Source: continues the story of how one of the main underground bankers Eugene Dvoskin came out of the shadows and became the owner of the General Bank. And then with this GenBank launched activities in the Crimea. The situation is simply amazing. Dvoskin was detained on suspicion of illegal banking activities. However, the case was suddenly turned against the owners of the General Bank, who soon ceased to be such. The shares were transferred to ...Dvoskina. All these events became possible, thanks to the actions of the investigator of the 12th division of GSU GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Irina Shineaway. And the chief Webirc GU MVD in Moscow, General Yuri Vasiliev. The latter, after the Bank was at Dvoskin, died in China under strange circumstances.    

Evgeny Dvoskin was a participant of many "platforms" for cashing and transit of large sums. By 2004, he used in his schemes Bank Nature, where his interests were represented by Artem Stepanyants. Dvoskin himself was listed as an adviser to the Chairman of GenBank. However, even the co-owner of the Bank was not. The main packages of the General Bank belonged to Konstantin Beloborodov and Alexander Savvin. Platform Dvoskin interested operatives, were prosecuted under article 172 of the criminal code (illegal banking activity), which was in the production of Shineaway.  August 19, 2014 at Dvoskin and his then partner Marat Romanov are searched, they have, according to a source, withdraw the mass of the documents confirming illegal banking activity. Romanov and Dvoskin detain for questioning by Shineaway. And then miracles happen. By that time Evgeny Dvoskin already had a reliable "roof" on Lubyanka. So he quickly goes on freedom. According to Dvoskin's conversations with Romanov, they frantically begin to look for answers to questions: Who is to blame and What to do. Moreover, in response to the last question, the parties agree that it is necessary to transfer the direction of the case to the owners of the General Bank.

It turned out that the whole campaign up to that time was great know the head Webirc Moscow General Yury Vasiliev, whose talk was called Grandfather. Vasilyeva was a roommate of his mother Nadezhda Stankevich, who in turn was the right hand of Stepanyants. Just when Romanov and Dvoskin got into development in connection with the case under article 172 of the criminal code, they discussed how to use his Grandfather to put in jail the shareholders of the General Bank, and the Bank to take over. So from a conversation with Romanov Stepanyantz, it follows that Stepanyantz copied to a USB flash drive incriminating evidence on Constantine Beloborodova and his assistant Mikhail Savva - brother of the shareholder of the GenBank Alexandra Savvina. According to the materials that have from the conversations it follows that they planned to initiate a case through Vasilyev on the main shareholders of the General Bank and send them to jail. And then followed the detention of themselves Dvoskin and Romanov. But they quickly gamed the situation to their advantage. Given the identity Vasiliev and very dramatically changed the position of Shineaway, it was not too difficult. And the case, in which Dvoskin and Romanov were detained and were in the building of the Ministry of internal Affairs, was used to declare the main villains of the shareholders of the General Bank and Konstantin Beloborodov. He was put on the wanted list, then arrested. And [br] of the shares of the GenBank Beloborodov and shareholders close to him have moved to Dvoskina. 

In the same 2014 Dvoskin volunteered to move the work of the Bank to the Crimea. He was not afraid of sanctions, as wanted by the FBI and in any country his way "ordered". GenBank opened branches in Crimea in 2014. For three years of "successful" activities, the Bank formed a giant "hole", which rapidly increased. As a result, in August 2017, the Central Bank reorganized the General Bank, replaced the administration of the financial institution and introduced a new investor - Sobinbank ("daughter" of the Bank "Russia"). When studying the situation in the General Bank, a "hole" of 25 billion rubles was revealed. And in order to put this Bank finally on its feet after Dvoskin, the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector had to allocate as much as 80 billion rubles.

The most interesting thing is that soon after the GenBank became Dvoskin and earned in the Crimea with some participants in this story there were mysterious events. So, in December 2014 suddenly died 50-year-old General Yuri Vasiliev. And it happened during a trip to China under very strange circumstances.

To be continued

Arseny Drones