their mother.


08/30/2022 My lawyer Kostin D.M. He did not appear at the meeting, referring to the illness, without agreeing with me, he sent blogger N.G. Pereskokova to the meeting as a trustee of the realtor blogger, whose power of attorney he probably previously issued with a notary by right of substitution with the power of attorney issued to him by me with the right of substitution. Pereskokova, being in a preliminary agreement with the defendant, my husband, at the meeting signed a settlement agreement, the contents of which are still hidden from me, violating my rights. After the court session, lawyer Kostin told me that Pereskokova went on vacation and did not return to him the power of attorney given to him by me to represent my interests in court, and he does not have access to the case and Pereskokov does not get in touch and does not send a copy of the agreement, probably intentionally, by at the direction of Chistyakov, the customer of this scam. In order to quickly re-register all my property in my property.


09/07/2022 Chistyakov began to send me strange messages, in which allegedly all my real estate, namely, an apartment in Moscow, a house in the Crimea, in the city of Feodosia, land plots in the Moscow region, Odintsovo district, which belonged to me before marrying him , donated to me by my mother and not subject to division, not being jointly acquired property, was alienated in his favor. After that, my lawyer Kostin D.M., who also entered into an agreement with Pereskokova and Chistyakov, said that on 09/07/2022 he got acquainted with the court decision on the case, and confirmed the signing of the settlement agreement, against my consent. The WhatsApp correspondence with citizen Kostin about my intentions at the trial is also attached to the appeal, as evidence. I canceled the power of attorney in the name of D. M. Kostin to represent my interests on 09/05/2022, which once again proves his involvement in collusion with the opposing party, which is a gross procedural violation and gives the right to deprive him of the status of a lawyer.

09/06/2022 I found in the Rosreestr that the ownership of the property was transferred to Chistyakov, by court order. The court gives time for a cassation appeal one month, but he has already re-registered my property as his property. What is a gross procedural violation. Moreover, in my suit for divorce and the division of this property, the above objects were not indicated, since they are not jointly acquired property.

I ask the competent authorities of the prosecutor's office to check the illegality of the court decision, cancel it, and send the case for review of the court decision.

I also ask you to protect my family from Chistyakov V.V. In view of the fact that he sends me WhatsApp messages with death threats, accusations of espionage, deprivation of Russian citizenship and slander about tax evasion. I received a call from a Chechen, whose phone number was given by Chistyakov, as well as the address where we live with our children legally, after which I fear for my life and the lives of my children.

Chistyakov Vitaly Viktorovich today illegally receives a pension from an employee of the prosecutor's office, since he included the length of service on the decree, in which he was not actually. He was unreasonably charged with the length of service of the prosecutor's office as a prosecutor of the inspectorate department of the inspectorate department of the Main Personnel Department.

I am ready to testify to the prosecutor's office on revealing a gross violation of the law by Chistyakov V.V., in particular, his deception of the prosecutor's office, where Chistyakov illegally received 5 years of experience as an employee of the prosecutor's office, declaring that he was allegedly on maternity leave for 2 years with our first child and 3 years with a second child, and then retired on seniority. He misled the Prosecutor General's Office by arranging me a documented job at Askandr LLC in Moscow from 06/01/2014 to 06/01/2016, then to Gorgaz LLC in Kaliningrad from 06/01/2016 to 04/15. 2019, owned by his friend A. Baranov. But in fact, I did not work in these companies, they do not have a payroll about my salary, because I did not work there and did not receive the salary specified in the position. In fact, I did not work all these years and took care of the children myself, which is evidenced by the absence of sick leave, regular visits with my children to clinics, a kindergarten, a school, developing circles. The husband never took care of children and it was entirely my responsibility. This can be confirmed by our son's teacher at school, kindergarten teachers, club leaders, as well as my mother and children.

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued