In Solnechnogorsk, the son of a lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik was kidnapped, who is an important witness in the case of the "authority" Aslan Gagagiev (Dzhako), whose gang has committed more than 50 murders. Among other things, Skrypnik testified about the relationship between Jaco and businessman Elbrus Komaev, a close friend, business partner of the head of North Ossetia, Vyacheslav Bitarov.

 According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, Skrypnik told the police that his 17-year-old son, Evgeny, had left the house in the village of Pohlebayki for a meeting. However, he did not reach the meeting place, mysteriously disappeared, his phone did not answer.

The search undertaken by his father did not bring success, moreover, all the facts indicate the abduction. On the eve, Skrypnik was threatened, and the threat came to his son’s phone. Skrypnik believes that the attack could have been organized by Gagiev’s wife Guzel Mustafakulova, who now actually continues Dzhako’s business. Attorney Konstantin Skrypnik during testimony to the investigation stated that he owns a business, including the Art Hotel in Moscow. His commercial structures had a curator from the power unit Gagoev, who introduced Skrypnik to Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). The latter became the "roof" of the businessman, and Jaco killers began to live in the "Art Hotel". Gagiev himself held meetings there. Skrypnik was close to Jaco to the last, and then the "authority" was arrested in Austria. How events developed further readers of will be able to learn from Skrypnik told investigators.

“After the arrest of A. Gagiev in Vienna, Austria in 2015, R. Gagoev began to meet regularly with Guzel Mustafakulova (wife of Gagiev A.M.). In July 2015, Gagoev RD. insisted on my personal trip to Vienna, Austria in order to provide legal assistance to Gagiev A. At the same time, Gagoev R.D. convinced me that Gagiev A. would deal with his problems, would be released again and retain his influence and supporters. On arrival in Vienna, at the Hotel Grand Hotel, Guzel met me. In the course of repeated conversations with me over three days, both in a hotel and in other places in Vienna, Guzel demanded that upon returning to Moscow, he conveyed to Gagoyev Roland that he needed to collect money from Gagiev’s partners in Russia and give it to her , as well as Gagoev RD need to influence the course of the investigation. The funds needed to be collected from the following persons: Elbrus Komaev (owner of the Salyut distillery); Tamerlan Daurbekovich Torchinov (co-owner of Gagiev at the airport of Vladikavkaz). Guzel personally demanded that I introduce Gagoev R.D. a participant in my law firm “Vector of Law” and follow his instructions to receive the money invested in the gallery “Aquarius”. Guzel also demanded that I hand over to Gagoev R.D. so that he influenced Nail Malyutin in order to change his testimony against A. Gagiev and put pressure on Burlakov’s heirs in the FLC to refuse their inheritance. I did not go to the detention center in Vienna, where A. Gagiev was detained at that time. After listening to Guzel’s demands, I flew to Moscow. Upon returning, I included R. Gagoev in my bar association as a lawyer, provided Guzel with information about good international lawyers for A. Gagiev (Andrey Romashov and Vadim Mikhailovich Myshlyapkin). I also transferred Gagoev R.D. all the requirements of Guzel. Did Gagoev R.D. I do not know these requirements. ... I have reason to believe that Guzel and Gagoev R. D., as members of the organized criminal community of A. Gagiev, are currently supervising the sleeping cells of A. Gagiev’s gang. ”

To be continued

Arseny Dronov