Source: continues to follow the developments around one of the biggest scams in the banking market. "Sovcombank", bypassing the instructions of the Central Bank, took deposits from VIP-clients for billions of dollars, and then refused to pay for them. The fundraiser was a shareholder and Deputy Chairman Sergei Peretrukhin, who issued promissory notes as a private person. However, in receipts it was specified that means are accepted "for investments in shares and deposits of "Sovcombank".

            Recently, a huge scandal has already acquired an international character and began to cause significant harm to Russia, as a country in which foreigners can safely do business. A whole group of deceived VIP-investors, including even the former lawyer peretrukhin, appealed to the arbitration court. The defender decided through the Deputy Chairman of Sovcombank to make a Deposit on special conditions (at a high interest rate), gave 68 million rubles and initially regularly received interest. But then they stopped giving him, and refused to return the contribution.

             According to, also in the" queue " of creditors peretrukhin (and in fact "Sovcombank") stood businesswoman Lana Rundenberg. She is a German citizen and lives in this country. Despite the sanctions and the reduction in Russia of foreign investors, Rodenberg continues to conduct its business in the Russian Federation. However, after against her received the representatives of "Sovcombank", the citizen of Germany there were doubts in the correctness of the choice. When she communicated with the Deputy Chairman of "Sovcombank" and the co-owner of this credit institution Peretrukhin, she had no suspicions that she will lose money. It was about a Deposit to the Bank at a very favorable interest rate-as a VIP-client. Since interest rates are limited by the Central Bank, the Deposit was transferred by receipt Peretrukhin. In total, the businesswoman gave 200 million rubles. At first, she received interest, and then they stopped paying. To return the Deposit refused.

            An interesting position at the hearing in the arbitration court took Peretrukhin himself. During the hearings (for the ious) in the civil courts, he fully recognized the debt and the authenticity of the receipts. And in arbitration unexpectedly I declared that during the period when I accepted hundreds of millions rubles at VIP-investors, he abused alcohol and even drugs. Because of this, the co-owner of Sovcombank allegedly can not remember what and who received what receipts he signed and which he did not. In this regard, the representatives Peretrukhina demanded the examination of the receipts, but experts acknowledged their authenticity.

            There were also interesting testimonies of victims in the arbitration court of Moscow. By information they said that they knew peretrukhin as a shareholder and co-owner of Sovcombank and transferred funds to him only as deposits to The Bank. Sometimes Peretrukhin himself came for amounts (estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles) with the collection of Sovcombank. Sometimes VIP-investors themselves brought money and transferred Peretrukhin in the premises of Sovcombank.

            When they stopped paying interest, depositors personally met with the larger shareholders and top managers of Sovcombank (their names voice in the near future) and those reassured them: with deposits all right, there were small technical difficulties. But for money business ago and have not received. Recall that in total they lost more than 6 billion rubles.

            As already mentioned, literally until recently, Sergey Peretrukhin held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board at Sovcombank. He worked with VIP depositors. Peretrukhin owned a few more than 3% of the Bank.

            After the start of the scandal with defrauded investors Peretrukhin rewrote his stake to other persons, also disappeared all references to his position in the "Sovcombank". However, until recently peretrukhin could be found in his own office in Sovcombank.


To be continued


Yaroslav Mukhtarov