As it became known to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, the developer and chief designer of the ROC "Athena" (the control system of the MTSS of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation), the head of the scientific and technical center of FGANU TsITIS, Sergey Malygin, was arrested.

           According to investigators, Malygin gave a large bribe to the representative of the 16th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Meshchanin, for assisting in the quick and unhindered consideration of the documentation of the Athena ROC. The bribe, according to investigators, consisted in fictitious employment of three people at FGANU TsITIS for half the rate.

           OKR "Afina" is an information security system for a multiservice communication network of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which will allow creating a control system protected from threats.

In the near future, they were supposed to complete a prototype product and conduct preliminary state tests.

However, on April 26, Malygin was taken into custody and placed in a pre-trial detention center in the city of Volokolamsk.

“In fact, the employees indicated in the case file were employed to perform highly specialized work (calculation of the reliability of the product, justification of general technical requirements for the product, etc.), - said the interlocutor of, who is familiar with the situation, - Unfortunately, after the reforms in science it is almost impossible to find such specialists in the labor market. That is why this decision was made.

As it turned out later, these employees transferred part of their wages to V.Yu. In other words, he worked.

Obviously, this cannot be classified as a bribe. So don't give a bribe. The money spent went to the implementation of the ROC.

Malygin was not interested in giving a bribe, because. is a hired employee of FGANU CITIS, not endowed with organizational and administrative functions. The maximum benefit he could get was the fulfillment of the state defense order on time and a bonus at the end of the year in the amount of salary. In other words, he worked for the good of the Motherland, tried to develop a system of secure military communications that was so necessary in the current political conditions.

As a result, when the R&D is already in the final stage, he, as a key person and the only developer, is removed from the state contract on a far-fetched, strained charge. The investigation has not yet provided any direct evidence of his guilt. The only thing that he is charged with is the testimony of Meshchanin V.Yu., already sentenced to 4 years of strict regime. and his (Malygin's) deputy Galchin, who, obviously, gave evidence that was convenient for the investigation, under pressure on them.

It cannot be called otherwise than sabotage. From the already almost collapsed military science, they simply cut out the key developer of the ROC on a far-fetched charge.

The other day there was a trial to extend the preventive measure for Malygin in the Solnechnogorsk court. Investigator Yusnikov was not even able, at the request of the lawyer, to explain in his own words what the chief designer of the ROC "Athena" is accused of.

There is an earning of positions and stars by the Investigative Committee.

Malygin has four minor children. The wife is on maternity leave and the family is in a distressed situation - it has no savings, no sources of income, because. Malygin was the only breadwinner in the family, he paid the mortgage for the apartment in which everyone lives.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued